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    Post-move cleaning guidelines

    A new apartment or a new house offers many possibilities. There is an uncluttered space, bare walls and a bare canvas upon which to make yourself a home. However, before you start decorating it, it is advisable to deal with post-move cleaning. This is a basic thing to do whether you are renting or buying a new home. It does not matter whether the people who lived there before you were tidy and cleaned everything regularly. Dirt, grime, and dust will be there anyway and it is preferable to get rid of them before you really settle in. Do not worry, you will finish cleaning in a day or two and you will be able to enjoy the comfort of your home.

    Make sure you clean high before you clean low

    The first thing you should clean is certainly not the floor. Overhead lighting features, shelving, ceiling fans and other features that are close to the ceiling should be the first on your list. There are two reasons for this: first, they are not cleaned as often and, second, they tend to sprinkle dust and dirt onto the space below them. An additional piece of advice would be to use an old pillowcase when cleaning ceiling fan blades. They are notorious for raining down dust, which means that you will prevent this from happening. Just slip the pillowcase over each blade and wipe away from the center using the inside of the pillowcase’s top layer. In this way, most of the escaping dust will get collected in the case, which you can either wash or throw away afterward.

    When you start with post-move cleaning, make sure you clean all the features on the ceiling first
    When you start with post-move cleaning, make sure you clean all the features close to the ceiling first

    Do not forget the fridge during post-move cleaning

    It is impossible for you to clean everything you have planned in one day once you are settled in. This is why you should think about what you should do first and what you can postpone. One thing you should not forget to do or even to postpone is storing your perishable food. So, first things first- before you start putting food in it, make sure you sanitize your new fridge. This task should not take much time (around 20 minutes) and this is another reason why you should on the top of your post-move cleaning checklist. Do not forget to remove the drawers and shelves- clean them individually with soap and warm water. For cleaning the inside of the fridge, make a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. Use a clean rag and scrub down all the surfaces.

    Clean the kitchen

    When you have done cleaning your fridge, it is high time to clean the rest of the kitchen. You can start, for example, with lighting features, the tops of the cabinets and corners of the ceiling. After that, clean your appliances: microwave, oven, dishwasher, sink, etc. When this is over, go to the cabinets and make sure you clean them on both the inside and the outside. In case you have a lot of appliances and you do not know where to put them, rent storage units Sudbury. By doing this, you will prevent your home from being crammed from the beginning. After you have done with post-move cleaning, you will decide which of the stored items to put where.

    Pay special attention to cleaning your kitchen and make sure you clean it thoroughly

    Move on to the bathroom

    One of the rooms in your new home that should be cleaned thoroughly is the bathroom. You do not need much for the initial scrub down, just a sponge and some soap. In case you have enough time, put some antibacterial spray when you finish in order to get rid of any lingering germs. Feel free to replace the toilet seats- it is a small expense and you will be sure that they are really clean. Plus, do not forget to sanitize light switches, toilet paper holder and door handles. In case there are some hard water stains on metal hardware, you should know that they are difficult to remove. In order to make it easier, rub them down with juice from a fresh lemon. This will make all the metal surfaces like faucets and showerheads shine like new.

    Finish with cleaning the floors

    Once you get to this stage, you will know that post-move cleaning has come to an end. You can start by using a vacuum cleaner and use the attachments for corners and other areas that are hard to reach. After that sweep up all the remaining debris. Do not vacuum the entire surface in case your vacuum cleaner is not designed to do so. Finish the process by mopping and make sure you use a product that is safe for the surface you are using it on. Of course, it is preferable to do the cleaning part before moving in. In that way, you will have movers Ontario by your side to help you with unloading and unpacking the boxes. If this is not possible, just follow these post-moving cleaning guidelines and you will be able to finish everything in no time.

    girl with cleaning equipment
    Get down to business with cleaning

    One thing you are probably not looking forward when changing your place of residence is post-move cleaning. However, there are things you can do in order to make the whole process much easier. We have thought of some guidelines in order to help you get this over with in no time. By following these pieces of advice, there will be no need for you to think about what to clean first. After you have done with this task, do not bother yourself with a thorough cleaning. Avoid stressing yourself over it and wait for the famous spring cleaning. You will eventually have to do it all over again.