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    Practical tips for a smooth office move

    Moving your office means that a new time has come for your business. Whether you are moving to the bigger office or a smaller one, a smooth office move requires you to be on top of your game. It is important that the relocation goes efficiently and according to the plan, as you do not want your clients to suffer. Think of this as a new challenge for which you will need to know plenty of tips. If you are moving to Sudbury, we are sure that your business will thrive, and we have prepared some pro tips on how to handle an office move.

    a smooth office move means that you have a meeting with your employees regularly
    A smooth office view requires at least one person constantly monitoring the progress of the move

    Choose the right location

    When you move a business it is because the old spot did not work out for you. Think about what was bothering you at the old location. What are the things that you want to avoid in your new office? Was it too small, too far from your clients, or too dark? Whatever the reason, do not give up until you find the best new office place. Since you certainly have employees in your company, it is not a bad idea to conduct a small survey about the new location that would be ideal for everybody. Because, sincerely, if you choose some off-the-road location that is not nearly far from your employees` homes then you are up for some disappointment.

    Obtain the packaging material and set up a labeling system for a smooth office move

    A smooth office move requires a lot of organization. However, this is not so hard to do or achieve because there are plenty of ways in which you can enhance your move and make it easier. First of all, you will need to obtain the packaging supplies. We know that packaging supplies Sudbury are the best, so we are certain that you will have no issues with them, whatsoever. Here is a list of items that you will need for your office relocation:

    • Tape
    • Permanent markers
    • Packing peanuts and or bubble wrap
    • Scissors
    • Boxes
    • Labels for the boxes

    Labeling the boxes is one of the best things you can do to keep your office move organized. It does not take much time and it is crucial so that some items do not get lost. Furthermore, when you are moving your office, the one thing that you always lack is time and with the proper labeling system. In this way, you will be able to pack boxes for moving much more efficiently.

    Moving furniture

    When it comes to moving furniture the most important things are the dimensions of it. Make sure that you have the dimensions of your new office. In this way, you will avoid the unpleasant surprise when your old furniture does not fit in your new office. This includes sofas, desks, chairs, closets, etc. Another thing that you should pay attention to when moving furniture is its condition. Check out if there is some damage to them. If you have broken items, it is best to throw them away. Moving to a new location gives you the perfect opportunity to buy some new furniture that you can have delivered to your new office. If you have these things in mind, you will actually deduct moving expenses.

    a table with chairs in a conference room
    Measure the dimensions of your furniture and make sure you have enough space for it in your new office

    Choose the right moving company for a smooth office move

    This is always the most important tip whatever kind of relocation is in question. By choosing the best moving company you will protect yourself from any problems that may arise. Find the moving company that is specialized in office moves and you will not regret it. Having professional, experienced staff work for you will bring you many benefits. The relocation will be fast, efficient, and most likely without any damage to your valuable assets. They will help with your smooth office move in the best possible way. Check out the tips for finding the best movers near you.

    Choose the moving manager

    Give this task to a trusted person. Your secretary is usually a great choice for this. You need someone to monitor the progress of a smooth office move, and to predict possible issues. It is essential that your work does not suffer during relocation. That is why it is crucial to have someone deal with the move professionally. Although it may seem that this is too much, you will avoid many problems in this way.

    Personal items

    Every office is full of personal items from their employees. It is what makes an office a more pleasant place to work in and it gives it warmth and a more personal atmosphere. When it comes to a smooth office move, however, this can be an obstacle. Arrange for your staff to remove all of their personal belongings such as picture frames, mugs, paintings, etc. They can bring them in as soon as you move into a new location. Power of one, in this case, is really strong. The job will be done in no time and it will be efficient.

    a laptop, a pot with flowers, a cell phone, a notebook and a person holding a marker
    Have your employees remove all of their personal items and bring them back to the new office

    More pro tips for a smooth office move

    As we mentioned before, there are plenty of tips for a smooth office move. Here are some additional, yet, equally important tips that you should have in mind while relocating your business:

    • Utilities – Cancel all the utilities, such as water, electricity, the Internet, and make sure to have them set up in your new location
    • Check out the building rules for moving – Make sure to have an available parking spot for the movers, and see if you need to request the usage of the elevator for the relocation purposes
    • Inform your clients that you are moving – All of your clients must be aware of your relocation if the deadlines need to be moved. Also, remember to change the address on your business cards, return labels, in your post office.

    We are positive that you will experience a smooth office move as with the right tips and proper organization everything is possible. Remember to stay calm and focused on your goal. You are an example and a role model for your employees. If you are anxious, they are likely to be anxious as well. Good luck.