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    How to write a review for a moving company

    Finally! The D-day has passed and you and your belongings made it to your new home. Congratulations! Moving is a big feat, no matter how often or rare you choose to embark upon it. However, now when all the important work is done, you might want to write a review for a moving company? For sure, you shouldn’t do it right away. There are boxes to be unpacked, host-in parties to be held, but when given time – why not? Well, quite valid counter-argument is – why do it? After all, the job is done already. What could you possibly achieve by this?

    Why write a review for a moving company at all?

    While this may sound bad, it is a valid question: why bother? It is only more work for you after a very stressful few days. Writing a review just means that your rest from the whole thing will have to wait for a little longer for no good reason at all! What good can possibly come from this? Well, think about when you were hiring professionals for your move.

    Help somebody else find out everything they need.

    You probably googled for international movers Canada or any other movers you needed. The first information you encountered were probably from the company itself. Its website and customer support. And that is just fine. You need to see how much effort they put into their website if the license is properly displayed if the customer service is nice and cooperative etc.

    But then imagine if the first information you found was the only information you found. No reviews, just the website. Well, you would’ve soon found that other than discounts, special services, and the website presentation you would not find many differences between moving companies. They all claim to be reliable, cheap and professional.

    Reviews allow us to see the other side of the story, the feelings, and experiences of those who used the services of said movers. Write a review for a moving company to help others the same way their review helped you!

    • Reviews help you get your experience across
    • To write a review for a moving company is a good way to conclude your moving experience
    • Reviews are of invaluable help to other customers that are still planning their move.

    So, how to do it? First things first!.

    Read terms of service before you write a review for a moving company

    Before submitting a review, you should pick a hosting site on which to post a said review. Such sites can either be general reviews for anything really, like Yelp or more specific, like My Moving Reviews. Whatever the site, there are some ground rules.

    Always read the terms of service. Now we know, those can be a chore… Actually, when come to think about it, they are always a chore. However! They are, objectively, important. They are rules by which all reviews must abide. If you read them, you will specific quirks of the site. Also, you will prevent any kind of misunderstanding resulting in the deletion of your review. Just imagine the frustration of writing a big review only for your rows upon rows of useful text to disappear because it violated some unknown term.

    So, read your terms of service people.

    Furthermore, read other reviews. They will give the general idea of how reviews on this site usually look.

    General information you need to write a review for a moving company

    So what to write? Well, start with some general information. For example, when did you use a service such as moving and storage Sudbury. From where to where? How many people, how many possessions transported? You don’t have to be too exact, you are writing a review, not paperwork, but some good, general information on your move is important. Why? They help people find others with the same conditions. A company may behave differently when on a local move as opposed to an international one. To help anybody who will read it, write a review for a moving company with basic information at the beginning of the review.

    Staff and customer service

    How was the staff? This is a really important question. Most important trait? Punctuality. Not everybody will do a professional job when moving boxes Sudbury. Some may be late without proper explanation or excuse, for example. They can be uncooperative, and their customer service can be dodgy and unreliable.

    How honest were they?

    There are some more grievous mistakes as well. Not being honest in the contract for example. If they were good, however, state that. Mentioned that the agreement was fair, quotes were understandable, crews functional, etc.

    Surprises, pleasant or otherwise

    There are bound to be some surprises along the road. Be sure to mention those. Maybe you will write a review for a moving company based on a positive surprise (they are understanding of pets and kids, of your scheduling errors, extremely considerate to neighbors and other good things that we don’t always come to expect. However, you might have, regretfully, encountered such unlucky circumstances as having your items damaged. Always mention both kinds of surprises.

    Overall experience

    All in all, make a structured story, with a pre-move, moving day and post-move experiences with, for example, moving services Sudbury. However, the most important thing is to make your “final judgment”

    write a review for a moving company - happy and sad faces
    Happy with the service?

    When trying to come up with how many stars you want to give to the mover company, think about this. Did you feel relief or stress around them/because of them? If they brought professional help, acted with calm and confidence, made you have faith in them that they didn’t break, then it is a 5-star review. However, if some quirks made it not as perfect, lower it to 3. One and two stars are for outright bad moving companies.

    In conclusion

    Go and write your story for everybody to read. Don’t get it to be too long, but also don’t write a review for a moving company that is five words long. We hope that this article provided you with help in structuring and writing your review, and also, we hope that you had a positive experience!