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    Pack fragile items for CA storage like a pro

    Fragile items deserve special care. Whether you want to store mirrors, glasses, fine china, you should pay special attention to pack them properly in order to avoid any damage. The other most important thing you should know when you begin to pack fragile items for CA storage is that you need to start on time and have patience. If you do not want to accidentally break your favorite vase or your grandma’s china, go slow and everything will be all right. We are here to give you great tips on how to pack your fragile items, especially if you are moving to Ontario.

    pack fragile items for CA storage units of green color
    Pack fragile items for CA storage units with quality packing supplies

    Obtain package supplies

    Having the right packing supplies is half the work when you want to store your items in storage units Ontario. Go to the improvement store and get the following material:

    •  Boxes that are different in shape and size, depending on what your items are
    • Bubble wrap
    • Packing peanuts
    • Packing papers, or just use old newspapers for that matter
    • Permanent markers in strong colors such as red
    • Dish dividers, as they come in really handy for all of your dishes
    • Tape, as you will want to secure all of your boxes

    Pack fragile items for CA storage in plastic containers and you will not regret it

    When you start packing, choose the plastic containers of the appropriate size. You will avoid any damage if the items move inside the container. Plus, it is see-through, so you will not have much trouble finding what is inside each plastic container. Another benefit of using plastic containers is that they will not become soft over time, making them less reliable for damage protection. Pack fragile items for CA storage in plastic containers and you will ask yourself why haven’t you done so earlier. Cardboard boxes have a limited shelf life, which may not be the best idea if you plan to store your items for a longer period of time.

    tableware and a set of glasses
    Glasses are somewhat challenging to pack, but with the right techniques nothing is impossible

    It is time to wrap them up

    When you obtained all the package material for your fragile items and assigned the boxes or plastic containers, it is time to wrap your items. the better you wrap the items, there is a smaller risk of damage. This is the point where you decide whether your fragile items will survive the trip to storage or not. Also, be aware of the things your movers won’t move. Here are some tips and techniques for properly wrapping up fragile items.

    Wrap up the plates

    The plates should be placed vertically in a box, rather than horizontally, one on top of each other. In this way, you will have fewer extra space and the risk of damage would be significantly lower. Wrap each plate with a bubble wrap, and thus protect it from any damage.

    Move on to the glasses

    Glasses are usually the items that we have in large quantities. This is partially because we break them so easily. That is why you need to be careful when packing, transporting and storing them. If you have extra glasses that you will need to store, follow these instructions to do it properly. Take each glass and wrap them separately with newspapers. Then, crush the paper and place it inside of the glasses, to reduce the risk of damage. Using newspaper or packing paper is great because there is no chance that it will scratch the glass. When packing glasses in boxes, make sure to place the heavier ones on the bottom and the lighter ones on the top of the box. Pack fragile items for CA storage in this way and all of your fragile items will survive, do not worry.

    Mirrors and glass table tops require special attention

    Whenever a fragile item has a large glass surface, the bigger are the chances that they will break. Mirrors and glass table tops fall into this category. As far as smaller mirrors are concerned, they can be placed in the mirror boxes of the right size. With larger mirrors, on the other hand, it is important to use the tape and apply it over the glass. Tape the glass surface in the shape of an asterisk and it will prevent any damage. This is important because, when taped in this way, the tape will limit the shock caused by moving and absorb the vibrations that would make the glass shatter.

    Irregularly shaped fragile objects

    Every household has one, and they also require attention when you want to pack fragile items for CA storage. By storing items you will no longer use, you will be able to create additional storage space at home. While packing fragile items may seem challenging, impossible even, there are techniques for packing these items as well. Firstly, you should wrap them in newspaper and secure them with tape. Afterward, wrap them in bubble wrap and secure that with tape too. Be careful and cover all the edges of the objects as well as the corners. You should use cardboard boxes for these, and fill out the extra space with newspaper. A crushed newspaper will absorb any unwanted vibrations and shock, so use plenty of it.

    a picture of a broken glass with the sign fragile
    Labeling your boxes properly is half the job, it means that the boxes will be transported differently

    Label the boxes

    This is the final step, but if you forget it, all of your packing will be wasted. Use permanent markers and label the boxes as Fragile. This will be a sign for the movers, and for the workers in CA storage that your items should be moved lightly and extra carefully. Use the red marker, or the black one, and make sure it is visible. Labeling your boxes will save your fragile items every time, just like the bubble wrap.

    Pack fragile items for CA storage with care, and with the best packing material. Label them correctly, and then call your movers. No matter how long you will be storing your items, packing them is crucial. Good luck!