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    How to spend New Year’s Eve in Ontario

    The New Year is right around the corner, and it is time to celebrate. To get into the Christmas spirit, you should decorate your house as best as you can. More importantly, your house will feel much cozier and more comfortable than usual due to Christmas lighting. Making plans for Christmas might seem a little bit easier since it is a family holiday. However, you can do something more exciting for New Year’s Eve. If you do not know what to do, we have got you covered. Here are the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Ontario. You will surely find something that fits your preferences on our list.

    Spending New Year’s Eve in Ontario

    If you have been living here for a long time or you just want to spend New Year in Ontario, you have plenty of options. For those who plan on moving to Ontario, they should read about local movers Ontario, since you will need a reliable moving company for relocation. Here are some options for New Year’s Eve in Ontario for you, which will be explained in greater detail later.

    • Spa resort
    • Cottage
    • Skiing trip
    • Festivals
    • Parks and city centers


    If you plan to spend New Year’s Eve in Ontario, you should go to Toronto. Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and the most populous city in Canada. Because of its size, you can spend exciting New Year holidays in this city. You can visit Nathan Phillips Square and enjoy New Year’s programme there. This includes live music and the breathtaking fireworks at midnight. This event is family friendly with alcohol-free beverages and animations for children. If you have children, you can go to Nathan Phillips Square and enjoy some quality time together with your family.

    New Year's Eve in Ontario
    New Year in Toronto


    This list would not be complete without the capital city of Canada. Ottawa is another place where you can spend New Year’s Eve in Ontario. Just like in Toronto, they are organizing a public event on  Parliament Hill. You can listen to some good music here while you wait for the New Year. You will not wish to miss  Christmas Lights Across Canada. Countless colorful lights will illuminate the streets of Ottawa and some important monument. If you end up liking this city, you can even move to Ottawa.

    Winter Wonderland

    If you want to spend New Year’s Eve in Ontario and do some exciting outdoor activities, you should go skiing. There are many ski resorts in the area, you can choose one based on your preferences and how much money you are willing to spend. You can look up resorts on the internet and see what they are offering. Most of them have something special planned for the New Year. For instance, some of them offer Internet and technology free celebration where you can enjoy the beautiful nature. Other New Year activities include bonfire parties, firework at the midnight and diving into a frozen lake. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can enjoy the dip into cold water.

    Cabins and cottages

    Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Ontario can include a trip to one of many cottages. When Blue Mountain in Collingwood is covered in snow, it seems like a true fairytale village came to life. You can rent cabins and cottages here. This could be your romantic getaway if you want to spend the New Year with your significant other. However, there are many activities designed for children as well. They can enjoy magic shows, laser tag, face painting, and other interactive games. Furthermore, there will also be music performances, fancy dinners, and fireworks. If you are coming from abroad, prepare yourself for the winter in Canada.

    New Year's Eve in Ontario
    Spend New Year’s Eve in Ontario

    Niagara Falls

    If you are planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Ontario, you cannot miss out Niagara Falls. These beautiful waterfalls are even more stunning during the winter. If you have planned to visit them someday, this is the perfect opportunity. You can combine a trip to Niagara Falls with New Year celebration. Moreover, you can visit  Queen Victoria Park and enjoy live music performance, beverage and fireworks. Additionally, you can book New Year special service and dinner at the Skylon Tower. You can spend New Year’s eve eating delicious food  775 feet in the air with the stunning panoramic view of the Niagara Falls.

    Thunder Bay

    The world largest fur trading post is located in Thunder Bay. For all history fans, this is the perfect place to spend your holiday. You can learn more about the history of  Fort William Historical Park. Particularly, it has remained almost intact since the 19th century, and you will see the reason why it was an important trading post for Canada. You can also go and enjoy music performances, bonfire and fireworks. Additionally, you can go skating or try to toboggan and snowshoe. They have activities for children as well, such as winter golf, show graffiti and many more. Furthermore, there are many reasons for moving to Thunder Bay, if you decide to move there.

    Watching firework New Year's Eve in Ontario
    Enjoy watching fireworks

    Owen Sound

    Last on our list is Owen Sound and their impressive light show. They have put up more than 11 miles long trail of lights and 200 individual displays. This is also called Festival of Northern Lights and it is quite popular among couples. You can take a horse carriage tour to see all the Christmas lights, which is quite romantic. Furthermore, the lights also run along the Sydenham River. This combination of lights and water will surely lift your Christmas spirit, and you will enter the New Year with a warm heart. All these places might encourage you to move to Ontario. If that is the case, you should consider hiring long distance moving companies Canada.

    New Year’s Eve in Ontario

    You will not regret choosing Ontario for your New Year’s vacation. There are many places you can visit and where you can have a great time. Whether you go to some ski resort or simply to a city center, you will definitely enjoy some musical performances, tasty food, and warm drinks. Prepare to say goodbye to the old year in a good company with beautiful fireworks. All the places will have something special prepared for New Year’s Eve, so pick one and enjoy your holidays.