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    Moving from Canada to the UK

    During their lifetime, most people dream about life in some other country. They imagine how that would be like, and whether things would be different and to what extent? People are usually drawn to living in some exotic countries, or countries which can provide them a better and more quality life. However, not many actually think about what they should do as an expat and what steps should be taken. In this article, we will focus on the situation when moving from Canada to the UK. Hopefully, this small guide will help you overcome the adjustment period easier and faster. Moreover, we hope that it will provide you with the useful pieces of information that will help you blend in the new surrounding without problems.

    Many balloons with country flags
    You’ll meet people of many nationalities in the UK

    House hunting in the UK could take a while

    When moving from Canada to the UK, we do not recommend you to begin with the search when the moving day comes close. Since moving internationally is a serious venture, you will certainly have many obligations and things to finish. If you are limited with time, panic may arise if things are left for the last moment. And, we are sure that you do not want to deal with the most important tasks altogether.

    House keys
    Search for a house may take a while

    One of the most important questions to take care of is the question of finding the appropriate housing. In case you are not really sure where to begin from, we suggest you consult international movers Canada. With the professionals by your side, you will have the right team of people with experience who will not only help you find a real estate to match your budget and desires, but you will also have someone who will know how to answer all of your moving-related questions. So, save yourself some time, and contact them as soon as possible in order to shorten the process of finding accommodation and moving.

    When moving from Canada to the UK have all the documents ready

    Together with preparing to leave the country, and looking for the right place to move to, this is the step that should not be skipped. Actually, gathering all the necessary documentation is a task we strongly advise you to start from. As bureaucracy is often very slow, we are afraid that you do not have that much a luxury to postpone dealing with this. Therefore, make a good schedule of tasks that will allow you to keep track of the progress. Also, it will remind you of other tasks yet to be accomplished. So, when you are planning to change the address in Canada, you must go through a special procedure. For starters, besides informing your friends and colleagues, you’ll need to inform different institutions and submit the request for the change of address.

    Get a visa for the UK

    Visa approved
    Visa is one of the most important documents when moving from Canada to the UK

    Even though there is a very large community of Canadian expatriates in the UK, which makes them the third most numerous one, you will still have to have a visa to go there. You will also need to ask for a Work Visa. It will allow you to legally pursuit for a job in this country. Just make sure to apply for a UK visa as soon as you can since you might need to wait for a little bit longer. This is especially important if you already have a fixed date of moving and it would be more complicated for you to make some adjustments in that sense.

    Consult the Embassy

    When it comes to visa applications, and other important documents necessary for getting into the procedure of moving to another country, the best option is seeking help from the Embassy of the country you are relocating to. When moving from Canada to the UK will be much easier if you have the official and up-to-date information directly from the British Consulate. But first, you’ll need to set an appointment. Once you have scheduled it, that is your chance to get as many information as possible regarding your future relocation to the UK.

    Once in the UK, live as they do

    This practically means that it would be advisable to follow the rules. Actually, this is advisable no matter where you are moving to. It will not only help you blend in faster but also to get to know the country much better. Moreover, it will help you accept it fully. Once you change your familiar surroundings, it is normal to experience some sort of a culture shock. But that’s the beauty of learning about other cultures and countries. On the other hand, when it comes to a language barrier, that part will be easier for the people moving from an English-speaking country, than for those who don’t.
    However, there are still some large differences between Canada and the UK which some people might find odd for the first moment.

    Get used to driving on the left side

    Driving on the left side and crossing the roads will probably be one of the hardest things to get used to. But it’s something you’ll need to grasp as fast as possible. Especially if you mean to be involved in traffic on a daily basis both as a driver and a pedestrian. Another thing that people find difficult to get used to is countless roundabouts. It seems that they love it here! And although you’ve probably been in the situation to drive through roundabouts here and there, the rule of the left side will perhaps make the situation a little bit trickier.

    Enjoy the scenery

    The whole UK is known for lowly towns and charming villages. If you’re moving to one of them, or you have a chance to travel, use the opportunity. You will feel as if you have traveled back in time. Just stop for a moment, and let your eyes absorb all the beauty of the scene. Perhaps the style of houses is one of the things you are looking for in a property. If that’s so, we encourage you to start looking for the perfect one for you. Just, be prepared for the change of climate when moving from Canada to the UK. As much as you’re accustomed to the cold weather, you’re might not ready for the gloomy days that await you once here. So, don’t forget to bring your umbrella with you the next time you leave the house.

    visit villages in the UK
    A charming village

    All in all, relocating to the UK is an exceptional opportunity to bring new energy into your life. Be open to new circumstances, make some friends, and use the chance to live like locals. And if it happens that you needed to come to the UK before your belongings arrive, you can rent storage units Ontario where your things will be safely stored until the day of their shipment.