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    International Moving

    As the size and distance of the move increases so does the overall complexity of the task ahead. And the best solution is to hire experienced and professional international movers. Neeley’s Van and Storage is one such company, with moving experience dating back 72 years. And as a founding member of United Van Lines Canada, we implement the most modern of standards used in the moving industry. We handle both residential and commercial relocation needs, no matter the size or distance. We have all the clearances and certification needed to conduct a full-service international moving project. And we also offer packing and storage services to cover all bases of the moving process.


    What are the requirements of international moving?

    International moving companies such as ours need to be able to provide premium moving services to clients. And the way we do this is by using all resources in a smart and efficient manner. Over the course of our existence as a moving company, we have learned the importance of certain factors:

    1. Well-trained and knowledgeable moving crews
    2. Modern and well-maintained equipment
    3. Professional affiliations within the moving industry

    The expert movers behind a successful international moving venture

    The thing is that no matter how good the tools, you still need someone to operate them. And this is where the role of experienced international movers comes into play. Neeley’s Van and Storage definitely appreciates this fact and puts quite the effort into hiring only reliable and skillful movers. In addition to this, we constantly train our moving crews. We aim to keep them informed and aware of any current trends relevant to our industry. By doing this, we ensure that they are prepared for any potential international moving issue, and are quick to find a suitable solution.

    The equipment used for moving is still important

    You might say that the role of movers sums up about 70% of the relocation success. The other 30% goes towards the equipment they use for getting the job done. We here at Neeley’s recognize the importance of providing our crews with the highest-quality tools for the job. International moving is hard enough for both company and client as it is. So there is no need to make it harder by not being willing to invest in the quality of the work.

    A founding part of United Van Lines Canada

    Neeley’s Van and Storage is the only company in the greater Sudbury area that is a member of United Van Lines Canada. In fact, Neeley’s is one of the first companies to participate in the creation of United Van Lines Canada, who are a leading influence in the Canadian moving industry today. It is with years of high-quality moving and storage services that we contributed to this. And it is this valuable affiliation that adds to our status as top-level international movers Canada.

    International moving professionals from Sudbury make it easy for you

    Whatever segment of your international move you’re undertaking, our expert personnel offers to help you from the very beginning to the very end. Which means we offer to move your entire household, one room at a time! Letting you relax and enjoy the international moving process. It depends on your requirements what kind of moving services you will use. We offer to do everything we can to ensure a secure relocation. Or we can do only one part of your international relocation , if you prefer. You get to choose about our level of involvement. One thing is for sure – by hiring us, you are purchasing security and safety. Because, looking at all international movers Canada offers, we are among the very top of those taking care of safety for our customers and clients. 

    Hereby, we will talk about two kinds of services you can expect hiring our international moving professionals, depending on what you might need:

    • Residential Relocation- When moving your home abroad, we have the international moving services with the best quality for such a job.
    • Commercial Moving- Move your office safely. Put that demanding job into the safe hands of out-of-country relocation specialists Sudbury.

    Commercial relocation with the help of international moving services Sudbury

    Besides residential relocations, our professionals for migration abroad are specialized in moving your offices and your whole business. Certainly, we have qualified workforce specifically trained for particular requirements of international office relocations. So for more complicated commercial moving abroad, we have especially versed experts to cope with all problems that might appear. Therefore, putting your office relocation over the border into the hands of Neeley’s Van and Storage means taking care of having it done safely and efficiently.

    Some of international commercial moving services we conduct are:

    • Moving businesses- Our international moving professionals for commercial relocation take care of every little detail connected to your relocation of whole business.
    • Office relocation- All of your belongings are safe while being moved internationally.

    Hire international movers Ontario to help with your residential relocation

    You do the packing, arrange the transportation and buy the plane tickets to your new destination. What could possibly go wrong, right? Well, you probably never moved before, or know someone who moved internationally before. Since, if you at least knew someone who conducted at least long distance relocation, you would have known how many troubles there are. However, with our help, you can easily avoid such troubles.

    This is why we suggest you get in touch with our company and receive an offer for your relocation abroad shortly. We take care of not exceeding your moving budget. In accordance with this, we shall make a plan for your relocation to have all the comfort along the way, but staying within the limits of the budget for your move out of Canada. Or to Canada from another country. Here are the international moving services we offer:

    • Creating a moving plan What stands behind every well-conducted job? A good plan!
    • Packing/unpacking services- You don’t have the time, or you just prefer someone else to do everything? We have experts for packing and unpacking services at your disposal.
    • Transportation and customs clearance– Your belongings are safe with the international movers Ontario taking care of them being transported in the right manner, and crossing borders with no troubles.
    • Storage solutions- If having a need to store your items for a while, we offer different kinds of storage solutions.
    • Special services- Additional services not fitting into our basic offer for international relocation. Such as moving some special belongings you might have.

