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    Most stressful moving activities and handling them

    When you’re moving for the first time, you probably can’t even imagine how much nerves can this process cost you. If you aren’t the relocation rookie, you may think that second time around will be much easier. Unfortunately, it won’t since every relocation has its own features and obstacles. There are a few stressful moving activities that can make your blood boil in the instance. Still, when you prepare for them and take steps to release the tension that they are bringing, you can decrease the relocation stress altogether.

    Know what you getting yourself in to

    In order to handle stressful moving activities, you first have to know what they are. You have to take a look at your relocation and see all the moving tasks in front of you. It’s important not to forget any of them. What better way to keep your relocation organized than to make a moving checklist.
    It is the best way to ensure that you haven’t overlooked any important feature of your moving.

    Moving tasks that await you:

    • Finding a new place to live
    • Setting the moving budget
    • Hiring a moving company
    • Setting the moving day date
    • Finding a new home
    • Making packing plan and schedule
    • Giving the notice to your landlord or selling your current home
    • Noticing everyone important to you about your move
    • Cutting off/transferring your utilities
    • Cleaning your current home and the new one
    • Determining the travel plan to your new home

    As you can see, there are plenty of choirs that relocation brings. So it’s no wonder why moving is one of the most stressful life events.

    And that is only if you’re moving alone. If you’re relocating with children, add finding the suitable family neighborhood, locating an ideal new school and preparing your kids for the move to this list.

    The most stressful moving activities

    With so many moving tasks, it’s hard to determine exactly which ones are the most stressful moving activities. That also varies from person to person and the subject feel. Still, there are three moving tasks that spike the stress levels in the majority of people.

    Determining the moving budget

    Making a moving budget is never entertaining. First, you have to list all the moving tasks and asses how much will each of them cost you. That means that you will have to research the living expenses in the new city, quotes of the moving companies, the prices of packing supplies, how much the travel arrangements will cost you, etc.

    The list goes on and on, so you can see why this can become a very stressful task. If you have no clue how to determine the moving costs, it’s not a bad idea to get a free online estimate. Surely, it won’t reflect how much your actual moving cost will be, but it can get you some general idea.

    Women calculating the moving cost, which is one of the most stressful moving activities.
    Every expense that comes to mind, you should include in your moving budget, no matter how small it is.

    Finding the best moving company

    There are some scary moving stories that can make you nervous when you want to hire assistance for your relocation. Unfortunately, there are many moving scams and sneaky fraudulent companies that wait to exploit your trust.

    Nevertheless, hiring a moving company is the only way to have a stress free move. The key is to find a reliable and reputable one. Researching long distance moving companies Canada has to offer may cost you some time, but it’s crucial to ensure the safety of your relocation. When you make the right choice, your movers will make your life so much easier.

    Packing is definitely one of the most stressful moving activities

    Just an idea that you have to pack your entire household into boxes is enough to make you feel overwhelmed. Without a doubt, packing is one of the most stressful moving activities. It takes so much of your time, focus and hard work. Try to make it easier by setting realistic packing goals. If this task is nerve-wracking for you, you can purchase additional packing service from your movers. When you’re moving budget allows it, that is always the easiest and most effective solution.

    Figurine made of cardboard
    Don’t let the packing overwhelm you.

    How to cope with the most stressful moving activities

    It’s not so easy to avoid stress while relocating. You will have so much on your plate that your brain will be constantly in overdrive mode. It’s hard to just switch replaying all the moving tasks that you have to do. Still, there are ways that can help you relax and take a breather during this process. That is really necessary if you wish to have a successful relocation.

    Get out of your head

    It isn’t easy to relax when you have so many things to do lingering above you. Take a deep breath and take a step out of the chaos of the relocation process. Every time when you feel that moving tasks are crushing on you, get a break from them.

    Go for a walk, play sports, hit the gym, have drinks with your friends. See a movie, read a book or even take a spa day or a weekend vacation. Do anything that relaxes you and makes you content. Fun activities you enjoy and relaxation will prevent you from obsessing about relocation.

    Woman at the park breathing deeply
    It’s important to allow yourself to have a break every time that moving tasks get too stressful to handle.

    Hire help

    The best way to cope with the most stressful moving activities will be to transfer them into the capable hands of professionals. By hiring one of the best moving companies Ontario has to offer will diminish your stress level significantly.

    You won’t have to think about the stressful moving activities that moving day brings, because your movers will do them instead of you. There’s no worrying about loading the moving truck properly or the dangers that await you on the road.

    Spend time with your loved ones

    If you’re moving far away, take every chance to spend quality time with your family and friends. That will take your mind off the stressful moving activities. Also, it will be beneficial for your emotional state.

    Surely, you will maintain contact with your loved ones on a regular basis, but how often will you have the chance to see them in person? Don’t let the relocation tasks keep you away from the last moments with your loved ones before the move. Delegate them to professionals, and unwind by hanging out with the people you love the most.