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    Living room renovation ideas

    The living room is an essential part of every house. You spend most of your time in the living room and you entertain your friends and family here. Therefore, your living room must look presentable. However, it is hard to start with renovations. Some things might seem too expensive or you do not know where to start, but do not worry. If you keep reading, you can find the best living room renovation ideas. You can apply some of them or even all of them to make your living room look even better than before.

    Reason to renovate

    There are several reasons why you would wish to renovate your living room.

    • You grew tired of your living room
    • The living room is not modern anymore
    • You wish to sell the house so you need to raise its market value
    • The style of your living room does not fit with the rest of the house

    Whatever the reason might be for renovation, you have the same goal, to make your living room look better. If you are renovating because you wish to move, you should read about moving and storage Ontario. They will help you with the moving process.

    Living room renovation ideas

    As it might be hard to start renovating, you can try changing something small at first. If you seem to like the whole process, you can change the look of the whole room. You might want to store some things as you will be adding the new decorations. If you do not have the place to store them, you can check out storage units Ontario. It is always a shame to throw your things because you never know when you will use them again.

    The color

    One of the living room renovation ideas we have for you is the new look of your walls. What is the best way to make a drastic change, you might be wondering? It is a new color. You can paint your wall in some eye-catching color, for example, red. You can even go with a basic color. The white color might seem boring, but you can make a quite impact with this color. Additionally, it will make your living room to look classic and timeless. Then you can be more playful with decorations.

    Living room renovation ideas - white walls
    Living room renovation ideas – white walls

    Pick a theme

    Next on the list of living room renovation ideas is choosing a theme for your living room. If you are not sure what you want to achieve with this renovation, how about picking a dominant theme? This will help you in choosing the right decorations and the overall items for your living room. You can go with traditional style, tropical theme or any other you like. If for example choose a tropical theme, then you should go with a lot of green, orange, and with wooden decorations. If you are interested in renovating a whole house, you can read remodeling a home on a budget here as well.


    Greenery is always on every list of living room renovation ideas. Not only you can use plants for decorative purposes, but they have another benefit as well. Many plants purify the air from pollution and radiation. Again, you can choose plants or flowers that will go best with your theme. The orchids will look amazing with white walls, for example. Greenery is a must if you want to make your living room into a tropical oasis. You can read how to make your apartment eco-friendlier here as well.

    Get interesting seating

    If you wish to make your living room more interesting, buy a good piece of seating. You can always go with an armchair that does not match with the rest of seating in color. The comfy seating is always in trend. You can put it is a corner of your living room. That way, you can have a comfortable reading area.

    Interesting armchair
    Interesting armchair

    Conceal your TV

    One of the interesting living room renovation ideas is to conceal your TV. How you can do it? Bifold-panel painting hides your television behind beautiful pieces of art. This way, if you are going with traditional or antique style, you can make your living room look like it stepped out of the 19th century.

    A shag rug

    Every living room needs a rug. You can be quite creative when you choose a rug for your living room. A shag rug has become quite trendy for the last couple of years and for a good reason. Not only does it come in many colors and patterns, but it is comfortable as well. You will not regret buying one of these. It will be an interesting detail if you wish to sell your house. If you are currently looking for a house, you can read what to look for in a new house.

    Hang a chandelier

    You can choose just one piece to stand out. A large beautiful chandelier can transform your plain room into a glamorous one. Additionally, the chandelier especially goes well with white walls.

    Exposed Brick

    If you do not know what to do with your wall, and you do not like the idea of wallpapers, here is a solution. You can have exposed brick wall in one part of your living room. It will be an interesting detail. You can add some statement art to make the whole room a lot more lively. 

    Exposed brick wall for your living room
    Exposed brick wall for your living room


    Here you can show your playful side. Play with patterns and do not be afraid to mix them. You can choose pillows with intricate patterns or blankets that will add color to your living room. This will help you if you want to decorate your room in a boho style. Also, if you opt for white walls, you can lift the atmosphere of your living room with a few patterned pillows. You can also raise the market value of your home with the eye-catching details.


    Last on our list of living room renovation ideas is a bookshelf. You can choose traditional bookshelves and paint them in bold colors. However, you can buy a bookshelf with an interesting design. Additionally, you can put a comfy seating next to it and have real reading heaven.


    If you want to change the look of your living room, do not hesitate. You can choose one of our living room ideas. Your living room will look spectacular afterward, and you can show your new room for your friends and family.