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    Include your kids in the unpacking process

    Moving is hard. This is especially true if you are moving with kids. It will take a lot of time for them to adjust to the new home. And if you think that keeping them out of the moving process itself will help you, it will actually not in the long run, because your child will take even longer to adjust. That can be battled by including them in your unpacking process. So, with all that said, we are pleased to present to you, an article on how to include your kids in the unpacking process. All of these are pretty simple to follow and execute so, worry not!

    Make the unpacking process with your kids into a game

    After picking one of the best long distance moving companies Canada and moving to your new home, you will be left in a situation in which your kids do not want to help you with the unpacking process. A great way to bypass this is to make the unpacking process seem like a game. If they see it as something they must do, they will probably feel reluctant to do so. If you make everything into a game, they will not just help you with unpacking, but enjoy the process as well!

    Consider making it a racing game. The first one that unpacks the most boxes is the winner and gets the reward. The reward should be simple in order not to cause issues between them if one gets a valuable prize. However, you need to be careful which boxes to include in the unpacking game. Do not give them any boxes that have breakable items because they may not be as careful as you are if they are racing.

    include your kids in the unpacking process by giving them crayons to draw on empty boxes
    Give your kid crayons and make unpacking fun!

    You can also give them crayons and let them draw on the empty boxes. If they draw one of their favorite characters, cut the eyes out of the cardboard and make it a homemade Halloween mask. Kids love pretending to be their favorite hero and fun activities like this will help them adjust to the new home. They may even meet new kids in the neighborhood who become attracted to their fun games!

     Let them have a say in the whole process

    Your kids probably do not like the whole idea of moving. They have a feeling that they are a part of events they have no control over. If you want them to adjust to the new home quicker, it is important to give them a say in the process. They may have some creative decoration ideas for your new home.

    Teamwork is vital!

    You should also let them decorate their own room, and arrange the furniture as they seem fit. Let them pick the color of their room and the location of their toy box. You may even go further and let them decide where the couch and TV should be in the living room. However, this should be a mutual agreement and they may need some logistic help. Electric outlets are an important part of hooking up technology, so try to explain this to them if they want to put the TV on the windowed wall. So, a mutual agreement is a must in this situation!

    Unpack their rooms first

    The best way to include your kids in the unpacking process is to unpack their rooms first. The racing game is a great thing to do here. If your kids have separate rooms, they can race who will unpack their room faster. After they take the stuff out of the boxes, ask them where they want everything to be and help them arrange that. While the race takes place, you can unpack the kitchen essentials and make dinner, with a special prize for the one that wins the race. The time they spend inside their rooms is a great way to help them adjust to their new surroundings.

    kid's room
    Unpacking their room first is a good idea!

    After they take the things outside the boxes, talk over dinner what way they want to arrange their rooms. They need to have freedom in arranging their own rooms. It will be the place they spend the most time while they are inside the house. So, talk about everything and acknowledge their ideas and put the plan into motion!

    Plan a housewarming party with your kids

    This is another great way to include your kids in the unpacking process. While you are arranging the furniture in their rooms, you can talk about the upcoming housewarming party. Moving and storage Ontario companies suggest that this is one of the best ways to adjust to a new neighborhood and home. You can have your kids plan out some of the activities in the housewarming party and even let them think of some games. Talk to them that this will be a great way to meet new kids in the neighborhood.

    You should also take breaks from unpacking. All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy! Your kids are well aware of this fact and this is why you need to plan more activities than just unpacking. Taking a walk through the neighborhood and finding parks and other recreational areas for your kids will be a great way for them to adjust to your new home.

    Help them keep in touch with their old friends

    This is probably one of the hardest parts of moving as a kid. You will have to wave everyone you have ever known goodbye and set to live your life in another place. This will probably make the child feel sad and it is vital to help them stay in touch. As a thoughtful parent, you have probably written down the phone number of their friends. If they are old enough to have social media such as Facebook, your assistance may not even be needed, but make sure to offer assistance if the need arises.


    You need to be thoughtful about how to approach this sensitive topic. Moving is a difficult process and it will leave your child experiencing feelings they had never experienced before. So make sure to lend a hand in adjusting!