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    Moving day survival kit – don’t leave without it

    Your moving day is almost here? If you want to avoid panic, make sure that you have a moving day survival kit. You really should not forget any of these things.

    Make a survival checklist

    Always have some checklist, because it is easier to follow it step by step. When you are planning your moving, think about all the tasks, you need to finish and put it on a paper. If you write them down, you will carry it easier. Just put that piece of paper in your pocket. Basically, you will put everything you can think about in this checklist. Maybe you need a few lists so make as many lists as you need. When moving day comes, you probably won’t be able to remember everything you need to do. This is a perfect way to make sure you are not forgetting anything. It is also nice stress relief. You will see, you’ll feel great every time you finish a task and cross it out.

    Moving day survival kit

    Every moving day survival kit should be packed in a suitcase or a bag that you will carry. You will need these things when the moving day comes. Therefore, your survival kit should have:

    1. Cell phone – make sure that you have a cell with you, in case you need to call somebody or check something online. Check if your battery is charged, as well.
    2. Documents – this includes your ID or everything else you may need along the way.
    3. Painkillers – we are not saying that a moving will cause you a headache for sure, but… Let us admit that all that stress can get to you. So, the worst thing is that in all that commotion you don’t have at least an aspirin nearby.
    4. Keys – from the old and new place.
    5. Extra shirt – you will probably do some heavy lifting or if not, you can get dirty. In any case, bring extra clothes so you can easily change. You will not have to search among boxes and unpack them. This is one of the things people usually forget.
    6. Wet wipes – they have multiple uses. Always have at least a small pack with you.

    Family-friendly survival kit

    Bring whatever you need for your normal daily routine. Every moving day will disturb your everyday habits. Try to prepare your family for moving day. This is especially important with families with children. Besides your basic survival kit, you will need one for your kids as well. You need to bring them some toys or games to keep them busy. If they are amused and calm, you will be much calmer, too. Nowadays, your biggest ally is a laptop or tablet. You can bring some movies or cartoons and games, so they will be amused for quite a while. If you belong to a group of parents who don’t like this way of fun for their kids, make an exception. This is only for a day. Do not forget water, juice and some snacks for your kids. They are a lot angrier when they are hungry.

    How to pack your moving day survival kit?

    Because you will need many essentials for the moving day and your first day in the new house, you need a smart way to pack.

    An old brown suitcase
    Don’t leave without your survival kit!


    Firstly, take a box that you will transport yourself. You don’t want to wait for the movers to unload your essentials. Keep your moving day survival kit always nearby. Of course, if you need some help or advice, the best is to ask your movers. Still, they do this for a living. You can always get answers from professional movers Ontario. Do not hesitate to ask everything you need to know. It is better to try to avoid mistakes during this commonly stressful day.


    This box must include your coffee maker. If you are a coffee lover, you know you’ll need this, especially on a moving day.

    Don’t forget to eat something. In all that commotion people forget to eat and they feel a lot stressful and tired. If you don’t want to make a mess or lose time to prepare food, have some take out. When you finish you will just throughout leftover cardboard plates and plastic cutlery.

    Bring a toilet paper, soap, and a few towels. When you move in you will have your moving day survival kit – box to start with. Also, bring some linen and covers so if it is too late to unpack you can just go to sleep. Children will be too tired as well. You will need from the bathroom: toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant.

    A brush, foam and blue bottle with shampoo
    Make sure to include toiletries, toilet paper, and towels to your survival kit.

    If you hired a moving company, check what kind of services they provide. Maybe they have packing service as well. This will make your move a lot easier. Always is a difference depending on the place you live in. Read some experiences and reviews from other people, when you are deciding. You have, for example, moving services Sudbury whom you can ask for advice and a full service that includes packing as well.

    Tool essentials

    It doesn’t matter if you hired professional movers, you need to have some basic tools. Every moving day means the use of tools. Basic packing tools are scissors, pocketknife or scalpel. They are useful for packing and unpacking. There are screwdrivers, hammer, nails and tape measure. Many consider electronic chargers as a necessity too. We all know this is one of the first things you will need in your new home. You will have to charge your cell, laptop or something else that you cannot live without.


    Wooden box wit tools on top for moving day survival kit
    You will need basic packing tools for the moving day

    Cleaning supplies

    Moving day means a lot of mess and dust everywhere. Make sure that you bring basic cleaning supplies. You will surely have to clean when your movers finish unloading or unpacking. Bring something to wash your bathroom and toilet quickly, so you can use it freely later on.