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    Moving during holidays – good or bad idea?

    Choosing a specific time to move is usually a good thing. However, you’ll need to decide which time suits you best. Keep in mind that moving during holidays has a lot of advantages. But, since nothing is perfect, the choice to move in the holiday season may not be perfect for you. Read our article and find out!


    As with any relocation, planning is the key to success. So, if you want your moving during holidays to work out, you’ll need to carefully plan. First of all, you’ll need to decide whether you absolutely need to move or not. Next, plan your moving-related activities. The more you plan ahead, the easier the process will be. Make sure you have a good idea of all the things you’ll need to do for your move. Then, make a list of tasks in order of priority and difficulty. You should tackle the most important and the most difficult tasks first. This way, you’ll have enough time to take care of everything. Finally, after careful planning and deciding, and once you’ve decided that you’ll move, you should contact the best moving and storage Ontario company. If you’re still not sure that relocating in the holiday season is the thing for you, check out the advantages and the disadvantages of such a move.

    Pros of moving during holidays

    There are many advantages to a holiday move. Keep in mind that not all of them will be perfect for you particularly, but they can still make your relocation easier. When moving you should keep in mind a few challenges you’ll encounter and you should think of how likely they are to hinder ор help you when moving during holidays.

    The timing

    This is one of the strongest pros for relocating in the holiday season. The timing is a bit tricky, with all the holiday planning, present shopping, and the generally laid-back atmosphere. However, because of all these reasons, many people will avoid moving during holidays. This can give you a critical advantage. Since the moving company’s trucks will be idle, you’ll likely be able to hire them for a fraction of their usual price. This is especially good if you need long distance movers Ontario for your relocation needs. If this isn’t a great enough reason to wait for the holidays to relocate, we don’t know what is! Besides, with many movers just sitting around, not doing anything, you’re likely to get the best moving crew the company has.

    Moving during holiday advantage: the timing
    Timing may be perfect to move!

    Saving resources

    As we mentioned before, one reason to move during the holidays is to reduce your budget. However, relocating at this time may save you further resources. Since the moving company’s prices will be lower, you can freely request more than just moving services from them. Thus, for example, if you need storage services Sudbury for your move, you will save money if you decide on moving during holidays.


    Your family may be a great help or a terrible hindrance during your move. This depends on their age as well as on their enthusiasm to help. However, if your family members are too young, then a relocation during the holiday season will help you a lot. While they are all wrapped up in the holiday atmosphere, you can get all the work done without anyone bothering you.

    A nice DIY gift
    Make sure that your family has a Christmas even though you’re moving.

    Another pro to moving during holidays is that all your wider family will have to offer help in a way. If you ask them to crash at their place for a few days, no one can say no when it’s Christmas. Now, even though this is not the best of solutions, you should at least know that you have it as an option.

    Finally, having family with you when you’re moving can be a very good thing! They can help you in many ways, offer moral support if nothing else, and most importantly, they can be there to help you with the emotional struggles of a move.

    No holiday expectations

    Even though this is not the most important advantage, it’s still our favorite. With you move is to happen during the holidays, you’ll have to tone down your usual holiday shenanigans. Why would you decorate your home when you’ll be moving in a few days. This liberates you from doing too much work preparing for the season. So, instead of calling everyone, you can use that you’re moving during the holidays to send everyone a simple card you’ve made. If you’re not sure how to do it, here are 23 DIY Christmas cards you can make in under an hour.

    The cons

    Unfortunately, there are a number of cons associated with moving in the holiday season. Since nothing is perfect, you’ll have to decide which outweighs the other – the advantages or the disadvantages.

    • the timing (again) – if you’re into lowering your moving costs or not having to wait on the movers to schedule a date for you, then moving during holidays is an awful timing for you. You’ll not get to enjoy the wonderful holiday atmosphere and all the fun rituals we do then.
    • school – if you have children of school age, they might not be too happy about leaving all their friends in the middle of the school year. It may take some extra time to adapt to the new environment. Sometimes it can take months before your kids will be ready.
    • weather – moving in the season can have bad weather which can further delay your relocation
    • emotions – even though it’s not very common, holidays tend to make us emotional. Keep your feelings in check if you want to move during the holidays
    a house in a snowstorm
    Unfriendly weather is one of the disadvantages of moving during holidays.

    In the end, whether you decide that moving during holidays or waiting is the best for you make sure you’re ready for the relocation. If you prepare well and keep following your plan, you’ll relocate successfully, no matter the time of year.