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    How to prepare your children for moving abroad

    Relocating process brings us a lot of headaches and stress. Except for sorting out our budget, making checklist and planning, we have to think about our beloved ones too. Making a move is very difficult and takes a lot of time. However, with a good organization, we will be able to finish everything on time without any problems. But, how to prepare your children for moving abroad? This is one of the things that can give us a lot of stress too. Therefore, we will give you some tips on how to prepare your children for moving abroad!

    How to prepare your children for moving abroad

    First of all, in order to prepare your children for moving abroad, you will have to talk to them openly. If your children are babies and toddlers, you won’t have problems wherever you go. Babies and toddlers are won’t understand much and they depend only on their parents. Preschool and elementary school kids are also easier to handle. However, high school, teenage kids might have a lot of questions and protests because of the move. You should try to talk to them and make them realize and understand that move is a necessary thing and that can also be good for them. Also, you should think of hiring long distance movers Canada, because you will definitely need a professional moving company assistance.

    Now, let’s see what are the things you should consider in order to prepare your children for moving abroad:

    Before you Depart:

    • Hire a professional mover
    • Do the Research
    • Involve your children
    • Schools/Education Options
    • Help your children say Goodbye
    Boat with plenty of moving containers.
    A professional moving company will ship your belongings safely to your new destination.

    After you Arrive:

    • Make your New home Familiar
    • Set an Example

    Hire a Professional Mover

    Whether you are making a long or short-distance move, you will need a professional moving company to assist you. In this case, you should hire international movers Canada. Every professional mover has a license and years of experience in the moving industry. They will pack, ship and unpack your belongings safely and as fast as possible. Except for the good communication and answers to all of your question about the move, they are offering plenty of moving services that you might need for the move. Some of those services are:

    • Packing and labeling
    • A wide pool of trucks
    • Transportation/Shipping Services
    • Insurance
    • Unpacking and Recycling
    • Storage Units/Containers
    • Special Services (moving or relocating bulky items such as piano or a home safe etc.)

    Prepare your children for moving abroad – do the Research

    First of all, try to research the country you are moving to over the internet. Whatever you and your kids are interested in, you will find online. Find pictures of restaurants, neighborhoods, parks, sports centers, culture, history, etc. Try to involve their friends too (kids can be your best friends or worst enemy!).

    You should know that your honesty is your children’s security. Try to answer every question they have honestly, do not fake, just be honest. If you don’t know the answer, try your best to search for it and involve them in the searching process too. If they see that you are trying hard and being positive about the move, it will be way easier for them to accept the move.

    In addition, the moving process can be very stressful, especially if you are moving abroad! Therefore, you should check on some useful tips on how to avoid moving stress!

    Involve Your Children

    In order for your children to arrive in their new country with a positive attitude, you will have to involve them in every segment of the move. You will most likely want to play everything by yourself and finish things without them knowing because parents always think “I won’t bother kids with unnecessary things”. This is very wrong!

    How to prepare your children for moving abroad? Involve them into every stage of the moving process.
    Involve your kids into research, organizing, moving process and even making decisions about the move.

    Reading the picture books and explaining the moving process to younger children can be very helpful. On the other hand, with teenagers is different. You can involve them in every segment of the move. They can help with packing, organizing, research process or even making some of the important decisions. That’s how you will prepare your children for moving abroad the best. Also, after the move, they will have some fun in Toronto!

    School/Education Options

    Searching for the proper school for your child is one of the crucial things to do. Moving to another country might mean that your child will get in touch with the language they have never used before. If your move is permanent and your kids are small (babies and toddlers), you won’t have problems and you might search for the school after you arrive. On the other hand, if your kids are attending school, you might search for some of the international schools in advance. The school that is similar to their current one!

    Help Your Children Say Goodbye

    Whether you are move is temporary or permanent, you should let your kids say a proper goodbye to people they love the most, their friends of course! So, if it’s possible you should throw them a housewarming party. A party will stay in their memory for a long time. Also, they will be able to exchange pictures and friendship bracelets during the party. All in all, your kids will accept the move better after the party!

    Female kids throwing away balloons.
    Allow your kids to say a proper goodbye! Throw them a party!

    Prepare your children for moving abroad – make your new home familiar

    Your children will feel safer and familiar if you bring some of their favorite items with you. No matter if a child is two or twelve years old, having something that reminds them of an old home will make them adapt faster to the new country. So, if you have some of their stuffed animals, try to bring them with you and not to wait for shipped items to arrive.

    Set an Example

    Adapting to a new culture, lifestyle, language and everything new in your country can be very difficult, for you and your kids also. This process can be even worse if you didn’t move because you wanted to but because your job required it. Therefore, you should try your best to be positive anytime and show to your kids that you are trying, this will make the adapting process easier for them.

    In order to prepare your children for moving abroad, you should follow these useful tips. Be positive and try to joke as much as you can. When your kids see you in a good mood, the adapting process won’t take long. We wish you a happy trip and a wonderful life!