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    Moving to Ottawa – capital guide

    You’ve been thinking about moving to Ottawa for a long time now. But, decisions like these are never easy. There are a lot of things at stake. Therefore, we understand your hesitation, especially if you are moving from abroad. Well, looking for reliable long distance moving companies Canada can help you with that part. Find a company you can trust, and the relocation will be easier than you have expected. As for us, we have decided to provide you with guidance on how to easier get accustomed to Ottawa and what you can expect once you move here.

    Ottawa view
    Ottawa offers a lot of interesting content for their residents.

    Know more about a place you are moving to

    When you change a place of living, especially if you are moving from a different country, it is only logical that you would want to know more about the new place. So, before you determine a moving budget, do take some time to prepare yourself.  Coming prepared will only enable you an easier adaptation to the environment. Moreover, you will be able to create yourself a life you’ve always desired. Here is some basic information about this wonderful city.

    A little bit of history of Ottawa

    Those living in Ottawa know how lucky they are to call this city their home. Ottawa is one of the major cities in Canada, located on the eastern side of the country, very close to the U.S border. It has been Canada’s capital for more than 160 years when Queen Victoria proclaimed it so. Yet, not a lot of people know that Ottawa was fist an agriculture community and that it was a major lumber supplier to Britain and North America. Soon, it grew as a community as many people recognized the potential for a better life.

    Ottawa is well connected with other major cities

    It is also good to mention that Ottawa is located between Quebec City, Toronto, and Montreal. Every time you wish or have to reach these cities, you can do it just easily using different forms of transportation, as Canada has fast roads and highways

    Everyone can find something for themselves in Ottawa

    Just from the fact that Ottawa is the country’s capital, it is well clear how important and major it is. The city is full of different types of content which its residents can choose according to their preferences and mood. And so, when your moving to Ottawa is done, you can enjoy in:

    • National Museums which depict the history of Canada. Probably one of the most interesting museums is the Canadian Museum of History in which the visitors can visit special exhibitions and learn more about the Medieval times in Europe,  The mystery of the Franklin expedition, etc. Your children can also enjoy exhibitions specially adapted to them and at the same time learn useful knowledge and have fun.
    • Galleries in which the art of a great value is showcased for their visitors.
    • Theaters for pleasant night outs

      National Museum Ottawa
      National Museum Ottawa is just one of the many places in the city worth visiting after moving to Ottawa.

    On the other hand, if you really want to experience the energy of the city, you can do that by visiting the dozens of parks, have picnics on green spaces. Moreover, you also escape the busy streets of Ottawa and spend a nice weekend exploring nature, lakes, and rivers. You are just a short car drive away from all these natural beauties. It is no wonder Ottawa residents, as well as people in this area, lead a happy life. Of course, let’s not forget that there is an abundance of restaurants with traditional and international cuisine.

    Ottawa is multicultural and multiethnic

    Considering the fact that more than 25% of Ottawa residents were born elsewhere, once you move here, you will be in a position to hear many different languages and meet people of different origin and background. Therefore, the next time you go for a walk, you’ll probably hear languages such as Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, even Slavic, and Chinese. Add to it domestic English and French, and it is clear that you are in a perfect position to master a new language (or languages) in the following period. The best part is that everyone is so welcoming. So, do not be surprised if you first neighbor offers help on your first day. This is just how they do it around here.

    Choose among many great neighborhoods

    Before moving to Ottawa, you need to have a place to move to. Contacting experienced movers Ontario will definitely greatly shorten your home search process. We know how hectic these searches can be, especially if the environment is unfamiliar to you. This is why this is your safest option. Once you contact the right people, you can schedule a meeting with them. During the meeting, you are free to express all your desires regarding the search of your new home.

    Luckily, Ottawa is known for having amazing neighborhoods. For example, if you wish to be more in a center of happenings, then either Downtown or Centretown is for you. These districts are full of restaurants, urban shops, and newly built residential areas. Normally, you will have to pay more in these areas. But the price is well worth what you get in return.

    Kanata, Orleans, and Barrhaven are perfect choices for raising families. These neighborhoods have access to many green areas and parks where children can freely play, away from busy streets.

    A park in Ottawa
    By moving to Ottawa your children will have plenty of places to choose from to play, grow and develop.

    Education and healthcare are on a high level

    People in Ottawa are also very lucky when it comes to these aspects of life. The government invests a lot in education and health system. This enables the citizens to live a quality life and provides them with a chance for top-notch education. The system of education is modernized and students and their parents have a large selection of different public and private schools and institutions of higher education.

    When all of these things are being evaluated, it is easy to understand why so many international moves in Ottawa have been registered.  It is the fact that people tend to relocate here to pursue a better life. Moreover, Ottawa has shown to be great for young professionals and those who wish to provide their families with a better life quality. Therefore, moving to Ottawa is likely to be your best decision in life.