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    How to prepare your motorcycle for transport

    Owning a motorcycle is the best thing in the world for motorcycle aficionados. The feeling that you get when you are riding is like an addiction. This is why the fact that you will bring your motorcycle anywhere you relocate is not surprising. That is why we are here to help you prepare your motorcycle for transport in the safest possible way. We are certainly glad to recommend you the long distance movers Ontario, as they will take care of your vehicle like no one else.

    Before you start

    The best way to prepare your motorcycle for storage is to hire a reliable shipping company, of course. You should be aware of the traits of reliable freight forwarders before you hire any. Once you choose a moving company, ask them for any specifics when preparing your bike for the move. Make a to-do list and perform all the necessary tasks. Each moving company has its own policies, and the preparation depends on the transporting location. This is why it is best to first contact them so that they can fill you up with the most important tips.

    a close up view of the motorcycle
    Prior to transportation, your motorcycle should be cleaned from any dust and dirt

    Prepare your motorcycle for transport like a pro

    Avoiding any amateur mistakes is your goal here. It is very important to follow these useful steps in order to be able to transport your motorcycle safely and without any damage.

    Start with cleaning

    For this, you will need soap, water, and a sponge. Wash your motorcycle thoroughly. Make sure that there are no water drops left after you have finished. It is important that there are no spots on it as this can lead to color damage later on. You should clean your bike from any dirt and dust. Let it dry in the sun for a couple of hours and then check if there is any dirt left.  It really does not take much to prepare your motorcycle for transport. This is also very important if you will be using storage units Ontario, as cleaning your bike is the best way to prepare it for storage as well.

    Remove all loose parts

    Removing all loose parts from your motorcycles is high on top of your to-do list when you want to prepare your motorcycle for transport. First of all, your items will not be included in the insurance. This means that all the accessories that you had will not be compensated in case of any damage. There is no reason to risk losing some of your items which are not even covered by insurance. Secondly, usually, there are some documents in the motorcycle and other personal items, that you should take out of it.

    a motorcycle in a garage
    Prepare your motorcycle for transport by removing all the accessories and inflating the tires

    It should not come as a surprise that moving companies usually do not want the keys of the motorcycle. They will simply transport your motorcycle without using it. So, do not forget to take out the keys when you prepare your motorcycle for transport, as the moving companies won`t take responsibility for it. It will not take you much time to ask them, though.

    Drain the fluids

    Once you have cleaned your bike and removed all the loose parts, you can proceed with the next step. Drain all the fluids from your motorcycle prior to handing it to the moving company. If you are transporting your vehicle long distance, the gas tank should be completely empty. Cleaning a gas tank is tricky, but it can be done successfully. On the other hand, if you are making a local move, you should leave it 1/2 or 1/4 full. The movers will inform you exactly how much fluids, if any, should be present.

    Inflate the tires

    The tires should be inflated when you prepare your motorcycle for transport. On many occasion, the movers will have to physically drive your motorcycle to the transport trailer. On the other hand, the motorcycle will be more stable during the transport if the transport because the tires are a part of its suspension.

    the front part of the motorcycle
    Take photos of your motorcycle from all angles, so that you can show them to the insurance agency in case of any damage during the transport

    Insurance is very important

    Moving your valuables is very stressful, and knowing how to avoid stress when relocating your vehicle is very important. When moving your vehicle, it is an absolute must to have insurance for it. However, if damage occurs, there are certain things that will make it easier for you to receive insurance money.

    • Check for any damage before the transport – You should be aware of any scratch and dent on your motorcycle.
    • Take photos – As soon as you check your motorcycle take photos of it from all angles. This will be your biggest proof if any damage happens to occur. Make sure to have the date displayed on the photos, so that the insurance company knows what occurred before and after.
    • Check the functionality of the motorcycle – If there is any mechanical issue with your bike write it down as well. Also, make sure to inform the transportation company if your motorcycle is not in function. As we already stated, they might have to drive it. If this is not possible, they should prepare adequate equipment in advance.

    Arrange the pick-up location

    There are two options here. Either the truck will come to your house, or you will bring the motorcycle to the moving company so that the transport begins from that location. If you arrange for the movers to pick up your motorcycle from your house, the cost will be slightly higher. However, this is the safest option, especially if your motorcycle is not in working condition.

    The task to prepare your motorcycle for transport is not very demanding, yet it is vital when it comes to relocation. Go through each step carefully and with love, as your vehicle deserves it. The better you prepare it for transport, the easier the process will go. Good luck!