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    Packing tips for busy mums

    Being a mum is amazing. But it is also a full-time job. Sure, it’s one that pays for in hugs and kisses, but it’s a job nonetheless. And sometimes it can interfere with other things you need to do. Like packing for a move! Packing up your entire household and moving it to a whole new place is difficult enough when everyone involved is an adult. With children, it may seem like an impossible task. So how do you make it possible? Well, luckily for you, moving companies Sudbury have been relocating families with children for years. These are some of the best packing tips for busy mums they’ve come up with along the way!

    Why do you need packing tips for busy mums?

    If you’ve ever moved before, you’ll know that relocation is not an easy and straight-forward process. But having children in the mix adds another layer of complication to it. And as a busy mum on the move, you should take any help you can get! Packing tips for busy mums will:

    • help you better handle the workload of moving and taking care of children at the same time
    • help your children come out of the ordeal with as little stress as possible
    Crying child.
    Children can experience stress because of a move too.

    Remember: when you’re a mum, nothing you do affects only you. Moving is no exception. Your children will be a part of the process and they will share in the experience. The stress of relocation can take its toll on them as well. And childhood stress can have lasting consequences. So you want to do everything you can to make the move as smooth and easy as it can be not just for you, but also for your kids.

    What are the best packing tips for busy mums?

    There are many moving tips that busy mums can and should employ to make the relocation easier on both them and their children. Chief among them are:

    1. getting an early start
    2. being organized
    3. getting help where you need it

    These steps will always make moving easier. But when you’re moving with children, they’re absolutely necessary. And there are a couple of other pieces of advice that mums specifically want to consider. Namely:

    • keeping younger children occupied distracts them from making moving more difficult for you
    • including older children in the process will ensure they don’t feel left out

    So let’s take a look at what you can do as a mum to make your family relocation easier!

    Getting an early start will save you a lot of trouble

    Starting early is not just one of the best packing tips for busy mums, it’s one of the best moving tips in general. Every part of moving takes time. But packing is easily the most time-consuming task of the bunch. And with children involved, it will take even longer. Kids have an even harder time parting with things than adults do. Because of that, you want to declutter the home without your children’s involvement.

    Sleeping child.
    Pack without distractions while your kids are asleep.

    Young children will also get distracted during packing. They may take things out of boxes to play with, misplace them in a room you think is already packed or break something accidentally. So doing the packing without them is probably best. However, this leaves you with limited choices for when to do the packing: while your kids are in school or when they’re asleep. So in order to have enough time to pack everything without rushing, start a few weeks before moving day.

    Stay organized to stay on top of things

    As a busy mum, you know that organization is the key to success. This is also true when packing for a move. With children around, you will inevitably get interrupted, distracted and busy with other tasks. So it’s crucial that you always know where you’re at, what you’ve done and what you still need to do. A thorough to-do list will go a long way in helping with that!

    Get professional help so you no longer need packing tips for busy mums

    Honestly, the best way to pack with children is not to do it yourself. There are many benefits to hiring professional packers and the most important among them is that you’ll be free to do other things instead. So if you don’t have the time or energy to pack while caring for your kids or if you simply prefer to focus on them rather than moving boxes, hiring professional movers is the way to go.

    In fact, get any help you can

    And even if you’re not interested in moving services Sudbury, you want to get help elsewhere. Nobody can do it all on their own. So ask your friends and family to help with the packing! Or have them babysit while you pack. Any help is welcome!

    Keep young children occupied

    No matter how well-behaved, young children are going to be more of a problem than a help in packing for a move. All it takes is them running around the corner just as you’re carrying a heavy box or accidentally leaving a toy in your path for disaster to strike. So the best thing to do is to keep them otherwise occupied and distracted.

    Child playing.
    Distract young kids so they won’t distract you instead.

    If you can’t organize for childcare outside of the home while you’re packing, at least set up a room where they can play without being in the way. Toys, coloring books, TV and tablets can keep your kids busy while you deal with the move!

    Include older kids in the moving process

    If you have older children, you’re in luck! You can ask them for help with the packing and make your life easier. Including them in the process will also make them feel more important and adult which can, in turn, make them more interested in helping. Just remember not to overwhelm them: give them specific tasks and deadlines and check on them often!

    One of the best packing tips for busy mums is to keep their children’s needs in mind when moving

    As a parent, you don’t need packing tips for busy mums to remind you that your children come first. But it may be a good idea to point out that your children should not be separate from your relocation. They are a part of the process so keeping their needs in mind throughout the move should be a priority. Try to spend as much time with them as possible, keep an eye out for any signs of stress in children and plan your move in a way that ensures your children will be safe and happy with it!