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    How to turn your basement into a great living space

    Have you seen pictures of basements turned to fantastic living rooms, cozy hideouts for relaxing with a nice book or for practicing of hobbies? It is a common scenario in Western culture. Films and TV shows are abundant with scenes of teens hanging out in a basement and drinking beer, or mafia bosses conducting shady deals with low lighting and pool tables. If you have a basement that is full of junk or is just plain empty you have a massive unused space with enormous potential. Why wouldn’t make another room for your family or a place where your friends can sleep when they come for a visit? Renovating your basement can seriously raise the price of your home. If you want to make something out of it we have a few ideas to turn your basement into a great living space. Stay tuned for more.

    Phase one: Decluttering

    Before you proceed with actual refurnishing of your basement you will have to clean it and remove all that junk that was sitting there for years. Depending on the size of your basement and the amount of stuff there is, this could be a serious task. Many moving agencies provide services of junk removal, so check out moving boxes Sudbury to get more information about this. After all, you could do well with experienced helping hands. So what should you do?

    • See what items have some value. If you find anything valuable in your basement try selling it online. You will be amazed just how much money you can get when selling stuff like that online. What some people consider as trash, some might find it a welcome addition for their home.
    • Consider donating. There are a lot of people in need, and they would gladly accept your used clothes, home appliances or anything that could serve them for some time. This could be your chance to give back something to society so take it.
    • Just throw it out. Visiting the local dumpster should be your last option. But some things are just trash and should be thrown away. Don’t let the sentimental part of you prevail, be strong.
    To turn your basement into a great living space you must preform some Decluttering
    Before you even start thinking about renovating your basement remove all the redundant items that are sitting there.

    Decluttering is something that you should do regardless of the future purpose of your basement. It should be clean and organized even if you are just keeping your tools there.

    Construction work is necessary to turn your basement into a great living space

    Because basements are usually not designed for living there, you will have to make some changes. Before you start, check for what modifications you need permission from authorities. First of all, you need to measure everything to the smallest details in order to be sure that your wishes match reality. Make a blueprint with the desired outlook of your new room and follow it as you make changes.

    Picture of pipes in a basement
    If you want to make modifications to your basement you need to watch out for existing pipes and wires.

    Check if your basement needs additional wiring or plumbing installed. Make a good strategy of where to put outlets for all those electronic devices. Next, you should check if there is any mold or radon in your basement and take care of that. Additional protection in the form of fiberglass insulation will keep your walls safe and dry. Insulation should be placed to keep the room warm during cold winter months. Considering the fact that basements are underground, your future living space must have a proper ventilation system.

    Some key tricks turn your basement into a great living space

    Basements are usually associated with damp, dark and small spaces. In order to turn that around you should use some of the following tricks. Don’t add any additional walls to your basement. Maybe you wish to split it to several rooms but resist that urge. It will just make space look more tiny and cramped. Instead, look for ways to make that space look bigger than it really is. For example, try to install egress windows if possible. Natural light will make space look less like a basement and more like a regular room. Next, invest in adequate lightning. For this occasion, bright neon light is a far better option than yellow light. Place mirrors on walls to create an illusion of depth. Mirrors reflect light, so place them strategically to get the most of daylight.

    Picture of window with light
    One of the ways to turn your basement into a great living space is to enable natural light to get in

    Buy furniture that is adapted to smaller spaces. Foldable chairs, sofas that turn into beds, nesting tables are smart decisions when it comes to furnishing your basement. Also, mind the colors. Paint your walls in white or some other similar nuance like pearl and cream. Try to match those colors when picking furniture to avoid huge contrasts. If you have old furniture that you doesn’t match your future plans you could consider renting a storage unit to place it there until it gets sold. Just search storage units Ontario and you will find a lot of interesting deals. Multipurpose cabinets and closets are ideal solutions for basements. Lastly, add some potted plants to make space look greener.

    Think about security

    There are two possible hazardous scenarios involving basements. Fire and flood. In the case of the first one those egress windows should serve as an escape exit so make sure that they are wide enough. Install window wells to make escape route easier to use.  If your basement already has some appliances like heating systems and water pumps make necessary changes to protect them from getting damaged. In case of flooding, you should install a sump pump to protect your basement, especially now it has increased in value.

    These are some of the things you need to pay attention to if you are planning to turn your basement into a great living space. Make a plant what type of room you would like to have down there and make changes accordingly.