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    How to pack your office for relocation

    Moving an entire office is a complicated task. Mostly because there are many items, both big and small. And you want your office relocation to go smoothly. You want to have orderly unpacking in your new office space, and everything to be there. That’s why you need to pack your office for relocation with care. You need to have a planned and organized packing and relocation. That way everything will be done quickly so you can continue working. Here are some tips on how to quickly but properly pack your office and have a positive moving experience.

    You need to pack your office for relocation quickly

    One of the most important things is to pack your office for relocation quickly. When commercial relocation is in question every minute matters. Because every minute you spend packing is another minute you are closed for business. Your efficiency is the key to both your business and your relocation. That’s why it’s important to have a good packing plan. Along with a good plan, you also need quality moving boxes that you can get from your moving company or in a hardware store. You also need to pack everything in an organized manner and remember to label everything. That way everything will be done quickly and your unpacking process will be shorter. That is the main tip when you need to pack your office for relocation.

    time showing how to pack your office for relocation
    Time is of the essence when you are relocating your office

    Make a packing plan

    When preparing to pack your office for relocation you need to have a plan. You need to keep thing organized and have a specific order of packing. The order depends on your preference and circumstances. Especially if you are moving long-distance. So, before you start packing up your office consult long distance moving companies Canada. Find the best ones and work out a plan that is doable and fast. Consult them on their services, capacity and the time frame in which they can deliver your office supplies.

    If you plan on moving your office space in stages, then you need to pack in stages as well. In that case, you would pack your work equipment first. Starting with tables and computers. Crucial items first. That way you will be able to set them up in the new office quickly. And your work can continue while you are transporting the rest of the items. This is the best way to relocate an office that needs to continue the work while the relocation is still ongoing.

    If you plan on moving everything at once you need to pay special attention to packing. You want to pack orderly and clearly label everything. The speed is the main factor here since you will be essentially closed for business during packing and relocation. This way you will pack your office for relocation efficiently.

    Consider hiring professional packers

    Professional packing services are great for when you want a fast and precise packing and relocation. Many movers Canada offer this service. It will cut down the time needed for packing by a considerable amount. And your employees will be glad to have a day or two off during relocation. They can focus on unpacking and sorting items in the new office space. And they will be well rested for their first day of work at a new location.

    Consider hiring professional packers since they will be able to save your belongings

    Packing your office

    As we already said, you need to have an organized packing. And one way to go is to follow the general rules of office packing. Start with your filing cabinets and non-essentials in the office. Then, you can move on to desks and other office equipment. And lastly pack items that don’t have an impact on your work, like office decorations.

    Packing the filing cabinets

    Sort through all of your documents and categorize them. One category should be for stuff that you will be moving. Another is for recycling or throwing away. And the last one is for sensitive materials that should be shredded. Discard any outdated and unnecessary paperwork If you have any items that you don’t need in an office but want to hold on to you can consider renting storage space. That way you will keep your office decluttered and organized.

    After you’ve dealt with unnecessary material, sort the rest using your system of organization. Pack files in file boxes making sure that documents stay organized and stationary during transport. Don’t forget to label each box with a description of its content as well as the department they belong to.

    Packing the desks

    The best system for packing desks it to have every employee responsible for their own desk. They know their work environment best and can do it more efficiently. Make sure to set specific timelines for each stage of packing. You should also have a team meeting discussing the best practices when packing. That way you will ensure that everything is done “by the book”.

    team meeting
    Talk with your team about relocation

    Begin by emptying the drawers and getting rid of all unnecessary items. Pack office supplies in one box. That way they will be easy to find during the unpacking process and you won’t have to buy all new office supplies. Throw away old and dried up pens, old notepads, and other useless items.

    Personal items should be packed in a separate box. Coffee cups and picture frames should be wrapped with protective packing paper or air-filled plastic wrap. And employees should take those items home before the move. It will cut down your moving cost. And you will have a more organized relocation.

    Packing office equipment

    You should pack the most valuable items first. Those items are your computers, printers, fax machines, and copiers. For those items, you can consider hiring professional commercial movers and packers. Because damaged items in this category can cost you pretty penny. Separate and organize all the cables and adapters. Use zip ties to keep wires bundled and label them for easier identification.

    Before transporting your computers make sure to back up all your important data. Hard drives can easily get damaged due to vibrations during transport. If you still have original boxes that computers came in you should use them. They will be able to provide the best protection to them.

    Packing office decor

    The last thing on the packing list is office decoration. Framed pictures, plants and everything else that you use to make an office feel more pleasant. Make sure to protect fragile items so they don’t get damaged during transport.