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    How to reward your moving crew

    When the moving time comes, people tend to use all the resources they can in order to make the situation easier. Since moving can get quite complicated at times professional help is the only way in order to handle the project properly. Those people can surely make it easy on you, and it would be only nice if you could do something to reward your moving crew. Well, in case you wondered what is the best way to do such a thing, this article will give you some ideas. Feel free to use them all. Perhaps, after reading the article, you will get some ideas on your own. So, let us get started. We’ll go one by one.

    Reward your moving crew by providing enough food and refreshments

    You can bet that after a whole day, or at least a couple of hours of hard work which involves a lot of heavy lifting and relocating numerous boxes full of different types of content can truly wear even the strongest ones. So, one of the ways how to show appreciations towards your moving and storage Ontario crew is to offer them a warm meal and plenty of drinks. In that way, they can get so much deserved refreshment and take a break from hard work. Rest assured that they will appreciate it very much.

    drinks on a plate to  reward your moving crew
    Offering refreshment to your moving crew is one of the nice things you can do for them!

    Giving movers drinks is both humane and necessary

    Getting them enough drinking water is not just a nice gesture, but it is also a necessity. Especially if you are moving during hot summer days. It can really make a big difference. Also, if your financial situation allows, you could even ask them whether the would like something else rather than water. For example, some might even appreciate a cup of hot coffee or tea. Tea is a great option for colder days. Plus, it’s fairly easy and cheap to prepare it in large quantities. Another thing to think about is to leave those beverages at some easily accessible place. That way, neither they would need to ask you for a refill, nor you would need to check on them all the time.

    Buy the moving crew a proper meal

    Again, after a couple of hours of hard work, the energy level drops, and your movers will need to get fuel. Help them out by treating them with some tasty food, such as grill, pizzas, or something else they choose. Of course, within your budget limits. You will see that you will feel much better for treating them in this way. Movers who work so hard deserve such a treatment, after all.

    pizza on a table
    Pizza is a great choice as a meal for your moving crew!

    Unimpeded access to bathroom

    We believe there’s no particular reason to explain why this has found its way in our list. The moving crew will eventually need to freshen up and take a break. Hence, it is only normal to allow them so.

    A corner to rest

    If your moving project consists of many parts, such as dismantling and lifting heavy objects, packing and moving a lot of boxes, then a way to reward your moving crew is to install a place where they could take a rest. If they tell you they would be fine resting in their truck, they are probably saying this either because they are shy, or they think they aren’t allowed to ask for much. Well, you give them a better offer. Everyone would be happier to use his break sitting in a comfortable chair or sofa. Also, if it is hot outside, then see if it is possible to make shade on your terrace or backyard. That would be much appreciated.

    Show your sincere appreciation for their work

    Everyone wants their work to be recognized. Therefore, we are positive that your movers will be glad to hear a word or two of praise if they did a good work. That way you will give them an incentive to continue with their good work, and inspire them to be even better. They will be particularly pleased to hear those positive comments after they have handled a bit demanding task such as packing sports equipment. Only they know how that must have been difficult.

    Pass on positive impressions to their boss

    No matter how everyone wishes to hear positive comments on their work, probably everyone is looking more forward to knowing that their boss has been informed about a job well done. Perhaps they would earn some special bonuses or some privileges. Maybe the boss will award them with a special prize, etc. All in all, they can expect nothing but a positive outcome for their good work. That is why it is also in their best interest to give their best while providing their services. Perhaps, seeing them in action will encourage you to hire exclusive moving services Sudbury in the future.

    a thumb up
    Giving good feedback can help your moving crew!

    Give referral to your friends and family

    More job, more money. That’s how it works in this world. One of the best ways to reward your moving crew is to give them more chances to earn for a living. If you are truly satisfied with how they’ve handled it all, then pass on a good word to everyone you know that is also moving, or needs any other kind of services provided by a moving company. That way, a word of mouth will pass on only positive reactions, and their network will grow.

    As you can see, there are numerous ways to show how much you appreciate a quality work. We just hope that this has given you some good ideas on how to reward your moving crew during your moving days. Just remember that it is ok to offer less if you are not in a financial situation. Any gesture of kindness and a nice word will matter to them.