    International moving plan is essential for successful relocation

    We have the experience of many decades in conducting relocations abroad. No matter if talking about moving abroad to Canada, or out of it. This is why our experienced Canadian international moving professionals know what kind of difficulties you might face along the way. To avoid the most or all of them, we suggest you contact us. We shall check on what kind of relocation you plan on taking. Learning about all the special features connected to it. So we shall be able to create a good strategy for your relocation.

    Of course, we will do all of this together with you. Respecting all the special requirements you might have. And taking into consideration the moving budget you set for your international relocation. Your satisfaction is the first and the most important thing to our company. We are looking not only to satisfy your needs but to exceed them. This is exactly why our international movers from Ontario pay so much attention to every detail of your move.

    The processes of packing and unpacking

    It is not important why you choose international movers Ontario to conduct the packing or the unpacking. You could have the lack of time to do that. Some of your items might require special attention. Whatever might be the reason, our experts are there for you. Neeley’s Van and Storage has developed the customer’s service fitting all the needs you might have. Plus, what you get by our specially trained personnel guarantees your safety and the international relocation with the smile on your face. Your satisfaction is our main goal.

    We offer to conduct the packing for your relocation completely or help you with it. If you want to save money packing by yourself, you could hire us only for packing those items requiring particular attention so they wouldn’t break or damage during the relocation. Or to help you with disassembling your furniture and appliances. Given that our experienced professionals know how to do all parts of the packing process, no matter how difficult your relocation could appear to be. We suggest you should hire Japanese international relocation specialists at least to help you with the packing. You don’t want to arrive at your new home abroad and realize that some of your belongings are ruined because you didn’t pack them properly.

    After you relocate, our experts for international relocation from Canada can quickly unpack your boxes and reassemble your furniture and appliances. It looks like an easy and simple job. But imagine how tired you will be after such a long trip and after such a difficult venture as international relocation. That is why paying a little more could be a great option, knowing that, after you wake up, you can start your new life immediately. Getting to know your new neighbors, instead of unpacking and reassembling- your belongings.

    Transportation by international movers Ontario

    This is the actual relocation process. Moving internationally out of Ontario or to it takes an experience and the know-how. Because it takes a lot of planning to realize what is the best option for transportation. You could transport everything by airplane, and get all your items as soon as you get into your new home. But it could appear to be a too expensive solution for you. Otherwise, you could choose to travel by boat and to ship your belongings over the sea. It would be a lot less expensive solution. But your items could be late for weeks or even months.

    That is where our international home moving professionals from Canada step up. We have the experience helping us to quickly realize what would be the optimal solution for the transportation of your items for the international relocation. Saving your money. And not forcing you to wait for your belongings for an unreasonable period of time.

    Besides this, we have the know-how and the workforce for customs clearance services. So you will be informed since the very beginning what belongings you might experience troubles with crossing the borders. And we shall take care of the documentation and all processes connected to customs clearance. Putting your personal belongings in our hands means ending up with holding them in your hands after you enter your new home abroad!

    Neeley’s Van and Storage – Storage Services

    The landlord could cancel the rent before you relocate. Your new home could be unprepared to receive your items for a week or two after you relocate. Or you could have the idea of traveling for a while before you change the country etc. You could be searching for a warehouse solution. This is exactly why we decided to implement storage services into our business. So now, when you hire our professionals for international relocation from Canada, you can count on full service. Having an option of keeping your items safe into our warehouse units.

    We offer to take special care of those belongings that might need it. Also, you can opt to hire our storage services for a short-term or long-term.  Neeley’s Van and Storage is there to fit your needs. Hence, we do all in our power to provide you with the top quality of storage solutions, offering full services, and being flexible with the duration of using our warehousing facilities. 

    Additional services for international migration

    Everything that does not come into our basic package for moving abroad comes into the package of extra services. And here we implemented almost everything that might be your requirement. Based on the experience of our professionals with so many people they relocated across the borders. The thing we recommend you do is to contact us before your relocation. So hereby we are advising you the same thing as in the beginning of the article, the plan is essential.

    By contacting us before your relocation, you are making sure to have all your needs solved in advance. In terms of making a strategy how to conduct moving internationally for you, your family your items and all special details connected to it. Such as, for example, moving pianos, animals etc. Our personnel for international migrations in Canada has that much experience that even if something they had never done before appears, they will be able to find a solution for it in no time.