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    How to prepare for winters in Canada as a foreigner

    So far you have probably heard a lot about winters in Canada. They are pretty famous, no doubt in that. Some of you may have probably even seen some funny videos on which cars and public transport vehicles are gliding down the street because of too much snow and ice on the road. Actually, these situations can cause a lot of problems. On the other hand, they are an integral part of Canadian winters. Now all of you who are relocating to Canada may ask yourselves – How am I going to prepare for winters in Canada as a foreigner? Let us just stop you there for a second. We would like to tell you that, no matter how harsh the winters are, there are so many ways how to be up to the task. We’ll help you with that.

    Gather all the relevant information

    Even if you were not getting ready for moving to Canada during the winter months, this advice would still stand. No matter where you are moving or what you are doing, having a proper preparation is always a must. Therefore, as soon as you come around with the idea of moving to Canada, we strongly suggest you do your homework and write down all the most important information regarding the place that soon will become your new home. It would be useful to know what are the average temperatures in major cities in Canada. That way you will know how much cold it can usually get in your area.

    a temperature indicator
    Know the average temperatures.

    However, we would also like to tell you to not get discouraged no matter how cold it gets. All you need is a couple of things in order to prepare for winters in Canada as a foreigner to help you get through those very harsh days. In the end, who knows, you might even grow to like the snow so much that you would even enjoy the scenery.

    Have a place to move to immediately

    If you don’t bear coldness that well, you might want to consider looking for an apartment/house in advance, prior to your relocation to Canada. In these circumstances, it might not be so wise to look around the neighborhoods while you are freezing and turning into a popsicle. So, ask your international movers Canada to give you a hand here, and make the search for an apartment shorter. Contact them soon enough after you have decided to come here. That way you will give them enough time to locate and present you with the best choices based on your wish list and a budget. You will be required to provide them with that wish list where you will write down the precise instructions and state the most important things for you when it comes to housing.

    A cozy home
    Make sure to find a perfect home for yourself.

    Set the priorities when it comes to finding an apartment

    When we talk about this, we want to say that sometimes it is not really possible to get absolutely everything we were hoping for. Because you will be dealing with harsh Canadian winters, decide whether the location or the size of an apartment/house is more important to you. Perhaps you will find the best of both worlds, which is ideal, of course. But in case you can’t, at least in this moment, then think about what is the most important for the time being. One thing’s for sure, once you settle in, you will have a chance to meet so many lovely neighbors in your neighborhood. This will surely help you get accustomed more to the new situation. Plus, you will have a company even on the coldest days.

    Bring all the warm clothes you can

    If you are moving from some tropical destinations, then there’s a fair chance that you don’t even have the adequate clothing. Well, that’s about to change. If you want to prepare for winters in Canada, you will simply need to acquire as many warm clothes as possible. Start with a good winter jacket. Now again, if you are from a country where temperatures are mostly mild, then you might have a problem to find a jacket which will be good enough for Canadian winters. But one of the options is to wait until you arrive to the new town and go straight to a specialized store with winter clothes.

    Note: These clothes, including a jacket, might be a bit pricey than you are used to. However, trust us, If you find a jacket which is padded enough, which comes together with a hoody and can protect your neck, then it’s worth every single dollar.

    Scarves, hats, and gloves are also a must

    Don’t forget about these things, too. They are almost equally important as the jacket. They are a valuable partner when you need to collect as much warmth as possible, especially when you need to wait in lines for a longer time.

    Be careful with choosing the material of your clothes

    While cotton is certainly one of the most pleasant fabrics for your skin, it won’t do much during the coldest days. So when buying the aforementioned winter clothes, make sure to look for a real wool. Polyester is also very helpful. Hence, look in that direction.

    To prepare for winters in Canada, buy some quality shoes

    We hope there’s no need to stress it too much that sneakers and such shoes are out of the option. At least until the snow dries. And, just like investing in a good winter jacket is a well-spent money, so is on buying winter shoes. Shoes that are specially designed for these types of weather won’t allow your feet to sweat and lose the warmth as they have a thick lining which keeps all the heat in. In that way, you won’t feel any pressure on your feet but will have a good shoe in which your feet can breathe. Additionally, you will have a much safer step in those shoes without slipping and risking to fall. This will allow you to even attend and enjoy some of the most famous Canadian festivals during winter such as “Winterlude”.

    A pair of warm shoes
    Have an appropriate pair of shoes.

    As you can see, even though winter weather might not be the most favorite with many people, you can still prepare for winter in Canada without too much trouble. And until you settle completely in your new home and obtain everything you will need for the upcoming period, to enable an easier relocation, you should consider renting storage units Ontario and have fewer worries how to keep up with the schedule or where to leave your precious items.