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    Negotiating with movers – good or bad?

    Since the dawn of civilization and free trade, humans have been negotiating in order to get the best possible deals for their goods and later money. While haggling is usually related to some other parts of the world, negotiating skills are a necessary tool in every modern business, moving services included. The average cost of an interstate move can reach up to 5.000$, while the price for the local move can be over 2.000$. To learn about the prices when moving to Ontario check out local moving agencies for more detailed information.  As you can see, moving services can require some serious flexing of your financial muscle, and being a shrewd negotiator can only help you to accomplish your plans. In this article, we will present you some tactical tricks that can help you when negotiating with movers, so grab a refreshing drink and pay attention.

    Before negotiating with movers check other options

    Before you proceed with the negotiating phase, do your best to educate yourself about the market in your area. Firstly, call several agencies and compare moving quotes. You can also call them to do the moving estimate, which means to calculate the approximate price of your move, which is based on the number of items, the weight of your stuff, and on the distance of your move. When you have several estimates, you can compare them and see what offer is the best one.

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    Do your research and compare moving quotes that agencies offer. Then proceed with negotiations

    Also check out the prices for specific items such as artwork, pianos and other valuables. Yes, your goal is to find the most affordable agency, but please, don’t fall for the lowest price. It usually goes with hidden/additional costs and is one of the signs that you might be dealing with scammers. Do your online research and read the reviews before you proceed with that specific agency.

    Other ways to lower the costs a bit

    Because moving is a complex process, it includes many different tasks, you have a lot of room to make cuts and save some money. So before you decide to try and negotiate the price with your moving company, let’s see what you can do to lower the costs a bit. For starters, you can do some of the things on your own. For example packing. Do you really need professional help to pack your clothes and books? Just buy some cardboard boxes, tape and bubble wrap and do it yourself. You can even invite your friends to help you out. You are not alone in this and they will be glad to lend you a hand. After all, this might be their last chance to spend some quality time with you before you leave.

    hosue and money - Try to lower the costs before negotiating with movers
    If your goal is to save some money, try doing everything you can to lower the costs of the move

    Another certain way to save some money is to have an early start. This strategy allows you to calculate everything to the smallest details and to make changes on the road if necessary. Make a list and follow it step by step. If you start organizing everything on time there is a high chance you might get some discounts. Remember moving agencies do this for a living and they love to have a schedule that is booked in advance.

    Ways of negotiating with movers

    When it comes down to negotiations, you should know that in order to get better deals, you will have to make a few compromises.

    • Extra services. See what extra services are included in the deal, and ask if it is possible to cancel them. Do it by yourself or call your friends to help you.
    • Be flexible. If you are not in a hurry, move during the off-season, and let your mover pick the dates or even hours in order to get better prices. You will definitely get discounts if you move on workdays.
    • Ask about promotions and discounts. You might get some services extra, like packing services or discounted storage rooms. To find out more about this type of service check out storage units Ontario.
    • Say that other companies offered you a better price. Moving is business like any other, and companies will give their best to keep their customers and beat the competition. If you are moving off-season there is a high chance they will accept to move your house for a lower price.

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      Don’t wait until the last minute. Give yourself an early start in order to have a better position when negotiating with movers

    Pay attention to the communication, if the moving company is ready to listen to your needs and give several proposals as well as to explain why they used particular moving quotes, this means that you are dealing with professionals. Even if you can’t get the desired price, consider breaking your budget if you are getting experienced movers. It’s better to pay a bit extra than to be sorry later.

    Negotiating with movers – additional tips

    When choosing a moving company many people forget that they trust their belongings to unknown people. This is why you should visit your local moving agencies and check out the quality of their equipment, vehicles, and professionalism of their employees. By seeing their representatives in person, and presenting yourself in a friendly manner you will also gather bonus points for future negotiations.

    Explain your situation and they will see what they can do for you. If you are using interstate services know that less stuff means less money spent on moving quotes. This is why we advise you to do some decluttering before you move. We are 100% sure that you have stuff that you can leave behind, donate, sell or just throw out. If you do this it will be also easier for you to unpack when you arrive at your destination.

    These were some of the basic trick and rules when it comes to negotiating with movers. Be friendly, patient and flexible and you will accomplish your goals. We wish you a safe relocation.