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    Most affordable GTA housing options

    For some people, having their own home has become a matter of prestige. The situation on a real estate market is constantly changing and it is necessary to keep a close track of it. When it comes to real estate market in GTA area, there has been a huge increase in the past year. For instance, if we would compare an average price you should pay for a house last year and this year, we could see that the rates go up to 17%. However, even the situation is drastically different, it seems that even more people are searching for the most affordable GTA housing options. The search is supposed to bring them closer to the most perfect home. Although the search is not the easiest one, it is still possible to find places in this area which are both affordable and of high quality.

    First stop, set up a budget

    Before you begin with any serious search, it is necessary to make an agreement about certain things regarding the moving. One of those is to determine the exact moving budget. Since moving can sometimes be pricey, depending on what kind of moving you require, and whether some special services are involved, and how far you are moving to, as well as how many items you have packed, it is quite important to be clear how much you are willing to spend for the relocation. If you are moving with a family, then organize a family meeting. During the meeting see what each family member has on their mind. If the budget allows, make sure to include their wishes into the overall budget calculations.

    Setting up a budget
    It is quite important to be clear about the budget.

    Be flexible but do not step away too much

    As we said, setting the budget is one of the initial and one of the most important things to do when one prepares for a move. However, there might always be some unpredicted circumstances. To properly prepare for them, we suggest you create a separate budget just in case. Therefore, put aside a certain amount of money. Keep in mind that you should use it only in case of the utmost emergency.

    Furthermore, during the search if you see some property which checks all the boxes from your and your family’s wish lists, but it costs too much, which means that you would go over the budget, put all the pros and cons on a piece of a paper and make a careful assessment of each and every aspect.

    This should give you a good guess whether this particular real estate is worth investing more money. If not, you should keep searching for something else. After all, the Canadian Rental Housing Index shows that during the course of 5 years from 2011-2016, there have been around 750,000 new households created. The estimates show that the half of this number were those who rented the place. Your budget will tell you in which category you will fall into most likely.

    Turn to professionals for help

    Since the search for affordable GTA housing might take a long time, you might want to consider making the process shorter. In order to do that, and in case you need an organized moving to Ontario, then look for moving companies which operate in this area and see what they can do for you. Present them with the wish list you had previously compiled. Also, inform them about your budget and wait for their suggestions. Now, keep in mind that just because they suggested you something, it doesn’t mean that you should agree on everything. Because it is your relocation we are talking about it is alright that you wish for an option which is close enough to perfect.

    a person working on a computer
    Turn to professionals to help you find an affordable GTA housing.

    Where to look for most affordable GTA housing?

    Although your budget might limit you, with a little bit of a thorough research and a help of a professional moving company from Toronto, we are sure you will be able to find a piece of heaven for you. Here are some ideas on where to look first.

    Older buildings as an option

    We know that old doesn’t’ really sound too tempting. However, these older buildings might prove to be a good option for you in your search for affordable GTA housing options. One of the advantages of apartments in these older buildings is that they belong to career landlords who are mostly involved in the process of maintaining these objects. Furthermore, there are pretty good chances that you would find a bit bigger space for somewhat less money. That is something you should consider.

    Save some money on apartments in buildings which are not yet finished

    in order to pull out something like this, you will have to be patient. You will probably have to wait for some time until you are able to move to the apartment. However, before that moment comes, you won’t have to pay a full price. Furthermore, you could probably save your pretty penny if you opt for this solution. Most investors and apartment owners offer their tenants the option of paying early move-in rent. There is also a good chance to pay less for certain amenities you would normally have to pay more. So, if you are ready to put up with the noise and all the fuss related to constructions, then you will save more money.

    construction workers
    Check out apartments in the buildings which are not yet finished.

    Also, if you do go for this option, but you don’t have enough place to put everything until all is done, you could consider hiring a service of moving and storage Ontario. This way, you won’t make a clutter in your new home. Moreover, you will be able to make a better organization of the home.