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    How to store fine art and antiques

    As we know, moving can be really stressful and most of the people already experienced it. Almost everyone went through the process of moving at least one time in their lives. We are sure that nobody is excited and thrilled when it comes to moving and packing. Needing to store fine art and antiques sometimes becomes an issue when moving. Thinking how to transport safely things that have sentimental value? The painting of your family portrait, crystal jar that you got from your grandmother that you love so much, grandfathers handcraft art etc. Things like this we don’t want to lose. We don’t want to damage, or even worse, destroy things of a sentimental value!

    Like we said, moving your stuff from place to place can be really stressful and complicated and can give you a lot of headaches. Most important thing is, how to move and store your belongings safely? And how to be sure they are packed and moved properly so they won’t suffer any kind of damage when they arrive at the new location? Is it better to do everything yourself or to hire a moving company to take care of everything?

    But at the end, what can worry us the most is, how to store fine art and antiques? Things like that can be really valuable and we would want them to be taken care of as better as it is possible.  Now, let’s see how can we help you store and protect your fine art and antiques in the best possible way. Also, make sure to include all the special care that your items require in your moving budget!

    When you want to store fine art and antiques, select a location that they will be safest in. If you are unsure, consult a professional!
    You want to make sure that your fine art and antiques are properly stored!

    Packing your fine art and antiques

    You have two options to do your packing. You can do it yourself or you can hire professional companies to do the job for you. Either way, you have to be careful and to prepare everything properly. No matter what, you don’t want your belongings to be damaged in the process of transport. However, no matter which way you prefer, doing it yourself or hiring a moving company, you will need packing and moving supplies to get the job done.

    If you like to do everything yourself, you will probably need some of the packing supplies. Starting with moving blankets, wrapping papers, tapes, ropes, covers, bags, over the different sizes of boxes to the moving and lifting tools. For moving your bigger pieces of art and antiques you can use Dolly, also known as “moving truck”. You can also check out if there are any special offers in your area, such as special moving boxes Sudbury.

    Protecting your items in the transport/transit

    Packing materials are very important for transporting. and making your art and antiques get safe to the storage place or your new home. The step of packing as we said, you can do yourself, but the best option is to leave it to the professionals. Moving companies will provide the best supplies and take a good care of your belongings. They will help you store fine art and antiques in every and each step of the moving, from the pick up to the delivery point.

    When moving, it is important to properly pack your art and antiques, make sure they are as safe as they can be.
    Make sure that you are packing your valuables properly! You do not want to lose them.

    Keeping your fine art and antiques in the right room

    Another important thing is the room you are storing your art and antique in. There’s a lot of things that can lead to the ruination of your art, therefore we are using storage rooms. Sunlight, smoke, humidity are just a few things that you need to consider when you want to store fine art and antiques.

    Ultraviolet light can cause damage to your art, textile or photos. A solution for this is installing UV filter films on the windows. This is how you can prevent photos or art from damaging. Also, you should install smoke detectors in your home or storage place. Never hang up art or pictures above the fireplace, smoke and heat can damage your art or destroy it.

    The temperature in the rooms, home or storage place. is the very important thing too. You should keep the temperature and humidity constant to avoid the damage to your art and antiques. Another important thing you should consider investing in is a digital thermal hygrometer. A digital thermal hydrometer will monitor both humidity and temperature so it’s a good thing to invest in.

    Storing your valuables in the right space

    If you have to delay placing your art and antiques at the final destination, you can keep them in storage. So now, you have to consider what is the best storage option available to you. Storing things like art and antique stuff in the garage or basement is not safe. A garage is actually an easy access to burglars and we do not want something like that to happen. Also, a garage can be crowded with a lot of tools that can accidentally fall down and cause damage to your piece of art. Enough space in the storage room is very important. You should have enough space so your art can “breathe”.

    When choosing storage for your art, space is a prime thing to consider. But make sure that all other factors are met, too!
    Storage space is great for art and antiques but you should also make sure that you want them stored there!

    If your art and antiques are really valuable, which usually is the case, you should consider locking storage space.

    Professional moving companies already have all the necessary things in their storage spaces. Knowing this, you can be sure that your art and antiques are in right and very professional hands. Any moving/storage company will offer you the best solution. They usually have a lot of storage rooms, different types, and dimensions. Spaces and facilities with controlled temperature, humidity etc. They also provide electronic inventory management and tracking. You can also opt-in for public storage Canada but make sure you ask all the right questions!