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    Moving an elderly parent – how to do it with ease

    Moving home is a challenging and tiring process, especially if the person moving is a senior. When moving an elderly parent you want to make sure that the relocation goes smoothly. You have to minimize the stress level and tend to their health. It’s particularly difficult for seniors to leave their longtime home and move into a new one. They can get emotional for leaving since they are emotionally attached to their home. Also, they need help with packing, cleaning, carrying boxes, etc. Read on and find out how to facilitate this process so that your parents would move with ease.

    Plan your relocation when moving an elderly parent

    Relocation is a complex process that requires thorough research and a lot of work. First, you should calculate the moving budget. This involves packing and moving services, storage facilities, additional insurance, extra services, etc. Plan for any special or valuable objects you must move. Bear in mind that the time of your relocation will also influence the price. It’s important to choose the best time to move. If you don’t have a fixed relocation date, you should pick an off-season period when the prices are lower. Research moving companies and ask for an in-house moving estimate. Clean your parent’s old home and strategize the packing process. Relocation doesn’t have to be a nightmare but you have to be prepared for it. In this way, you will know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the move.

    Choose a reliable moving company

    Finding experienced movers when moving an elderly parent is crucial. A reliable moving company will safely transport your possessions and meet all your needs. Local movers Ontario offer full-service moving and provide help during the entire moving process. If you are moving an elderly parent this is particularly important, since it is most likely that you will need some additional help.

    Experienced movers are crucial when moving an elderly parent.
    Research moving company and find reliable, experienced professionals when moving an elderly parent

    Professional movers can help you pack the majority of their belongings – they will provide packing materials and label the boxes. Make sure to do thorough research before hiring a particular company. Check whether a moving company has a license and offers insurance. Ask friends and family for recommendations, check specialized moving websites, read customer reviews and previously submitted complaints. This will help you make an informed decision. But, if you decide to pack the items yourself, don’t forget to purchase the necessary supplies.

    Declutter before moving an elderly parent

    Before you start packing for relocation, it’s important to go through all your parent’s possessions and organize them. Next, you will have to decide which items you want to bring into the new home. This is one of the most stressful moving activities. Keep in mind that this process will last for a couple of weeks, so start well in time. Ask yourself whether large pieces of furniture will fit into your parent’s new home. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to buy new furniture than to transport old, heavy items. Once you start going through the closet, divide the clothes into three piles – toss, donate, keep.

    How to decide what to toss?

    Remember to keep in mind your parent’s emotions during this process. The “stuff” you’re organizing is your parent’s personal belongings, memories filled with emotion. If there are pieces of clothing that haven’t been worn for a long time, don’t fit anymore or aren’t in good condition, there is no point in keeping them. The same applies to other items such as old magazines, books, toys, shoes, gadgets. Select the items you can sell on eBay or organize a yard sale. Also, pick the things you want to donate – whether that’s clothes, lightly used books or school supplies, there are people who will appreciate them.

    Rent a storage unit if necessary

    People usually rent a storage facility when they are moving or redecorating their homes. Movers Ontario offer great storage space where you can safely store your items. When moving an elderly parent, getting rid of some items can be the most difficult part of the relocation. Seniors usually have a lot of objects they keep simply because they remind them of a certain person or situation. They become emotionally attached to these possessions and hoard them.

    Rent a storage unit when moving an elderly parent.
    Renting storage units is very common during relocation.

    If they aren’t ready to toss or give away certain items, you can leave them in a storage facility. In this way, you will give them time to decide what they want to do with these belongings. Make a list of things you want to store because this will determine the size and price of your storage unit. Finally, check which things are prohibited to store or ask your movers to advise you.

    Help your parents settle into the new home

    Once the move is done and your loved ones are in their new home, you should help them adjust to this change. Moving an elderly parent involves preparing the new home for their specific needs. This might include placing a ramp outside the front door, adding a bath stool or installing a walk-in tub. Spend time with your parents in the new place, especially in the first few weeks after the move. They might feel nostalgic or anxious, and your presence will help them get accustomed to their new home.

    Be supportive of your parents during the move.
    Moving an elderly parent involves a lot of planning and preparation


    Proper preparation for the relocation is crucial, especially if you are moving an elderly parent. You want to ensure an easy transition for your loved one. That is why it’s important to find help – this will facilitate and accelerate the move. You can ask your friends to help you or hire professionals who will pack and transport your possessions to the new location. If you have some special handling instruction, need additional services or want to rent a storage unit, make sure to tell that to your movers. Finally, pay attention to your parent’s feelings and help them get accustomed to their new home.