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    How to pack sports equipment

    When it comes to the relocation, you may have a lot of questions. One of the thing that you may be wondering is how to prepare and pack sports equipment. That can be trickier than you think, but these tips can help you to pack and easily move your fitness equipment.

    Make sure your new home has enough space

    Before you start to pack sports equipment, you need to make sure that your new home has space for it. Your new home must have high enough ceilings and enough surrounding space for you to exercise safely on gym equipment.
    That is why you should measure your fitness equipment and the surfaces of your home. If you pack your sports equipment and after the move, you realize that it can’t fit into your new home, you will lose a lot of money. Since these items are on the heavier side, they will increase the total weight of your belonging. More weight means bigger moving costs. That is why you need to be sure that you have a place for it in your new home. The sooner the better. If your sports equipment can’t fit into your new home, you may want to sell it and that can take some time.

    If you want to keep your sports equipment, you will need a safe place to store it. Consider purchasing storage services from your movers.

    Prepare, check, and clean sports equipment

    When you pack sports equipment, the first step is to properly clean and sanitize it. You should do that even if you are taking care of your equipment on the daily basis. Wipe down your yoga mats and clean all the handrails and surfaces on your treadmill, elliptical, weight machines, stationary bike, and all other workout equipment. Use an all-purpose cleaner or all-natural solution. That will ensure that you won’t transfer any potential bacteria into your new home.

    Hire the professional movers

    The best advice for any type of move is to hire a moving company. When you need to move and pack sports equipment, you should choose the movers to know how to relocate such items. Like, experienced movers Ontario, for example. In this case, it is a good idea to purchase the additional packing services from your movers. That way you can be sure that your fitness equipment is disassembled, packed, loaded, transported, unloaded, unpacked and reassembled in the safest way.

    How to pack sports equipment on your own

    When you pack sports equipment yourself, you should know the proper way to pack different items. Some workout machines will need a more delicate touch, while other gym stuff will be very easy to pack.

    Start small

    If you want to pack sports equipment on your own, it’s a good idea to start with the smaller items. Begin by packing items such as yoga mats and accessories, including blocks, towels, and blankets.
    Before you start to pack sports equipment, be sure to gather all the packing supplies in one place. You will need all size boxes, duck tape, labels, packing papers, packing wrappings etc. Look for affordable packaging supplies Sudbury, that will save you a lot of money.

    When you pack sports equipment, start with the smaller items
    Start packing with the smaller sports equipment that is easier to pack.

    How to pack hand weights

    For packing heavy weight equipment you will need the moving boxes that are strong and sturdy. It’s better to use smaller boxes than larger ones, as the weights may burst through.

    Tips for wrapping hand weights:

    • Wrap the weights in protective wrap or newspaper
    • Prevent the weights from moving around by filling the box with blankets and towels and putting them between them
    • Pack maximum four small weights in one box

    Larger weights can be wrapped into the protective material and placed on the floor of the moving truck. In that case, the weights should be secure with straps or ropes, so they won’t move.  When the weights aren’t secure properly they can shift during the transport, which may cause damages to your other belongings.

    When you pack sports equipment, you will need the sturdy boxes for your weights.
    The boxes for packing your weights need to be very sturdy and able to support their weight.

    Packing large gym equipment

    Treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and other larger sports equipment are very heavy. That means that you will have to have a detailed plan on how to pack them. Disassembling them is the safest way to do that, but be sure to follow the instructions from the manual.
    Here are some tips on how to pack sports equipment that is large and bulky:


    • Set the incline to zero
    • Remove the safety key
    • Turn the machine off and unplug it
    • Raise the walking deck until its click into place
    • Secure the walking deck
    • Wrap entire machine into moving blankets to protect it
    How to pack a treadmil
    Treadmills are very heavy and bulky. Since they don’t have removable parts, you will need help for relocating them.


    • Unplugging it
    • Dissasemble all of the removable parts (handlebars, pedals, base, and console)
    • Wrap the parts separately with protective wrappings 
    • Packing them in their original packaging or into larger moving boxes and label them

    Packing an exercise bench

    You should pack your workout bench in the same way that you are packing furniture. Wrap the moving blanket around the workout bench. Use the ratchet straps or rope to tie it down. Then just load it into the moving truck and secure it so it doesn’t move.

    Stationary bike:

    • If the bike is electric, unplug it
    • Separate all the removable parts (pedals and weel if possible)
    • Wrap your bike in a moving blanket
    • Protect your floors from scratches by placing something underneath it