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    How to pack musical instruments for a move?

    When moving you may find yourself in a situation when you have to relocate your musical instruments. Most movers may not know how musical instruments can damage during the moving process. That is why you should be more than careful when you pack musical instruments for a move. There are specialized movers that deal with relocating musical instruments. On the other hand, if you cannot find such professionals in your area, you may want to take special measures of precaution to protect your prized belongings.

    How to recognize great movers for your specific move?

    Professional Ontario movers can help you pack musical instruments for a move.

    Musical instrument you wish to relocate may be very expensive and valuable. That is why you should consider hiring the best moving company you can find. Research the moving company you like and make sure they have years of experience. Consider finding respectable movers that offer moving musical instruments as one of their services. If your movers don’t have specializes service to pack musical instruments for a move, ask them about their experiences.

    Professional movers relocate various musical instruments often. Also, they can help you pack musical instruments for a move. If that is the case, make sure your movers know which type of musical instruments, you wish to relocate. On the other hand, when dealing with this delicate cargo, make sure to discuss with your movers the terms of the move. Make sure not to forget to ask your best movers Ontario, for the insurance possibilities for your move. Choosing the best insurance policy for your move will keep your mind at ease about the move. Also, consider getting an additional insurance policy from your movers if you pack musical instruments for a move by yourself.

    How to pack musical instruments for a move?

    When preparing your move, consider paying special attention to your musical instruments and your musical equipment. In most cases, it is not enough to point out that the content of the certain box is fragile. It is important to handle the instrument packing process by yourself. Make sure to help your movers on a moving day when they pack your precious possessions. Also, you should be present when your musical instruments are being loaded onto the moving truck. Then you can point out the best position and placement for your valuable belongings.

    Keep the original packing boxes

    Most people don’t think about moving when they purchase new musical instruments or music equipment. Although, keeping the original boxes and casings is very important. You can use them to pack musical instruments for a move perfectly. That is because they are originally used for transport. Also, you can use original boxes when you keep your musical instruments in the moving and storage Ontario. If you don’t have original boxes, you can ask big music stores if they have any cardboard boxes for your guitars. Sometimes they have extra and they will be happy to give you a few without much issue. When you use these boxes to pack your guitar, use towels, old blankets and other packing materials to stable your instrument in the box. That way it won’t float inside the box or move during transport.

    Buy or rent hard cases for your instruments

    If you can, consider renting hard cases for your instruments. Your professional movers may have some if they professionalize in packing music instruments. If they don’t have them, contact big music stores. They may sell used hard cases for your instruments or even rent them. This may be the best option for packing them when moving long distance.

    hard guitar case
    Consider renting or buying hard cases for your instruments when you relocate.

    Don’t save on packing supplies

    When you pack each of your instruments individually, make sure to secure them perfectly. Use professional packing supplies when you pack musical instruments for a move. If you can use bubble wrap to secure each instrument. If you pack brass instruments consider removing the mouthpiece and pack it separately. Also, when you transport string musical instruments, make sure to loosen the string a little bit. After that, you can wrap it and secure it in its case.

    What to do if you use packing boxes to pack musical instruments for a move?

    In a situation when you don’t have any precise cases to pack your musical instruments, you can do a great job using packing boxes. They come in various shapes and sizes. When packing the musical instrument, consider using a sturdy and new packing box. Make sure you pick the box that is slightly bigger than the instrument itself. When you wrap your instrument, it should fit perfectly into the box. Your instrument shouldn’t move inside the box because it can scratch or damage during relocation. Don’t make a mistake and put more than one instrument into the same packing box. Also, if you have the case of a similar instrument, you shouldn’t use it. Your instrument can get damaged easily when it doesn’t fit perfectly.

    When you wrap your instrument, it should fit perfectly into the box.

    How to pack large musical instruments for a move?

    Large music instruments like pianos or organs can be difficult to handle. Make sure you contact the professionals to handle large musical instruments. Professional movers Ontario will make sure to transform disassemble a piano with special care. Their specialized movers will make sure your piano is safe and secure for relocation. If you have any other large instrument, contact the best Ontario movers. If you move drums, make sure you take them apart before the move. Securing separate parts individually will keep your drums safe during relocation.

    Tips for moving musical instruments:

    When you pack musical instruments for a move, make sure to pack all the instruments accessories separately.

    drum set
    If you move drums, make sure you take them apart and pack them separately before the move.