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    The best ideas for housewarming gifts

    You are getting ready to visit friends or neighbors who have moved into a new apartment or house and want to give something original to them. But how to choose between so many ideas for housewarming gifts? Sometimes a quality bottle of wine or indoor plant may be enough, but if you want the gift to be genuine and useful, read on.

    Here are our original ideas for housewarming gifts

    When you go for the first time to someone who has just moved into a new living space, think about details that might be practical – not good-looking – and that people often lack. Among other things, know that those people who are just moving to Ontario, maybe have had to left some essentials at their old place, so it would be wise to know what they really need. You may always ask them about it… But anyhow here is our list of what we think are the best ideas for housewarming gifts.

    ideas for housewarming gifts
    How to choose between so many ideas for housewarming gifts? Ask your hosts what they need.

    A good set of kitchen knives

    Here a thing that can make a couple of firsts days in a new home much easier: a good set of knives! There is a great chance that your host doesn’t have one – or is in a desperate need of it. And this is an especially good idea for a housewarming gift if your hosts like to cook. Besides a sharp set of knives, you can also get them quality cookware.

    Electric grinder for salt and pepper

    The electric salt and pepper grinder is probably not a specially popular gift, but everyone likes it and everyone would want one. Besides it looks nice, it’s also practical, and it’s hard for someone to buy it on their own. It is perfect for those who like to cook and who like practicality in the kitchen because the electric grinder can be adjusted on how big – or small – grains will be milled.

    A nice set of plates or cups

    If your hosts hired professional local movers Ontario, they surely didn’t break anything. But realistically, who of you still has a whole set of plates or cups for coffee? At least one plate or cup always breaks down. So when thinking about ideas for housewarming gifts, you can simply buy a nice set of plates or cups. We are sure they can use it or take it out on special occasions.

    gift box
    When you go for the first time to someone who has just moved into a new living space, think about details that might be practical.

    Personalized towels

    We know that quality towels are quite expensive, so most people won’t consider buying a whole set of towels. A better and much cheaper solution is to get personalized towels which can be an elegant addition to every bathroom. Find a store or webshop that offers personalized towels. Then just select the towel color and the name that will be printed on the towel.

    Quality bed sheets

    Quality bed sheets are always welcome, but do not play too much and buy bedding of crazy colors or full kitsch – unless you are sure your friends or relatives like it. It’s best to buy some nice, one-color bed sheets that can go with anything. When buying bed sheets, you need to look at the dimensions of the beds and know it in advance. Or just ensure that there is the option of replacing the bedding in the store.

    A few more ideas for housewarming gifts

    If all of these ideas for housewarming gifts did not help you and you are not yet sure what to buy, here are some more ideas. We are already clinging to the straw of salvation.

    Elegant wall clock

    It may sound like an obvious idea, but a wall clock is not something that someone will afford when they move in. And there are modern and universal clocks that can be bought even if you do not know someone’s taste.

    Tasteful doormat

    When somebody is reading through moving tips, a doormat is the last thing anyone will ever think about during the move. And obviously, it should be the first. Besides, any type you take will be handy and people can always use it.

    Digital picture frame

    Instead of the glass frames that have to be the right dimensions to get the picture inside, buy a digital frame. You can even get the one that changes several photos at the time.

    A basic set of tools

    Everyone will appreciate the basic set of tools – no matter if they are male or female. Because this is something that always comes in handy. It does not have to be expensive or branded, but it’s important to have various pliers, hammer, screwdriver set, roller meter and scalpel in the set.

    flowers in hand
    Any gift is great as long is from the heart.

    Garden tools and accessories

    Do your friends have a garden and like to grow flowers or vegetables? Then give them a flower blade, planters, hose, rakes or garden scissors.

    A garden grill

    If your friends have a nice garden but do not have the intention to deal with the garden, buy them a good barbecue grill. And trust us – everyone would like a barbecue… Especially you, when they make a barbecue party next time!

    In the end, think about it this way: what will help the hosts to organize their post-moving chaotic life better? Here is a perfect opportunity to give them something that they would not buy at this time – and everyone with a healthy mind would want it. So we hope our simple ideas for housewarming gifts helped you. Anyways, any gift is great as long is from the heart. And we keep our fingers crossed you will find a perfect one!