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    How to store wood furniture

    We all have a lot of furniture cluttering up our homes. We don’t want to throw it away in case we need it, but we also don’t want to keep it in our homes when it serves no purpose. Sometimes, you’re moving to a smaller place and want to keep your furniture, or you just need a place to keep a few items safe and out of the way. If you have issues like these, check out how to store wood furniture without damaging your items.


    Before you store wood furniture in safe storage units in Ontario, you’ll need to take care of a few things. Just packing your items and sending them to storage can result in negative consequences. Your furniture can be damaged, rotten, eaten and outright destroyed if you’re not careful of how you store it. To ensure the safety of your items before storing them you’ll need to do a few things.

    • Clean and empty – before you store wood furniture, you should always empty it and clean it well. A lot of bad things can get into the storage from dirty wood, and none of them are good for your furniture.
    • Disassemble your items – for some items, especially large or bulky ones, it’s better to take them apart before moving them to storage. Heavy armoires can distort if they spend a lot of time in storage. So, by taking them apart you’re ensuring their safety.
    • Treat the wood – an excellent way to prepare your wooden furniture for its time in storage is to treat the wood with something. Whether it’s wax, polish or a protection solution, you should use something to additionally protect the wood.
    • Fight the crawlies – there are many insects which feed on wood. Make sure your pieces are bug-free before you move them to storage. If there are insects in your wooden furniture once you store it, they can destroy your furniture since you’ll probably store it for a long time.
    • Pack well – you’ll want to protect your wood for transport. If you didn’t disassemble the items, make sure they can be moved and that they are protected from scratching or breaking. Don’t use plastic or bubble wrap, but breathable materials such as cotton.
    old waxed wood
    Treat your items before you move them

    Decide who will transport it

    Once you’ve prepared your items for transportation you’ll need to decide how you’re going to move them. You can rent a moving truck and try to do it yourself. With a few friends with strong backs, you might be able to do it. However, if you want the best storage services, we recommend you hire reliable local movers Ontario. Only experienced pros will be able to move and store wood furniture for you in no time. Apart from this, they will guarantee that no damage will befall your precious items.

    a truck transporting furniture to a storage facility.
    Make sure you hire help if you’re moving far away.

    After you store wood furniture in a unit

    Once your furniture arrives at the storage location, the job is still not done. There are a lot of precautions you can do to make sure your furniture is safe even after it’s in the storage locker. Since you’ll be storing your items for a long time, many things can go wrong. If you’ve chosen a good storage company, they’ll handle most of these issues, however, it’s not a bad idea to be prepared.

    Keep it raised

    Once you store wood furniture in the storage unit, make sure it’s elevated from the ground. The ground will emit temperature and moisture, which could damage your item. Apart from this, there is a possibility of accidents, one of which is a flood. If your items are a bit above the ground, they won’t get damaged by the water.

    Don’t suffocate the wood

    Since your wooden furniture will need to breathe, you’ll want to avoid suffocating it. When you store your furniture, don’t cover it with plastic or bubble wrap. Use breathable materials such s cotton sheets. They will protect your items from dust as well as damage. Even though it’s not recommended to use plastic wrap on furniture in storage, you can still use it to protect your items while you’re transporting them

    Fight humidity

    The most annoying and dangerous enemy of people who store wood furniture is the humidity. If it’s too high, your furniture will rot. On the other hand, if your storage unit is too dry, your wood will crack. There are many ways you can battle this menace when you store wood furniture. From DIY remedies such as kitty litter or charcoal briquettes to a little more permanent solutions such as a humidifier. You can choose your own way to battle this issue.

    all people who store wood furniture hate humidity in their units
    Humidity can cause a lot of problems in any storage unit.

    Choose climate control when you store wood furniture

    Another way to fight humidity is to get a climate controlled unit. If you can control the conditions in your unit, then you’ll never need to worry about anything happening to your furniture. Apart from this, some types of wood require that you keep them in special temperatures all year long. This is where climate controlled storage comes in handy, as well. So, ask your reliable movers in Ontario if you have them.

    store wood furniture in climate controlled units
    Choosing units with air conditioning when you store wood furniture is a good idea.

    Continue to fight the crawlies

    Finally, when you store wood furniture you’ll need to continue to fight the bugs. Whether you drive them away with the cold in your climate controlled unit, or you choose to poison them, you’ll need to get rid of them all. If you need help, check out this guide on how to pest proof your storage unit. Leaving them inside the storage is a death sentence for your furniture.

    a scary insect which will eat your wood furniture
    Creepy crawlies can cause a lot of issues