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    Packaging supplies

    If you’re moving house for the first time, you may be interested in a small guide to preparing for relocation. So, as an experienced movers Sudbury we’re proud to present you with our guide to packaging supplies and how best to use them. We will give you the different options regarding preparing for relocation which you should consider and also our opinions on the most efficient solutions. Based on the kind of move you’re making, you’ll be able to make an informed decision after reading this article. For further information do not hesitate do give us a call. Neeley’s Van and Storage moving specialists will answer any question you may have.

    First of all, think about hiring professional Sudbury movers to do the packing for you


    a piggy bank
    Is it cheaper to pack DIY? Or is it time to use a professional service with their own packaging supplies?

    A common question which we get, as local Sudbury movers, is if it’s really more expensive to move DIY. Of course, this really depends on the kind of relocation you’re doing. If you’re moving just next door and have your own truck, then the expenses won’t be too high. However, if you’re relocating cross-country and don’t have a vehicle, it’s a whole different story. Depending on your move, we always suggest the best choices, regardless of the expenses. Sometimes, it’s better to pay extra if you’re going to take the pressure off of yourself during relocation.


    So, here are the types of moves which are possible with reliable moving companies in Ontario:

    • Completely DIY – you will be doing all the heavy lifting. Here, you will need to purchase packing supplies in Sudbury, rent a moving van and add the costs of additional insurance in most cases. Remember, packing, loading and also driving is your responsibility, as well.
    • Partially DIY – you will be in charge of most things. This is the type of relocation most homeowners opt for. You can pack completely DIY and hire your moving services Sudbury to simply load and transport your belongings. Or, you can have your movers pack some of your more problematic belongings.
    • Completely done by movers – and completely stress-free. If you’re looking to move last-minute, this is the preferred option. Your movers will come to your home, bring their own quality packaging supplies, prepare everything and then load it. When they arrive at your new home, they will unload it and unpack it per your instructions.

    Next, you should know what kind of packaging supplies Sudbury movers can offer you

    For people who haven’t moved house before there is a short moment of confusion when they need to do this for the first time. But where to start? We have found out that the best course of action is to give you all the information you need.

    So, before you start wondering about where to get items, here’s what the most common packaging supplies are:

    • blue marker
      You will need a few markers or sharpies of different colors for labeling.

      Boxes – of all kinds. When packaging supplies for a move are concerned containers are essential. You can choose between cardboard boxes and plastic bins, of course. But, the dilemmas don’t end there. Your long-distance Ontario movers are able to offer you a variety of specialized cardboard moving boxes. You can decide if you need the usual sizes: small, medium or large. But, you can also pick packaging supplies like wardrobe boxes or those specialized for fragile items.

    • Tape – if you’re using cardboard boxes. It’s essential that all of your moving containers are properly sealed. With quality tape and cardboard boxes you’ve solved most of your worries about packing.
    • Markers – for labeling
    • Padding – such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap. If you’re looking to save some money, you can also use your linens or clothes as padding inside your moving boxes. However, we always advise packing peanuts.
    • Scissors or box cutter – for both packing and unpacking.
    • Labels – for each box. Good labeling will speed up your move and unpacking. You can find free print-out labels for moving boxes They are also often color-coded.
    • Gloves – just in case.
    • Felt pads – if you’re moving heavy furniture. You’ll want to protect your former and future home.

    And then, there are a few easy rules about using these packaging supplies when packing DIY for a move

    Now that you have all the necessary tools to pack your home, there are a few ways you can do this like a pro. When packaging supplies are concerned, you have to know a few tricks about how to use them as effectively as possible. So, here’s the wisdom our workers would give DIY packers when we asked them. First, remember that you need to be able to lift the boxes. Hence, you should pack your heavy items into smaller containers. And, bulkier, yet lighter, belongings should go into larger moving boxes. Also, don’t leave any empty space in between. Use your belongings first and then padding material to fill all the boxes to the brim with things. This will prevent your items from moving during transport and getting damaged.

    a sign fragile on the wooden box
    Remember to carefully pack your fragile items and also mark them as breakable.


    There are a few more tips regarding the packaging supplies which could help you if you’re moving last-minute. First, trash bags are your ally. You can place your clothes, blankets and even shoes into them without much hassle. Just remember to mark them clearly so they end loaded into the moving van properly. Also, trash bags are useful when packing clothes on hangers. Divide a section and place the clothes into the bag while still on hangers. Tie the bag around the neck of the hangers and then take them out of the wardrobe. They are ready to be moved this way.

    Finally, a word about labeling when packing for your relocation

    Most homeowners we’ve helped move house consider labeling a waste of time. They prefer to simply put everything in boxes and sometimes write the name of the owner on the lid. However, we would like to advise a different kind of labeling system in order to speed up the unpacking. Use different colors for each room. If you’re buying packaging supplies there are tapes with room names and colors available. Also, have a bill of lading – a list of every item you’re transporting via movers. It’s a good idea to take a picture of all valuables. It can help you claim your insurance refund in case of damage. With all of this, you should be ready to move house without a hassle! For further information feel free to contact Neeley’s Van and Storage as soon as you decide to move.