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    How to prepare your family for moving

    One of the most annoying problems when moving is the fact that you have to prepare your family for moving. If you thought it is a simple process, you are wrong. If we are wrong,  you are either very lucky or haven’t given it much thought.

    Moving is a huge deal for everyone. The bigger your family is, the more you should spend time and effort in preparing them for the big jump. While you may think that few instructions would be enough  (and in some very rare cases is), nothing may be further than the truth. You see, there are untold complications that might arise and I will cover the most critical ones in this article. To pass this challenge with flying colors I will provide you with several instructions which will hopefully help you in this endeavor. Keep in mind that moving companies in Ontario can help you quite a bit.

    Prepare your family for moving – Step one

    To hit this whole thing off, I will tell you about the first thing you should do when moving.

    Having an understanding of the types of stress you will have to deal with.

    There are two major types of stress involved in moving to another location. First one is psychological stress. This mostly involves leaving the things that you enjoyed spending your time on, such as schoolmates, crushes, favorite drinking places, perhaps a select walking or running routes and so on.

    You must start ahead of time. Prepare your family for moving months ahead. It will save you time and energy.
    You thought moving was difficult. Try moving with a family.

    What you need to do here is take some time, firstly for yourself, to explain to each individual what moving can bring. You need to convince yourself that the move is the right thing for the family but you should already be pretty convinced of that. Even if you are still having some lingering doubts about the move do not, and I can not stress this enough, let that show and transfer to the rest of your family. You need to be the beacon of hope for them, reinforcing all the positive benefits of the move. These might include a warmer climate, more space for everyone and chances of new adventures, to name a few.

    Physical stress

    The second type of stress, physical stress, is something that you can not avoid you just need to be prepared for it as much as you can. Take some time off before the big day, relax, let your body rest as much as possible. Here is what I used to do when moving: Take the whole day off.

    In order to best prepare your family for moving, where physical stress is considered, the best thing you can do is just to simply take a day off and take it easy. Even if you do not feel tired and think you can do some last minute packing and repacking, I would advise you against it. Sure, you can always improve on the quality of packing but it is much more important that you are in tip-top shape on the day of the move. Reason for that is that there is always something that was not planned for and that will put a metaphorical wrench into your plans.

    If you are well-rested, it will be much easier for you to produce that extra amount of energy that will be required of you. Take a day off, take it easy, you can thank me later.

    Make a Plan

    I used to be one of those people. People who just take it easy all the time and deal with the issues as they arise. Why would I think about problems if there are none, yet? Boy, was I wrong! Organization and planning really matter when moving. It will save you and your family a hefty amount of hours and work. This work would inevitably creep up on you, should you fail to properly plan and organize.

    When you prepare your family for moving make sure you make an according moving checklist.
    A moving checklist will save your life.

    If you have boxes that all look more or less the same, label them. Make a plan of what you want to move first and unpack first. Organize who will be doing what, and so on. You are the best person for the job! You have all the information to make a killer plan! So just take some time and do it, it will benefit you greatly.

    Devil is in the details

    In order to prepare your family for moving to the best of your abilities, you need to do some research. I am not talking about standard stuff. The stuff which you have most likely considered already before even committing your family to the process. For instance the climate, neighborhood, proximity to amenities, etc. What I am trying to tell you is research for all the stuff that you know you will enjoy, either as a family as a whole or what every individual in your family will enjoy. These might be athletic clubs, entertainment options, cool places to visit, etc.

    The biggest challenge will be packing all the boxes of you, your spouse and the kids. So many things to pack!
    Time to pack. Yikes!

    Bottom line is, if you want to properly prepare your family for moving, the more you think about the new stuff and less about the old, the easier the move will be. You need to convey this to everyone and to try to get them excited for the move itself because there will be so many new things to try out, visit, explore, etc.

    Make a game out of it!

    Moving can actually become one of the most fun things your family will do together if you approach it correctly. For this, you will need to take some time to think about what sort of activity everyone would enjoy. Let me provide you with one simple, yet brutally effective, idea. Give each family member a box, stuff that needs to go in it and a time limit. Make a competition among family members as who can pack the box the fastest! Provide some sort of reward for the first place, make sure that it will make everyone try their hardest.

    Enjoy the laughs and hilarity that will ensue. The only thing that will not be fun is packing the baby’s room for relocation.

    That would be it for this time if you need even more information on moving, make sure to check. And remember, local moves Sudbury are at your disposal!