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    How to prepare fine china for relocation

    Everybody has at least one set of fine china in their home. It may be a family heritage that is passing from generation to generation or a present from a dear friend. What’s common is the fact that we don’t use it very often. It is usually brought out during the holidays and special occasions. Still, it doesn’t mean that is shouldn’t be handled with care. This is especially important when you are moving. Since it’s very fragile, it isn’t easy to prepare fine china for relocation. Luckily, there are some great tips and tricks that can help you with that.

    Why is it important to prepare fine china for relocation?

    The answer to this question is really simple – to keep it from breaking. Fine china is one of the most fragile items in your home and they need special attention. If you simply stack them into the boxes without proper preparation, you will be lucky if one or two pieces survive the trip.

    Properly pack fine china for relocation.
    The whole point is for your belongings to arrive in the same condition as they were, and packing has a big roll in that.

    That is why it is crucial to properly prepare fine china for relocation. You can do that by choosing the quality packing materials, carefully preparing each piece of china and packing it by following a few simple steps.

    Proper packing materials

    Getting the proper packing materials is very importing when you are preparing your fine china for relocation.
    If you choose quality packing supplies and pack it correctly, you will ensure the safety of these sensitive objects during the move. Transportation of your belongings can be tricky and there can be a lot of bumps on the road. Literally.
    So you need to do your best to properly secure your belongings if you are packing on your own.

    If you are using some of the additional moving services Sudbury, like packing service, you won’t have to worry about the materials or how to pack your belongings. The professionals with years of experience will make sure that your fine china is packed into the most quality packing materials and safely delivered to your home.
    However, if you are packing on your own, the quality of the packing materials should be your first concern.

    Choose good cardboard boxes

    Your fine china needs better protection. The older and more delicate it is, the more protection will require. The best way is to move it using the original boxes.
    If you don’t have them, you will need a double layer cardboard box. You will easily find cheap moving boxes that have excellent quality. It is a good idea to take measurements of your china before you go shopping for packing materials. That way, you will know exactly what sizes of boxes do you need and how many of them.

    Choose proper protective packing materials

    In order to prepare fine china for relocation, you will need all kind of protective packing material. Luckily, there are great places where you can find cheap packing supplies in Ontario. Also, you can use your creativity and even save some money. It goes without saying that plastic wrappings with bubbles are providing the best protection, but if you are relocating on the tight moving budget, you can take advantage of the items that you already have in your household.
    Like soft clothing, towels, and rags. Packing paper is also good protection but in many layers.

    Newspapers can leave ink stains on your fine china.
    It will be a true shame that you waste so much time to prepare your fine china for relocation and transporting it without any damages, just to find out that there are ink stains on it.

    Never use the newspaper. It seems like a good packing material but it actually isn’t. The newspapers usually have a low-quality paper and it is possible to leave a trail of ink. While it is possible to remove ink stains from fine china, it is an additional hassle that you can easily avoid.

    How to pack fine china for relocation?

    Of course, before you start to pack fine china for relocation to another state, you should choose one of the long distance moving companies Canada. Even when you are moving locally, hiring reliable movers is the first step to a stress-free and easy move. If you want to use only the basic moving services (loading, transporting and unloading of your stuff), then the burden of packing is falling on your shoulders. When it comes to packing fine china for relocation, you need to be very careful and patient.

    Preparing the boxes

    Before you start to pack fine china for relocation, you need to prepare all the packing boxes.

    • Clean the boxes – Make sure that your boxes are empty and clean. One pebble or a greasy stain can ruin your fine china.
    • Tape the edges and corners with tape – It provides additional protection that the box won’t rip.
    • Put padding on the bottom of each box – Put couple layers of packing paper on the sides of the box or place a soft towel or a sweater on the bottom of the box. It will absorb the impact.
    • Don’t overpack the boxes – Putting to many stuff in one box will make it vulnerable to ripping.

    Preparing the fine china

    • Clean fine china – Dust and most can make your china slippery, so clean them before you start to pack them.
    • Wrap every piece separately.
    • Use a lot of layers – The more layers of protective material that you use for wrapping, the better.
    • Put the padding inside cups, glasses and similar objects.
    Carefully wrap and pack fine china for relocation.
    Padding like cotton wool will prevent them from breaking.

    Packing fine china into the boxes

    There are some basic rules that you should follow when you are packing fine china for relocation:

    • Always place large and heavy items on the bottom.
    • Use a piece of cardboard to divide the box – It will create layers and keep your fine china safer.
    • Turn plates and bowls on their side – Since the edges of the plates are stronger, it will keep them in one place during the move.
    • Use extra padding for unusually shaped objects.
    • Fill any empty space in a box with protective material – It will keep your china from shifting and moving.
    • Leave some extra space in the top of the box and put some padding on it.