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    How to organize a long-distance move

    How do I organize a long-distance move? Or how do I move abroad and vice versa? And which professional moving companies Ontario, actually do this kind of relocation? What is the procedure and what do I need regarding my documentation? Can I get customs privileges and, if so, which ones? I heard that it is forbidden to transfer antiques and pianos across the border – is that true? What is the value of the things that I can bring from Ontario? Do I pay taxes for a long-distance move?! We receive these – and many other – questions from our first-time clients or our nationals who are returning home. So it’s time to answer with an article that will help you to organize your long-distance move with ease. Let’s begin.

    How to organize a long-distance move to or from Ontario

    If you are trying to organize a long-distance moving to Ontario, you just need to know you’re probably not going to be able to do this on your own. First of all, what is the reason for your move? If you move for family reasons, you will do organize most things on your own. Still, if you were able to find a job abroad at a company that provided you with work papers and a residence permit, then in most cases the employer also agrees to cover the costs of moving.

    airplane - organize a long-distance move
    You’re probably not going to be able to organize a long-distance move on your own.

    Think about the budget in advance

    However, this budget is not unlimited and you need to provide an invoice and other cost documentation so your new employer can refund it. Same goes for your budget. Therefore, when selecting a moving company, look for those movers who are professionals, have experience and can provide you with the necessary documentation. Depending on your financial capabilities and the amount of moving things you are moving internationally as well as whether you are moving to USA, Canada or European Union countries or even Australia and Russia, you can choose two types of transport:

    •  group transport (road, air, sea) or
    • single transport (van, truck).

    Of course, the second option is for countries where such type of transport is more cost-effective because of its proximity. Or – if you want the truck to be hired only to transport your moving goods.

    Do your research before the move

    Before you even start to think about how to organize a long-distance move, we advise you to get acquainted with the country you are planning to move to. These details will help you identify potential problems in the future. So before you go, get to know a bit more about:

    • Local customs and laws (especially if you are moving to the Middle East)
    • Living and working conditions and costs
    • The benefits of the health and educational system
    • Traffic and safety in general
    • Paying taxes and social protection
    • Renting or buying a property.
    long road
    Get acquainted with the country you are planning to move to.

    Get all the necessary documents

    Customs officers are, as a rule, ruthless. So if you want to organize a long-distance move without any stress, do your homework. If you are moving to a foreign country and own a laptop, mobile phone, artwork or other items subject to customs clearance, contact the customs office to make a declaration so that you will not be required to pay customs duties when returning to Ontario for these same devices.

    In addition, it is a good idea to put together a document for transporting and moving items. Here you can list all your moving items and other details. You can do this on your own or in cooperation with a moving company. Usually, a good moving company collects all necessary documentation for the export and import clearance. This implies to books, paintings, antique furniture, and other art objects. Moving professionals can also collect veterinary permits and certificates required for moving pets.

    Packaging furniture or buying new ones

    We know that you are trying hard to organize a long-distance move, but there is no hurry to buy new furniture… And just spend additional money! Trust us, any type of furniture, as well as office equipment, can be transported to anywhere in the world! Based on our experience, it is best to leave this part of the job to professionals who are trained to dismantle, pack and protect all types of office, classic and stylish furniture. The state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal enables the safe packing and loading of special types of cargo that may have high volume or difficult packing dimensions.

    Organize a long-distance transport

    Transport is one of those things that is best to leave to the professionals. It is also essential that you outsource your relocation to a trusted international relocation company. A vehicle that transports your private property has to comply with applicable regulations. For moving within the USA or Canada, moving companies usually provide transportation by van or truck. We recommend container shipping for all overseas relocations, especially when the time factor is not crucial. Of course, all shipments should be insured and secured to the highest standards.

    You should always outsource your relocation to a trusted international relocation company.

    Also, when you are organizing a long-distance relocation, think about the furniture assembling, and boxes unpacking according to a pre-specified plan. Besides this, you can consider keeping things you do not need right away at storage units.

    How much does long-distance relocation cost?

    Like any move, the cost of moving long-distance depends on a number of factors. Who and in what way collects the necessary documentation for the move. It also depends on who and in what way prepares things for transportation, that is, provides funds and workers for that purpose, what type of vehicle do you need for moving, etc. Most probably any good moving company will give you a free estimate of a long-distance relocation.  Also, any experienced and trained workers are your guarantees that this work will be done the way you want it, in the shortest possible time and at a great price.

    In the end, we hope you are one step closer to organize a long-distance move. Just remember that it cannot go without any stress, and that’s fine. You are moving your life to a whole new destination, so at least try to stay calm. Or simply leave everything to moving professionals and enjoy the moving ride. Good luck!