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    Moving a hot tub – DIY or professional help?

    Would you like to keep your Jacuzzi when you move to your new home? This is possible with the right help and some hard work. However, whether you should do it yourself is another question. Check out our guide on moving a hot tub to a new home and see if you should let the pros handle it or take care of it yourself.

    How to move a hot tub?

    Moving a hot tub is a painfully long process which requires at least four people, special tools, and patience. You’ll need to complete a series of tasks to prepare your tub for the relocation. And do them again (just in opposite order) when you arrive at your new home. The good news is that most hot tubs come with instructions on how to disconnect and drain them. The bad news, however, is that even with the manual, the process is hard and long.

    Disconnect it

    The first step in moving your Jacuzzi is to disconnect it. Pull it out of the electrical socket and stop the water from coming in the tub. Even with the tubs in the ground, there should be an easy way to do this. It’s important you do this before everything else! Some hot tubs are connected to a valve in your house, so you might need to close that to successfully disconnect your tub.

    Drain it

    Drain your hot tub following the instruction provided in the manual. Make sure you read them carefully and follow them. Don’t risk damaging your hot tub, but also don’t risk damaging your home. This is a lot of water we’re talking about. Make sure you don’t drain it in your room. If you have an indoor tub, you might consider using a hose to transfer the water out of your home.

    A drain of a hot tub swallowing water.
    Before moving a hot tub, drain it.

    Clean it

    Once your tub is properly disconnected and drained, you can clean it. Give it a thorough scrub on the outside as well as the inside. Cleaning your tub again once you arrive at your new home is also very important. Make sure you do it before you connect it again.

    Check out your route

    Carrying such a large and bulky object will be very difficult. In order to do it safely, you’ll need a lot of equipment. You can use dollies or rolling trays, just make sure the hot tub is secured to it firmly. Another thing to keep in mind is the route you must take to the moving truck. Consider this when you’re picking the equipment for the job. Shoulder dollies might be more useful then rolling trays if there aren’t any flat surfaces on the way to the moving truck.

    A floor plan of a house used to plan a route when moving a hot tub.
    Plan the route you’ll take to the moving truck.

    Take special care

    Moving any heavy object is very dangerous. If you lift it wrong, you can get injured rather seriously. You should be very careful when moving a hot tub. Keep a first aid kit within reach on the moving day. Another good idea is to secure the surface you’ll be walking on when moving the tub. Remove any moving rugs, avoid stairs and slippery tiles.

    Should you DIY?

    Our advice is no. Moving a hot tub is exhausting and time-consuming, especially for someone who’s not an experienced mover.  We suggest you steer clear of it, but if you do try it, at least do it with help. Apart from this, you should also know how to lift an object properly to avoid strain. This will help you prevent any injury.

    Other reasons why you shouldn’t do it:

    • Dangerous – moving something of that size is very dangerous indeed. But the even bigger danger comes from not handling the hot tub properly. If you make a small mistake while you’re draining or disconnecting it, you can damage your home or your person.
    • Tricky – disconnecting and reconnecting, moving a hot tub without damaging it, these are all tricky tasks. You can damage the tub while trying to figure it out.
    • No worth it – because of all the issues, relocating a hot tub by yourself may not be worth it. You risk injury and damage to the tub. If you decide you won’t hire professional help when relocating your tub it might not be worth it move it at all.
    A bandage for someone who got hurt moving a hot tub.
    Don’t risk injury by trying to move a hot tub by yourself.

    Whether you decide to ask for help or invest your sweat and tears in moving the tub, there are some situations where you definitively shouldn’t do it. The most common situation is if you need long distance moving services in Canada. Moving a plunge bath by yourself over long distances is something you shouldn’t consider doing.

    Hire professional help when moving a hot tub

    The first and the most important reason you should hire professional help is that the pros are experienced. They move a lot of people every week, and they know how to do the job quickly. Apart from this, the pros have the best equipment and the best packaging supplies in Sudbury. You would need to spend money on equipment the pros already have. Also, you might have trouble using it, while they’re using it every day. In addition to this, professional movers can guarantee the safety of your item, which is more than you can say for you and your friends.

    So, instead of risking your back or those of your friends, you can decide to get professional assistance when moving a hot tub. Most reliable movers know how to relocate such items. You can call Neeley’s Van & Storage to help with your next move, and we’ll rise to the occasion. Our teams are experienced in moving special items such as hot tubs, and they’ll finish the job without wasting your time.