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    Tips for organizing your garage like a pro

    The garage is the type of space that usually has multiple purposes. It’s a place where you park your car – yes. But, it’s usually also space where you store your tools. And alongside that, you probably store many other items there as well. So, are you feeling that it’s getting a little bit crowded in there? And do you want a cleaner environment? Then it’s time to start organizing your garage. You will not only have a safer space. But you will also be able to fit much more stuff in it. And after it’s neat and tidy, you might even want to make a hobby workshop out of it. You never know. In any case, here are some tips that will help you do it like a pro.

    Start organizing your garage from scratch

    Most houses have garages. But most people don’t even park their cars in them. And the main reason for that is too much stuff in them. Well, it’s time to change that. Organizing your garage means bringing it to its full glory. It also means that you will be maximizing your space. With more space, you can store more items and feel more comfortable.

    garage filled with many items
    Before you start organizing your garage you need to empty it

    Empty your garage

    The best way to get started with organizing your garage is by emptying it. It will take some time and effort. But only then will you be able to truly organize everything properly. So, take everything out. Every little bit. All the boxes, all old items, tools, and stored clothes. If you have heavy items in there you can call your local movers Ontario to come and help you. If you have too many items in it, and you can’t finish in one day, put everything in the house. It will clutter your house. But it’s only for a day.

    Asses space and make a plan

    Now that everything is out, and the whole space is empty it’s time to really start organizing your garage. You won’t have to jump over boxes or move things around. You will have a clean working environment. So, start by making a sketch of the space. See if there are any ways you can better distribute your items. Make a good plan of what will go where. If needed by shelves or other storage equipment.

    ladder for painting a garage
    Make sure to clean and remodel your garage while it’s empty

    Clean it while it’s empty

    This is probably the only time that your garage is going to be empty. So, take advantage of it and clean your garage. Clean the floors and walls. Wipe and dust all surfaces. And make sure that when things go back in, they will be stored in a clean and neat space.


    Before you start putting your belongings back into a garage make sure to declutter a little bit. Go through all your items and see if there’s anything that you don’t need. Maybe some old tools that have rusted. Or clothes that you don’t plan on wearing anymore. There are many ways in which you can get rid of unwanted items. If you want to keep them, but don’t want them in a garage you can rent a storage unit. Also, if they are still in good condition and you want to get rid of them you can sell or donate them. Tools hold their value for a long time. And if they are in working order, but you don’t plan on using them, put them on web auction. Even if you get just a couple of dollars, it’s worth it. And the money you make can go towards buying shelves, desks or hangers for the garage.

    cluttered garage
    You should declutter your garage. That way you will have much more space

    You can also donate a lot of your stuff. Many charities take clothes as donations. So, if your stored clothes are still in good condition, consider it. We all have clothes that have been sitting in the garage for ages. And they might mean a lot more to someone in need.

    As for the rest of the stuff, throw it away. Everything that is rusted, stained, broken and unusable can go straight to a dumpster. You can make a lot more space by getting rid of all the unneeded items.

    Box your belongings

    When putting everything back into the garage make sure to box as much as you can. You can buy cheap and reliable moving boxes Sudbury. And simply store everything in them. Not only will you be organizing your garage. But you will also be protecting those items. Clothes will retain their flexibility. And the tools that you don’t often use will not rust as quickly. Make sure to label the boxes. It will help you later on when you need to find something.

    Store in one corner, work in the other

    One of the ways of organizing your garage is to have designated areas for different things. For example, you can put all your boxes in one corner. While you can make a hobby workshop in the other corner of the garage. Thus nothing will be in the way. And you will have a safe and comfortable area to work on your projects.

    You should also consider buying storage equipment. Many hardware stores sell wood or metal shelves. They will make your garage space much more usable. You can also buy a work desk if you plan on doing any work in the garage. And tool boards are a great way to have your tools organized. They can be put on the wall. And you can mount your tools in an organized manner.

    Use it

    Now that you’ve finished organizing your garage it’s finally time to start using it. You can decide to park your car in it or not. It’s up to you. But you will have a lot more space for whatever you decide to do with it. Many companies were first founded in garages. And that’s because a garage is usually a forgot space with so much potential. So, explore it. Enjoy it. Now that it’s organized and neat you will feel more comfortable in it.