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    How to estimate moving costs Ontario

    It’s always hard to be objective and put a price on certain services. From the point of someone who has not touch with the subject, everything will seem too high in most cases. The business of professional relocation in Ontario is no exception to this rule. People mostly have difficulties determining the actual price of a seemingly simple relocation. Which is why you should always do some research before saying yes or no to services rendered. So in order to better prepare for the task ahead, let us offer some insight into moving costs Ontario applies and how best to estimate them.

    There are many factors that influence moving estimate Ontario - learn how best to influence and control them.
    Understand how moving estimate Ontario is formed and how you go about reducing it.

    Understand what moving costs Ontario include in terms of services

    In order to learn how best to get a precise moving costs Ontario estimate, consider what the moving services are you in need of. Because the more services you expect from an expert Ontario moving company, the higher the bill will be. And this is simple logic really – the more cash you pay, the more rides you get. So what might you expect from a reputable long distance moving company:

    • Packing services (and supplies)
    • Loading and transportation
    • Unloading and unpacking
    • Storage rental

    Packing services as the first stop on your journey to estimate

    Basically, this is the first stop for most moving calculations and planning. There is a good deal of factors that can influence the overall cost of packing your belongings. Time requirement, size and weight, robustness, need for packing material etc. – all these serve to determine the packing estimate, which leads to a more accurate moving costs Ontario estimate.

    Nowadays, packing services range from $35 to $60 per packer per hour. So this should give you a general idea of how much to expect, based on the size of the move. Of course, if you opt for a full-service relocation, all these are included in the package.

    Loading and transportation as the main focus of moving costs Ontario

    Flights of stairs and floors can influence moving estimate Ontario significantly.
    In order to get the most accurate moving estimate Ontario, you need to include all aspects into your calculation

    This is what you might call the base of any relocation, as it is what you primarily pay for. Loading of your valuables

    onto a truck and transporting them from point A to point B – this is what moving is about. And just like with packing, this phase is one that focuses on the volume of the relocation, plus some extra conditions, such as:

    • Truck access.
    • Number of floors and stairs.
    • Whether everything can fit through the doorway.
    • Distance from one residence to another.

    But this is simply a matter of being prepared and providing your residential Ontario moving crew with all the details. That is the best way to establish an exact estimate while avoiding any unplanned expenses.

    Unloading & unpacking as the final touch

    We once again go back to the previous two phases as these two services are normally included as part of them. However, you should not neglect this process, as it bears certain expenses of its own. When it comes to unloading, the matter of access is once again very much influential on the moving costs Ontario estimate. Together with the unpacking, it might require extra hours of labor, which in turn results in a higher price.

    The potential need for storage

    It’s a proven fact that no matter how much belongings you believe you have, the actual number is always higher. Unfortunately, people always tend to reach this conclusion too late. This is when you are faced with the challenge of where to put all those extra things you have no room for. Why storage rental, of course! But does the mover you hired provide reliable storage solutions? And if they do, how will it influence your overall moving costs Ontario estimate?

    Which factors can influence the overall moving costs Ontario estimate?

    Other than the actual cost of professional Ontario moving services, there are other elements that can impact the costs of relocation.

    Time of year – moving season or not

    Most people choose to conduct their relocation in-between May and September, when the conditions are best. However, this is also when the moving prices are the highest due to the peak of the relocation season. So if you were inclined to relocate outside this time-frame, the estimate would be much lower. Plus, it would prove much easier to schedule the move on a date that you want. Moving in the off-season can result in you saving anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It all depends on how much stuff you have.

    The size of the moving crew

    Depending on the size of the moving crew, you are able to estimate Ontario moving costs. The goal is to avoid overtime costs for too low a number of movers, which starts after 9 hours of work or more. Here is an average break-down of hourly rates for movers to help you get a general idea:

    • 2 movers: $150/hour on-season, $115/hour off-season.
    • 3 movers: $200/hour on-season, $145/hour off season.
    • 4 movers: $230/hour on-season, $175/hour off-season.

    For 4-bedroom homes we usually need 4 movers.

    Time needed for you to complete the relocation

    As you might have already imagined, the more hours it takes to complete the move, the more expensive it will be. The good thing is that you can keep track of the moving process, simply to ensure that everything is being done in time. Plus, if you decide to get involved in the relocation process, it might shave off some of the expenses and time.

    Some advice on how to lower your moving costs Ontario estimate

    Moving estimate Ontario can always be reduced, if you know the right way to approach the issue.
    You should always look at potential ways to reduce the moving estimate Ontario.

    If you are looking to avoid self-moving and still save money in the moving process, there is a solution. There are several solutions really, but the basic one is to prepare for the relocation. Plan out the fastest route, reserve parking space and prepare your belongings for packing and loading. So here are some pointers:

    1. Disassemble furniture that you can by yourself. Then it’s up to the moving crew to pad and wrap everything and load it. You save time with that.
    2. If you have a workshop or garage, make sure to separate tools from the workbenches. Unless you want your movers to use a crane for lifting a steel tool cabinet, you need to do this.
    3. Prepare your household appliances before the movers get there. Fixate the washing machine drums. Make sure everything is unplugged and ready for packing. Empty out you fridge and stove as you want them as light as possible.
    4. Categorize your china and glassware so that you movers can just go room by room, box by box. Basically, look to do everything you can to speed up the packing process, which will in turn bring down your moving costs estimate.