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    Ideas for reusing boxes after the move

    The moving process is officially over and now it is a fine time to think about what to do with the remaining cardboard boxes. There is certainly quite a number of them – dozens maybe. In the case of large household relocation, there might be ample boxes. Even though you can feel free to throw them away, there are other solutions as well. So, after you have unpacked your linen, dishes, and books, now is the time to go through some basic post-move cleaning guidelines. In order to help you with reusing boxes after the move, here are some pieces of advice.

    They can be a good place for storage

    Even though you have moved in and you have probably gotten rid of all the extra items, it would be a good idea to have some boxes on hand. Go through all of them and choose those that are not damaged and are of good quality. These you can use, for example, for storing your clothes and decorations that you will not need during the season. Also, if you plan on moving soon, it would be better to put aside several boxes. They will be nearby when you need them and you will avoid buying them again. Pay special attention to those used to pack TVs and glassware since they are more expensive. Of course, in case you need more of them, you can count on moving boxes, Sudbury.

    You can help someone else

    Another way of reusing boxes after the move is giving them away. In case someone you know is also moving, you can feel free to give them a helping hand in this way. On the other hand, if there is no one you know who is moving, you can advertise them on some social network. You will make it easier for them since there will be no need to go around, look for boxes and spend some additional money. Not only will you help someone out by giving them your boxes but you will also make more room in your new home.

    A man carrying boxes
    Another way of reusing boxes after the move is giving them to someone who is relocating

    If nobody needs the boxes, recycle them

    If it happens that you cannot find someone who is in the need of cardboard boxes, you can recycle them. In case you have moved to a place you are not yet familiar with, do a little research and you will know where to take your boxes. Even though cardboard boxes cannot damage the environment since they are eco-friendly, there is no reason to make a mess. So, instead of just throwing them away, help your community and take them to a recycling center. You will do a nice thing and there will be more room in your home at the same time.

    A box with a recycle sign on it
    Cardboard boxes are eco-friendly- feel free to recycle after using them

    Another way of reusing boxes is to let your children play with them

    You have moved to a new home and you have certainly spent quite a lot of money in the process. Your children may ask for some new toys, but, for the time being, you can let them play with the cardboard boxes. This will be good entertainment for them and they will be able to show how creative they are. You can help them make their own fort city, cozy playhouse or a castle. After the construction, you can suggest them to paint the outsides of them. This will certainly be something new and interesting to them- you may end up buying some more boxes instead of toys.

    Unleash your own creativity

    Your children are not the only ones who can be creative and make some interesting things with boxes. You can use them for all kinds of craft projects and improve the functionality and the look of your home. For example, you can use them to make decoupaged cardboard trays, Christmas trees or even a recycled cardboard vase. Also, you can improve the look of your shelves where you are storing your books and make it more interesting. The possibilities are numerous– once you open the door of your creativity, you will certainly find it hard to stop.

    Make use of them when renovating

    In case you are not quite satisfied with the look of your home, you should definitely change it. There are many ways in which you can make it more appealing, but there are things that can cause trouble. And not only this- when you are renovating some part of your home, some items that can be damaged. Those are, for example, vases, paintings, cutlery, crockery, etc. In order to protect them, it is advisable to store them. This is the part where the cardboard boxes come into action. It would certainly be a nice thing if you do not have to pay for them again. So, just make sure everything is properly packed and secured. After that, take them to storage Sudbury and leave them here until all the work is over.

    Movers putting items in a box
    Store some of the items that can be damaged during the renovation process

    As you can see, there is a number of ways for reusing boxes after the move. In case you do not have many boxes, it is advisable to think about the way of reusing them first. On the other hand, if you have a lot of them, you can dispose of them in each of these ways. There is no need to leave them in a garage where their only purpose is to take up the space you need. Therefore, take these pieces of advice into consideration and unleash your creativity. After this, your home will certainly be a more pleasant and roomier place.