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    How to Pack And Transport Heavy Items

    Moving a heavy or bulky item can be impossible when you are not experienced. However, with a little help from our guide, you’ll be able to pack and transport heavy items with ease! The most important thing is to know what you’re relocating and how much does it actually weight.

    Safety first

    You should always consider your safety and the safety of the moving crew first. So, weigh your item or, if you can’t to that, find out how much does it weigh. All pool tables and safes have their weight written somewhere on them. Inform anyone helping you how heavy the item is and be careful. If you need to lift a heavy item, never do it alone! No matter how strong you are, injuries can still happen when you lift incorrectly. So, before you lift anything you should:

    a person who knows how to pack and lift heavy items
    Keep a good posture when lifting. Your back should be straight!
    • check the weight
    • spread your feet a shoulder width apart
    • make sure nothing’s in the way (like cables connected to items in the box you plan to lift, or anything blocking the route you plan to take)
    • lift with your legs (bend from the knees, not the back when you want to pack and transport heavy items)
    • keep your elbows in (to minimize the strain on your body)


    Take them apart

    Ideally, you should take all heavy items apart before they are relocated. This way you’ll lower the risk of anyone getting hurt while you are moving it. However, not all items can be taken apart and, for some, it’s way harder than it seems at first. Disassembling a pool table can seem like an easy job, but the trick is reassembling it again without damaging it.

    a pool table (still in one piece)
    A pool table is one of the items you should take apart before moving

    How to pack your heavy items in boxes

    Heavy items can range from 70 lbs to 1000 lbs, but not all heavy items are also big. So, in order to find the easiest way to pack and transport heavy items you’ll need to adapt to the situation.

    Use the right boxes

    If you have small and heavy items, you should use small boxes and lots of padding. If you pack a lot of heavy items in one big box, you may pull a muscle trying to lift it. So, try to make the item fit the box as much as possible. Apart from this, you’ll want to use better than average boxes. You can find good quality and cheap moving boxes in Sudbury at your local moving company. Also, it’s a good idea to pack heavy items in plastic moving boxes. They’ll last longer and there’s no chance of them falling apart from the weight.

    some boxes stacked properly
    Put heavy boxes on the bottom of the moving truck

    Don’t overfill the boxes

    Never pack more than two heavy items in the same box. Apart from the added weight, one may fall on the other and damage it. If you want to pack two in the same box, make sure each has a lot of padding.

    Distribute the weight

    If you only have big boxes but small heavy things (like jars, bottles) you’ll need to make sure that you spread them evenly over the box floor. This will prevent added pressure to the cardboard and it’ll stop it from breaking mid-move.

    Also, when you’re loading the truck, load the heavy boxes on the bottom, not the top. This way, even if they fall, they won’t damage other items.

    More wrapping

    Heavy items have a bigger chance of toppling over due to their weight. So, in order to keep them safe and sound, you’ll need to use extra wrapping. However, this doesn’t need to be too expensive. Of course, you’ll want to get the best bubble wrap for your heavy lamps and such, but a lot of items can be repurposed to serve the same purpose. Your old shirts, clean socks, cushions, anything you can use can basically achieve the same effect as bubble wrap. However, we do suggest you use bubble wrap for your most valued heavy items.

    Better tape

    If you want to pack and transport heavy items in boxes, you’ll need to use high-quality tape. The regular tape may end up breaking and you don’t want that.

    Use dollies to pack and transport heavy items

    The smart way of carrying things around. Dollies help you spread the weight and carry items you usually wouldn’t be able to. Moving dollies are available everywhere from to your local moving company with packaging supplies in Ontario. They also come in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that fits you the best!

    Ship them

    Shipping is a good way to pack and transport heavy items when you’re moving. You can hire packers or pack the storage container yourself and send it to the location of your new place. Just make sure you hire a moving company that provides storage for your items. We have some of the best storage units in Sudbury for your buck!

    Hire professional help

    Sometimes, we just can’t do it without professional movers. There are many large and heavy items which we can’t move without experience and skills. So, if you have a pool table, a gun vault or a huge pre-war armoire you might need help from the pros. However, it’s easy to find good and reliable moving companies in Ontario, so, you won’t have any issues with finding help if you need it.

    pack and transport heavy items
    This huge heavy safe is an item you’d need professional help to pack and transport

    In the end, just be careful. If you decide that you don’t want to hire help, you need to take care fo your health. Make sure you have good equipment and that you’re not lifting anything too heavy. Take apart what you can and as for help when you pack and transport heavy items.