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    Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes – which wins?

    When you are relocating, the whole point of packing is to make our things easier to transport. There are many ways to accomplish that. There are a lot of debates which packing supplies are the best, with the main focus on plastic bins vs cardboard boxes. Both have their pros and cons, and when you find them out, you can choose which ones are better when it comes to packing your belongings.

    Pros of cardboard boxes

    Availability and low cost

    Cardboard boxes are very cheap. That’s why you don’t need a lot of money to get enough cardboard boxes to fit all your belongings for relocation. Sometimes it can be a true bargain to find cheap and quality moving boxes Sudbury. Regarding the price of plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, the winner is clear. Cardboard boxes come at a much lower price and they are available everywhere which is also an important advantage.

    They are recyclable

    If you are carrying about the environment, then the cardboard boxes are the perfect choice for you.
    Since they are recyclable, they don’t pollute our environment.
    Also, cardboard can be easily repurposed.
    You can use it to make some home improvements, use them for storage or to make an interesting forth that your kids will love if you have them. And you can always recycle the boxes when you’re done using them.

    Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes - cardboard boxes takes the win in the entertainment department.
    Pets also love cardboard boxes.

    It’s easy to mark or label them

    Since they are basically paper, cardboard boxes are much easier to write on. Labeling your boxes is crucial to keep your move organized and it’s the necessary step towards the successful and stress-free relocation.
    Ability to write directly on the boxes saves a bit of time which is very important when you are moving in short notice when every minute counts.

    Cons of the cardboard boxes


    Cardboard isn’t the strongest material for protection against water and it breaks down quite easily.
    That’s why they aren’t the best storage solution since your things can get wet and moldy.
    Also, if you overpack your cardboard moving box that can cause its ripping. You will need to reinforce the bottom of every cardboard box to ensure that it will endure the weight of its content.

    Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes - plastic is more durable.
    In the fight with water and moist, plastic bins vs cardboard boxes always take the win.


    Many critters and creepy crawlies love the taste of cardboard. If you leave cardboard boxes unattended for some time, you can find some nasty surprise when you open them. They provide food and warm shelter for many insects like cockroaches, so it isn’t good advice to keep a lot of old cardboard around. If you tend to keep your things stored in the cardboard boxes, you will need to vermin-proof your storage unit more often.

    Plastic bins: Pros of the plastic bins

    They are water and vermin resistant

    Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes take a win when it comes to durability.
    They will keep your things safe from water, mold, and insect damage. If you properly close the lid of the plastic bin, its content will stay intact for decades. That certainly isn’t the case with cardboard boxes that are much more fragile and subjective to many damages that water and vermin can cause.

    It makes packing more colorful

    Plastic containers are available in several shapes, sizes, and colors.
    You can use that to make your packing much more organized. Select the colors that will mark each room and purchase plastic bins in those shades. The different colors will be your ultimate labeling solution. If you pack your living room in the green plastic bins and your kitchen in the red ones, you will know exactly where every bin goes, which will make unpacking so much easier.

    Plastic bins comes in many different colors, sizes and shapes.
    Color-coding your things is additionally an excellent advantage of plastic bins comparing to the identically brown cardboard boxes.

    Plastic bins are reusable

    Plastic bins will stay untacked for years and they can survive any test of time.
    They are durable and makes a great small storage place. The reuse value of plastic bins vs cardboard boxes is obvious because most long distance movers Canada use them in order to safely transport customer’s belongings to the far parts of the country. If the professionals use them, that’s the clear sign that they are worth it.

    Purchasing plastic bins is a good investment since they can have many purposes after your relocation:

    • You can keep the things that you don’t use on the daily bases
    • They are an excellent solution when you need to store your stuff in the challenging conditions of basement or attic
    • Plastic bins make great toy boxes
    • They will keep your seasonal clothes and shoes protected from the elements

    Cons of the plastic bins

    They are pricey

    As a more durable material, plastic is more expensive than cardboard.
    That means that the price of the plastic bins is much higher than its cardboard competition.
    However, it’s the price that’s worth paying for.
    Since they are reusable and have many purposes, it’s a good investment. You can shop for just one set of plastic moving bins that will last you for a lifetime. Still, before you decide to spend some money on the plastic bins, prepare your moving budget and see can you afford this expense.

    Not environment-friendly

    Since plastic bins need to be durable, most of them are made from the type of plastic that takes a long time to break down. In the end, that is the reasons why your things can be safe in them for decades or even hundreds of years. At the same time, that means that they are a much worse option for our planet comparing to the easy recyclable cardboard boxes. While plastic is also recyclable, inadequate disposal of it is making plastic pollution one of the greatest enemy to our environment.

    Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes – how to choose the best option?

    When choosing between plastic bins and cardboard boxes, it all comes down to your needs and preferences. If you are hiring professional packers than you won’t have to decide about this. They will use their own packing supplies that will ensure the safety of your belongings. However, if you are packing on your own, it’s up to you to study these pros and cons of both options.
    In the battle of the plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, the winner will be the one that has many pros that suit the needs of your relocation.