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    How to store your book collection

    Your book collection can be your prized possession, but the reality is that it takes a lot of space in your home. If you just moved to a smaller living space, your books may clutter your home. There are some clever ways to store your book collection and this guide will show you a few tricks that you can use.

    Store your book collection in plastic bins

    If you love your books, but you just don’t have enough room to display them all, think about storing them in the plastic bins. When a plastic bin is sealed tight, your books will be protected from the moist, sunlight, insect and rodents. Also, the plastic bins are suitable for keeping both in your home and in the storage unit.
    Avoid over packing the bins with books which will make them very heavy. Use the boxes no bigger than 12 x 12 so you can lift them easily without risking injuries.

    Forget the cardboard boxes

    Cardboard boxes are popular because you can easily find quality, yet cheap moving boxes. Still, while they are very suitable for relocation, these types of boxes aren’t a good choice for storing items. Especially for your books.

    Books in the cardboard boxes - wrong way to store your book collection.
    If your store your book collection in the cardboard boxes, it will deteriorate along with the boxes.

    While resistant material in some cases, over the time cardboard, begins to deteriorate. Since they can not be seal shut, the nasty critters will crawl and cause damage to your books.
    When it comes to storing your books, in the war between plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes, the plastic bins are the clear winner.

    Find an appropriate space to store your book collection in

    Once you place your book collection into the plastic bins, you need to find the place where you can keep them safe. Tucking them under your bed or at the backs of the closets can be a suitable place. As a matter of fact, any dry, indoor space can be a good fit. You can even use plastic bins with books as a part of your living room decoration.

    However, avoiding the attics, sheds, basements, garages and other spaces that have drastic temperature swings is very important. Paper is very sensitive to temperature and humidity.

    Damaged books - store your book collection properly and avoid this for happening.
    It doesn’t matter if you have previously store your book collection in the plastic bin – the extreme temperatures can still hurt it.

    If you have a lot of books and not enough indoor space to keep them in, think about renting a storage unit. Call one of the expert moving companies Sudbury that provides the storage services and ask about the most suitable type of storage unit that will keep your books safe.

    Opt for climate controlled unit

    If you decide to store your book collection in the storage facility, you should always put it in the climate controlled storage unit.

    Books are very sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. The ideal humidity level to keep safe is around 35% to max 50%. A higher or lower percentage of the humidity in the air causes big damages to the books – binding will wrap, while the paper will curl.

    Good dry air circulation is beneficial for books, and the storage unit that allows you to control its climate is an ideal space to store your book collection in.
    Most of the secure storage units Ontario are equipped with climate control option, so it won’t be hard to find a suitable one.

    If you know someone that also needs a storage unit, you can divide the monthly expenses by renting a unit together. This move can have a very beneficial impact on your finances. Still, keep in mind that sharing a storage unit with a friend has its challenges.

    Protect your books

    When you need to store your book collection in your home, it is necessary to take some precautionary measures.

    • Keep books away from direct heat – Ideal temperature for books is up to 60-75 degrees. If you expose them to the direct heat source, it will cause them damages. Not to mention that paper is very flammable. While it’s isn’t very likely that your books will cause a house fire, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.
    • Reduce exposure to direct light – Direct sunlight will bleach out and cause damages to the binding of the books. Shady rooms with drapes over the windows are ideal for storing your book collection.
    If your bookshelf is right next to the window or on the direct spot where the sunlight hits the room, consider moving it into a slightly darker corner.
    • Protect books from bookworms – Always have in mind that insects consider books as a very attractive snack. Especially if beside the smell of paper and glue there is also the smell of food crumbs. To stop the insects of infesting your home and precious books, keep them away from food and eating areas.

    If you wish to store your book collection for a long time, wrap it correctly

    When you are storing books in the storage unit for indefinite time, you need to ensure their safety.
    Using plastic bins is a good start, but it isn’t the only measure that you should take. You will need to wrap and pad your books, using suitable materials.
    Of course, first, you need to know what materials are wrong to wrap your books in.

    Plastic wrappings are the most dangerous material for your books. It traps moisture which leads to condensation and the demise of your precious possession.

    Newspapers are also the wrong material to wrap your books in if you want to preserve them. The newsprint is very acidic. It can cause a chemical reaction in the contact with book covers/paper, which will damage it.

    Clean, white office paper is the most effective material that you should use for wrapping and protecting your book collection.