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    How to move a wine collection

    Relocation can present many challenges and it will take a lot of planning and energy to deal with them all. However, if you want to move a wine collection, we can help you! Make sure you follow the rules in our guide and you’ll relocate in no time and with ease.

    Having a wine collection is usually awesome. As a connoisseur of wine, you probably know how much your collection means to you. However, what if you find a better location to live in? Or, if you decide to relocate for retirement and find a more suitable location to enjoy your wine in? Well, moving a wine collection is easier than you may assume as long as you stay focused and organized.

    Make an inventory

    Before you call your reliable movers in Ontario to move your collection of wine, you’ll want to make an inventory. Writing down what wines you own may be an excellent opportunity for you to decide if you’ll be keeping all of them or not. Apart from this, you’ll get a chance to sell some for your least favorite items in order to help finance your move.

    If you want ot o move a wine collection you'll want to make an inventory
    Make an inventory of what you have

    On the other hand, if you’re not particularly excited about parting with one of your wines, you can use the inventory you made to make sure none of your treasured items goes missing during the relocation. It is highly unlikely that some moving company may steal your wines, but certain damages may occur during transport and you’ll definitely want to be safe.

    Move a wine collection according to its size

    Also, making an inventory when you want to move a wine collection can help you decide what means of transport you’ll use for your relocation. Once you number all pieces of your collection, you’ll know what kind of transportation you’ll need. If your collection has more than a hundred bottles, you’ll definitely want to avoid using a car or a truck to relocate it! On the other hand, if you have a smaller collection you might decide on a more affordable way to move your items.

    Estimate value…

    Before you relocate your wine cellar it may be a good idea to have someone estimate its value. This will have many benefits for your relocation. For one, you’ll be able to have a better idea of your items’ worth in case you decide to sell any of them before your move. Also, you’ll have a chance to additionally secure the most valuable parts of your collection.

    ..and get insurance

    Another thing we recommend you do is to get insurance for your wines. This is another reason why having your wines estimated is important. When you know how much your collection is valuable, you’ll want to get adequate insurance. If you don’t have enough funds to get insurance for all your wines, at least make sure you ensure the most valuable ones.

    Move a wine collection carefully and get insurance for your items
    Do not part with the most precious items in your collection and get insurance.

    Pack your wine extra carefully

    Once you decide to move a wine collection you’ll need to pack them with care. First, you’ll need to get some quality moving boxes Sudbury. Then, you’ll want to secure your wines with a lot of rags, linen or old shirt. Basically, anything you can use to ensure your items have a safe and comfortable trip. Apart from this, pack all your bottles so that the bottom of the bottle is at the bottom of the box. Don’t flip your wines to fit more into one box. This can damage the bottles and ruin the entire box of perfectly good wines.

    Check regulations and customs

    When you move a wine collection you should be aware of the import regulations of the country or province you’re moving to. Some wines can have a higher import price. This will depend on many factors such as alcohol content, availability, and quantity. If you need help calculating the price of moving wine to Canada, you can consult the Canadian duty calculator. It will help you prepare for relocating your collection.

    Don't break any laws and respect the duty of what you import into a country
    Make sure you check the regulations and customs when you move a wine collection.

    Ship your wine

    Another awesome and safe way to move a wine collection is to have it shipped. If you send your wine to your destination via a shipping agency you could save a lot of money. However, not all shipping is safe, and if you want to keep your wines safe, you’ll need to hire the best moving and storage Ontario company. Only with the most reliable relocation specialists will your wines be safe.

    If you want to keep your wines safe, you should ship them.
    Ship your wine for extra safety

    Shipping your wine collection has a few advantages you should consider very important:

    • speed – if you’re moving to a faraway place, shipping your wines will help a lot. Since it will probably take a lot of time for your items the destination you’ll want to ship them to make them arrive faster.
    • accessibility – if you choose a good shipping agency, your wines will be available to you until they are shipped. So, you’ll be able to savor your wines until you board on a plane and relocate.
    • safety – when you move a wine collection, one of your primary concerns should be the safety of your wines.  Hiring a reliable shipping and storage company will ensure your items will be safe and sound.

    Plan for the worst-case scenario when you move a wine collection

    Whenever you’re moving something as valuable as a wine collection you should be ready for the worst-case scenario. This eventuality can include damage, loss of items and a number of other bad situations. One of the ways you can prepare for these eventualities is to get insurance. However, we assume that you’d prefer to keep some items in your collection rather than be compensated for their value. This is why it’s crucial to prepare well when you’re about to move a wine collection. Make sure you keep your most precious bottles with you and out of harm’s way.