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    Moving to Mississauga – pros and cons

    So, if you are thinking about moving to Mississauga – then you are on the right track. There are a lot of good sides of living in Mississauga. Also, there are some, well we can not tell bad sides, but maybe downsides of living there.  Mississauga is among the first 15 cities in Canada that people are moving. We are going to show you all the pros and all the cons, and the decision is on you. Just keep in mind that you will need moving and storage Ontario experts to help you relocate if you decide to do this!

    Pro’s of moving to Mississauga

    Well, this list can be quite long, but we are going to give you the most important things that you need to know before you decide to relocate to Mississauga.

    Great weather

    Well, if you like mild weather than  Mississauga is a place for you. Since the city is close to Lake Ontario, Mississauga gets the benefits of it. There is not too much snow in the winter and the average temperature doesn’t go lower than -6 degrees Celsius. Summers are warm, around 20 degrees Celsius. But, you should prepare for the winter anyway!

    lake ontario
    Lake Ontario is making weather really nice


    Well, you should know that Mississauga is a very diverse city. There are a lot of ethnic neighborhoods, and you can hear many dialects on the city’s streets. All that just contributes to the fact that moving to Mississauga can be the right move for you. People are welcoming, warm and you will fit right in.


    Yes, as you can assume the diversity only brings up good things to the food scene in Mississauga. You can try different dishes from all over the world. You can enjoy a lot of European dishes that you don’t have an opportunity to try anywhere else.

    food plates that you will try after moving to Mississauga
    There are great food options in Mississauga

    It’s easy to get around the city

    Almost the whole city is covered with MiWay that you can use to get around the city. Going around the city on foot can be challenging and you need to prepare yourself. In case you have a car – then you are good to go. You can reach any part of Mississauga really easily. But before you decide which type of transport you will use, you should calculate your expenses. Take into consideration the price of fuel and parking space, but on the other side think about savings when you use public transport.

    Toronto is near!

    Toronto is very near to Mississauga. That opens a lot of opportunities for you since you can easily commute to Toronto. So, you can even find a job there and choose to live in Mississauga where housing options are much better. The best way to reach Toronto is by train since there are several trains that go from Mississauga to Toronto. This is just one more reason for you to decide and start moving to Mississauga. And, one bonus reason if you are moving with kids – there are a lot of great options for you to have fun with kids in Toronto.

    Housing options are great!

    Yes, as we mentioned more and more people are moving to Mississauga and that is the reason why the city is spreading. Although housing options are great, you can have trouble to find smaller apartments. But on the other side two and three-bedroom homes are easier to find. They have a higher price, but if you are moving with your family, this is the best option for you. You need to find long distance moving companies in Canada, and hire them to help you relocate here. They might even have a good advice which neighborhood is good!

    man holding a key to a new home
    You can get a great house for a good price!

    An airport is really near

    Although some people might see this as a negative side, we can assure you that this is a good thing actually. This is one of the best airports in Canada, and therefore it is very busy. That is the reason why Mississauga is becoming more and more popular. And if you ever feel like hopping on a plane and visiting your family – you can do it very easily.

    Good education for kids

    If you are moving with kids, then you should know that this is a great place for them. Every parent wants only the best for their children and an opportunity for them to learn is great. From elementary level to the University of Toronto Mississauga, your kid can educate themselves. Education is really good here!


    Safety is very important and in Mississauga, you can really feel safe. It really doesn’t matter which neighborhood you choose, you will feel safe. Canada is in general very safe country. As you know Canada is a very unique country and people are in general very friendly. The crime rate in Mississauga is really low, so rest assured as we mentioned -you will be very safe.

    Cons of moving to Mississauga

    So, to every side, there is a less good side. As we want to be objective, we will present you also the bad side of relocating to Mississauga.


    Although the weather is great there is the bad side – fog. Fog is very common ins spring and in autumn, because the Mississauga is near to Lake Ontario. Although it has it benefits the lake brings fog. Especially at the neighborhoods that are near the lake. So, if you are choosing one of the neighborhoods – prepare yourself for days with fog.

    foggy road
    Fog is pretty common here

    It is very crowded

    As we mentioned it is easy to move through the city in a car. But finding a parking and common traffic jams can really make hard to move around the city. So, prepare your nerves and bring some snacks. And you will be good to go!


    We already mentioned the airport that is very near to the city. It is a great benefit but it also causes a lot of noise. So, think about it and prepare yourself for the change.


    Well, our verdict is that Mississauga is a great place to live in. It has its bad sides, but there are more good sides. The decision is yours and you need to make it depending on your needs. Also, think about your budget. Take all of the factors into consideration and reach your own verdict! We hope that we helped at least a little bit.