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    Moving while pregnant – is it a good idea?

    That moving is not really a piece of a cake, we know that well. Most often then not, it includes moving and lifting heavy and bulky objects. Those who decide to do this by themselves often have troubles handling everything properly. And even with a good plan, there are things people often forget to pack. It usually happens due to panicking, not handling the situation the right way, or because of some other reason. Moreover, when other aggravating factors are included such as injury, pregnancy, etc., that is what moving makes even more complicated. In this article, we’ve decided to help all of you ladies who are moving while pregnant by giving you some useful pieces on advice on how to easier overcome the upcoming period.

    So, how to handle moving while pregnant?

    Now, some of these pieces of advice can be applied even to other cases, but since we are talking about this exact case, let us tell you that before you start doing any job, you need to have a well-defined plan. Being pregnant is already difficult enough. And, in order to make things easier for yourself, make sure to know what exactly is that you will need to do.

    Planning is everything

    While being in that state, you don’t need additional stress and to overwork yourself. Therefore, take some time to carefully plan the steps. Take a piece of paper and put the details such as:

    • the date of your moving day
    • all the items you plan to transport
    • things you are leaving behind and are planning to give away, sell…
    • the final limit of your budget is also important when moving while pregnant
    A woman writing down a plan
    Make sure to have a good plan

    Since every woman is different and no two pregnancies are the same, another thing that we advise you is to listen to your own body. However, some general rule would be, if it is possible, to wait until your first trimester is over. During that period, women are the most sensitive and are prone to experiencing nausea caused by the high level of pregnancy hormones. And this is a very common thing.

    Prepare a backup plan

    Sometimes, things do not go as we planned, and that is why it is important to have a backup plan. So, if it is not possible to postpone the moving day, and it has to be during your first trimester or in your final days of pregnancy, then you need to modify the initial idea that you will get engaged more in the whole process. Remember, the most important thing is to take care of yourself and your baby. Forget about taking the matter into your own hands and let the others do the heavy part.

    Consult your doctor as soon as possible

    After constructing a plan, or even before that, make sure to advise with your doctor. He is the best person to consult what would be the smartest thing to do regarding this matter. Only after consulting with him, and after he’s given you the green light, should you carry on with the plan, especially if you are moving to a different part of the country? In that case, look for long distance movers Ontario recommends in order to find the best moving crew that will help you relocate with the least amount of stress. That is something that you should avoid by all means.

    Doctor's consultation
    Let your doctor advise you if moving while pregnant

    Do not restrain from doctor’s advice

    No matter how tempting it is to get down to work in order to get done with everything in the shortest amount of time, this is the time to put your and your baby’s well-being in the first place. On the other hand, it is quite all right to be involved in some parts of this relocation by doing the simplest of jobs such as preparing certain items like dishes, or clothes for packing. Also, you could take on the obligation to label all the boxes. But, if your doctor strongly recommends rest, that is exactly what you should do. No arguments about it!

    Be aware of how much work is enough

    We understand that you might feel the urge to be constantly active and that moving while pregnant is not something that will easily keep you away from that thought. But all of us should know when to stop. Especially you ladies who are soon to become mothers. You being in good shape is also very important for your baby. All in all, even if you haven’t had any complications or difficulties during your pregnancy, you mustn’t allow yourself to lift anything that is over 50 pounds heavy.

    Acquire help

    As we said, if everything is regular with your pregnancy, then it is alright to help others by doing some less difficult tasks. Make an agreement with those who are involved in the moving process what could be something you can help them with. Also, this is a great opportunity to ask your friends to give you a hand with moving. We are sure they will be glad to offer their assistance. So, don’t reject anyone who offers their help. The more men you have at your disposal, the less time you will need to get over with everything. You can also help by coordinating them and doing the logistics.

    Friend's help
    Ask your friends and family for help

    Trust us, at some point, things might get out of control, so it is quite important that there is someone who will maintain some order. Also, make sure everyone is fed and has enough refreshments at any time.

    To sum it up, moving time is very tricky especially moving while pregnant. There have to be some ground rules established. Also, there has to someone you can rely on during this period. To be absolutely stress-free, we suggest you find the best movers in Sudbury to help you find the best strategy for your moving case.