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    How to Meet Your New Neighbors

    Meeting new people is very had, especially after a relocation. You’ll usually find yourself in a completely new environment surrounded by people you’ve never seen before after you’ve moved. Most people have a hard time introducing themselves and talking to their neighbors after a big move. However, if you follow our guidelines and keep a positive attitude you’ll surely make an excellent impression when you meet your new neighbors.

    Make the first move

    This is the hardest part to do in any new encounter. However, when you’re meeting your neighbors, it’s the way to go. Making the first move and introducing yourself straight away will show you as a confident person who’s got nothing to hide. This is an excellent impression to leave on people when you’re meeting for the first time.

    When to make the first move and meet your new neighbors?

    There isn’t an actual time window of when you should do it. But, in the first months, it’s good to know at least a couple of your new neighbors. An excellent opportunity is on the day you’re moving in. A lot of your neighbors will be drawn by the commotion of your relocation, and they’ll definitely notice you. After the move is over, it’s a good idea to go to your neighbors and introduce yourself. You can apologize for the commotion caused by the movers and make small talk with them. It is crucial to make introduce yourself on the first day!

    Give yourself time to explore the community

    Take long drives/walks around the neighborhood. Explore some restaurants or pubs around your new home. Get to know the people as well. You’ll want to get a good feel of your new habitat – feel the vibe, so to say. You should do this as much as possible in your first week in the new home.

    a creepy neighbor watching through binoculars
    Some neighbors may be overzealous concerning security, so try to be nice and let them know who you are right away

    First, this will help you learn the layout of the neighborhood. You’ll know all the best places to eat, and how much it takes the bus to get you downtown. All of this information will prove extremely useful in your first couple of months in the new place. Next, you’ll get to know the community. It will provide you with a good insight of whether you like it there, or it’s time to look for movers Sudbury again.

    Good ideas to meet your new neighbors

    If you fail at making the first move with your neighbors, you can still meet them. The trick is to have them come to you. There are a number of ways to get them to your new home, and which one you’ll use will depend on the neighborhood you want to stay in. Of course, if you moved with long distance movers Ontario, you’ll want to check the local customs for introductions.

    this party will definitely help you meet your new neighbors
    Make sure you organize an appropriate event for the neighborhood
    • organize an event – organize a welcome party or a barbeque and invite your neighbors. This is not only an excellent icebreaker, but it makes you look good and hospitable. Of course, the event you’ll want to organize should be appropriate for your new neighborhood. If you’ve moved to a family-friendly suburban place don’t throw a crazy loud party, but a barbecue or a kid party. Remember, you’re trying to blend in and leave a good impression on your new neighbors.
    • plant a garden – if you can, plant a garden. You can do this even if you live in a building, just get some pots and go at it! Flowers look nice and will attract the attention of your neighbors. Also, when you see someone else trying to plant some nice plants, make sure you compliment them. Raising flowers can bond neighbors.
    • don’t be afraid to say what you mean – every good relationship is based on mutual sincerity. If you have a problem with one of your neighbors don’t be afraid to let them know. Just make sure you do so in a calm and respectful manner. The point is to avoid conflict but still get your point across. Also, make sure you take into consideration what your neighbors tell you.
    • be friendly – don’t fuss over small things and try to be as positive as you can (this advice is not just for meeting your neighbors, but for life too).

    Share food

    If you like to cook a good way to meet your new neighbors is to share some food with them. It gives you an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself. If you’re not a big cook, we can help you with this excellent and easy chocolate-chip cookie recipe. No one says no to a batch of freshly made cookies delivered to their front doorstep.

    some delicious cookies to help you meet your new neighbors
    No one says no to cookies.

    Respect your neighbors time


    The key is to be as friendly as possible without being invasive. Make sure you don’t harass people into meeting you. Some of your neighbors may be in a hurry, and the last thing they’ll want is to introduce themselves to you. Apart from this, you’ll want to avoid seeming desperate. You want to meet your new neighbors, not forcibly make new best friends. So, if you see that some of your new next-door residents aren’t in the mood for an introduction leave it be. Maybe they don’t want to meet you or maybe they just don’t like people. Whatever is the case, it’s not on you to force them.

    Have an exit plan

    If you decide that you don’t like your new neighbors or neighborhood you can still move somewhere else. However, you might want to have a backup plan. For example, hiring one of the best storage units in Sudbury for the first couple of months in your new home, you can make sure you’re ready for a quick move.