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    How to help your movers on moving day

    What to do when your movers come in on moving day and start packing and loading everything? You just stand there and feel bad for doing nothing, even though that’s exactly why you paid the movers. And when you want to actually help, you end up doing more harm than good. Since they are trained professionals, you’ll only be slowing them down. But, there’s still that feeling that you are being useless when moving your own home. Luckily, there are a few ways you can help your movers without actually doing anything on a moving day!

    Help your movers by being prepared

    Preparation is the key to every good relocation! So, if you want to assist your movers, be well prepared for their arrival. The key is to know what moving services Ontario you hired. If you paid for the whole package, then you can just sit back and relax. However, not everyone can pay for the entire move. If you don’t have the whole package, you are probably packing by yourself. So, one of the best ways to help your movers is to pack everything before the moving day. This way they are not wasting their time (and your money) waiting for you to pack everything up. Another way to assist with your relocation is to keep the environment safe for the movers. Make sure the floors aren’t slippery and that the movers don’t need to fear for their safety.

    Other ways you can help are:

    • Cleaning the driveway of snow in the winter
    • Clean and defrost your fridge (this is one of the best ways to help your movers)
    • Pack up essential boxes (get a survival bag with all the necessary essentials for each member of the household)
    • Children and pets (keep children and pets from harm’s way on moving day)
    a frog escaping from someone's dirty fridge
    Empty a defrost your fridge at least a day before the moving day

    Help your movers be more productive

    Now that you’ve prepared, you’ll want to be done with your move as soon as possible. There are a number of things you can do to help your movers work faster and finish everything quickly. Remember, a part of your moving cost will be affected by how long the move takes. Thus, if you help your movers work faster, you’ll actually save money.

    Treat them well

    You need to remember that movers are people too, and though you pay them for their services, you shouldn’t treat them badly! A day of loading and unloading your things will make anyone thirsty or hungry. Thus, one of the best ways to help your movers is to offer some refreshments while they work and some food after they are done with the relocation. Making sure your movers aren’t thirsty and that they are feeling well will make sure you don’t need to get new short-distance movers in Ontario.

    Apart from providing refreshments, you should also greet your movers. You can introduce yourself at the beginning of the move and welcome them all, offer your help if needed. It will go a long way to show your movers that you are a there for them if they need you. Also, when you do this, you seem more actively interested in your move, which is great.;

    Help your movers cut the packing time

    There are a lot of items you can pack by yourself. Things like shoes, clothes, and books are easy to pack and will save your movers a ton of time, which they will appreciate. Another thing you can do to help is to unplug all your electronics and detach everything from the walls. This way the movers won’t waste your money by spending extra time on untangling your cables. Apart from this, you can strip any mattresses of sheets. Not only will it save your sheets, but it will also make the mattresses easier to move.

    somone's essential moving bag
    Pack an essentials bag so you can survive 24h without your things

    If you decided to pack yourself, the best way to assist your movers is to label your boxes. You should be able to get quality and cheap moving boxes in Sudbury easily. This helps the movers know what goes where and speeds up the relocation process a lot. It will make your moving and storage Ontario much easier. Also, you can make a special “no-touch zone”. Mark an area in your house where you’ll put things which the movers won’t touch or move. You should put your essential bags there and all the last minute things you need. The good thing about this space is that it will provide an oasis of calm on a very chaotic day.

    Be present on a moving day

    You should always be present on a moving day. Even though you probably won’t be of much help, you should still be there when someone is moving your home. Communicate with your movers and as them if you can assist them in any way.

    What can I actually do?

    You can actually do a lot. One of the most important things to do is to find top-rated movers in Sudbury. After you’ve done this, most of your work is finished! You can also do a few things which will ensure your movers’ safety and the safety of your items.

    help your movers by being punctual
    Always be punctual on a moving day
    • Help your movers by being punctual – always be on time and early. everyone wants to start the moving day as soon as possible
    • Make sure they’re not moving anything dangerous – there are items movers aren’t allowed to transport, such as gas, propane or other flammable substances. You should empty all of your lawnmowers of gas to ensure a safe and quick move
    • Pack your valuables yourself – to help your movers best, pack your valuables yourself. Every moving company suggests that you pack your watches, jewelry, and small valuable electronic devices yourself. This way, you can ensure their safety and the movers don’t need to worry about damaging your watch collection.
    • Do nothing special – in the end, doing nothing bad can prove as help. If you stay out of the way and not ruin anything by trying to help you’ll be helping your movers much more than you can imagine.