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    Moving to Australia from Canada 101

    Australia and Canada are about as different as it gets. They are on different hemispheres, just to begin with. Are you currently shivering in the freezing Canada winter? Well, odds are that Australians are sweating like mad in their sweltering summer. So if you’re planning on moving to Australia from Canada, you are going to have to get used to celebrating Christmas in summer. And that’s far from the only oddity you will need to know about! So here are a few things you should know before with moving to Australia from Canada.

    Why should you move to Australia?

    Australia is an often forgotten location when it comes to top lists of places Canadians are moving to. This is a bit odd considering Australia has long been a popular destination for relocation. That’s, technically, how the white man settled in Australia after all.

    Australian coast.
    Beautiful nature is just one of the reasons to move to Australia.

    Australia is home to many foreigners from all over the world. Europeans, Americans and Asians alike come to this country-continent in search of a better life. Australia’s main attraction is its unique and beautiful nature. From beautiful beaches to large deserts to life forms you cannot find anywhere else on Earth, Australia is a natural gem. But that’s not all! The relaxed and laid back attitude of the people greatly contributes to Australia’s popularity. You may also be moving to Australia from Canada for job opportunities. Either way, Australia welcomes you!

    Everything you need to know before moving to Australia from Canada

    Before you start looking for exceptional moving companies Ontario, you should know a little more about Australia. And more specifically, about moving to Australia from Canada. Photos of surfers on the beach and jokes about how everything in Australia is trying to kill you (true, by the way) are not going to cut it! So let’s get started.

    Living costs are high

    It comes as no surprise that living costs in Australia are pretty high. Australia is considered one of the most developed Western countries in the world. So it stands to reason that the price of living would be similar to that of Canada, the UK or the US for example. But you may be surprised by just how high the costs are. We are talking about regularly spending $50 for a clothing item and paying $16 for cocktails on average.

    Person holding Canadian banknotes.
    Prices and wages are both high in Australia.

    This shouldn’t scare you too much, though. The reason for high prices is high wages. In comparison to many other first world countries, salaries in Australia are also quite high. The prices are only proportional to them. As long as you find a job after moving to Australia from Canada, you don’t have to worry!

    It’s not easy to find a place to live

    The real estate market is very competitive, especially in major urban centers. Whether you are buying or renting, be ready for some serious battle over the place you want. If you are buying into real estate, consider hiring a realtor to give you an edge. If you’re renting, you will most likely have to meet with the landlord so prepare to impress!

    You will need a visa before moving to Australia from Canada

    Regardless of whether you are traveling to Australia for tourism, work or relocation, you will not be allowed to board a flight without a valid visa. The tourist or working-holiday visa is the easiest route. It allows you to stay in Australia for up to a year and work at a job for up to 6 months at a time. You can, of course, change or extend it once there. If you are planning on moving, however, it is not an ideal solution. You will need to get a visa for permanent residents or look into applying for citizenship. Luckily, visa applications for moving to Australia from Canada are relatively simple and painless and can even be done online. Isn’t that convenient?

    There are plenty of bugs and weird critters

    It’s a running joke at this point that most animals in Australia will kill you. While it’s true that there are plenty of poisonous snakes and that kangaroos and emus are surprisingly aggressive, the situation is not quite as dire as all that. But you are definitely going to encounter things in the animal kingdom that you’ve never seen before. Some of them will be cute (koalas for example), some will be dangerous (dingos are not like dogs, do not try to pet them) and some will be just plain weird without really bothering you (that giant coconut crab on your garbage bin means you no harm).

    Kangaroo family.
    Australia is home to many unique animals.

    But the one thing you can definitely expect is bugs. Mosquitos, cockroaches, and spiders are all exceptionally common and far more so than in Canada. And even though they are less common in cities, a mosquito net on every window is definitely a good idea.

    You will need to protect yourself from the sun

    Just like you need to look both ways before crossing a street and research a moving company to avoid fraudulent movers, you will need to do something to protect yourself from the sun. No matter where you live in Canada, you don’t see as much strong and direct sunlight as you will in Australia. This may sound like just another great reason for moving to Australia from Canada. But remember that ozone hole that was on the news a few years ago? Well, it’s right above Australia. So sunscreen is an absolute must.

    Moving such a long distance is not going to be easy

    We know this is pretty obvious, but Australia is very far away. Moving such a long distance is no easy task. You don’t want to try DIY-ing this one. Instead, hire experienced international movers Canada to help you out. Remember to ask them about the insurance options as transporting all of your possessions halfway across the world is risky.

    And, of course, be ready to deal with some culture shock. From the weather to nature to the people, Australia is practically a completely different world. No matter how much you love that in theory, getting used to it is not going to be easy. So give yourself time! Australia will feel like home soon.