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    Preparing your pet for a change – tips and tricks

    No doubt that moving is one of the most stressful events in one’s life. The whole world changes for that person as nothing stays the same. On the other hand, different people handle situations differently. But what when other factors are involved? What if you need to move with children or a pet? Then things become even more complicated. Preparing your pet for a change is sometimes not an easy task. However, there are some tips and tricks you can apply in order to help them adjust better and overcome the upcoming situation.

    Preparing your pet for a change

    No matter what pet you have, they are aware of their surroundings more than you think. They, just like people, love having their routine. Disrupt this routine, and you will most likely disturb them. The thing about packing, and preparing for a move is that it causes a lot of stress for everyone involved. However, there is a great difference between you and your pet. For starters, you know what is the cause of this change. Your pet doesn’t. And you cannot just take your dog, iguana, parrot, or whatever pet you have and have a chat with it about the situation. So, since the talk is out of option, you just need to make sure to make as less noise and sudden changes as possible.

    A happy dog
    Make sure not to disturb your pet too much.

    Contact an expert for help

    Since we are talking about a very serious matter, it is very important how you will act in this situation. One of the things you could definitely consider is contacting a pet psychologist. Do not be too much surprised about this. Pet psychologists can really help you analyze the situation in the best way. That is, they will help you determine what would be the best strategy to apply in order to help your dear friend deal with and handle the change easier. Many pets are really sensitive to any kinds of changes and moving truly is a big change. So, this is why it is a good idea to turn for help to someone who can understand different types of animal behaviors.

    We’d say that animals which are, by nature, more sociable and which people have a lot of interaction with, such as dogs, cats, birds…are more susceptible to changes. If not done in a good way, relocation could cause a lot of trauma to them. You want to avoid this scenario. Therefore, as soon as you decide to move, contact a specialist to give you some pieces of advice on what would be the best strategy for preparing your pet for a change, and how to proceed further.

    Don’t give up on routines

    We already mentioned that doing things abruptly do harm to your pet. We would also like to emphasize that you should continue with your daily routine which involves your pet. Therefore, if you have an already scheduled part during a day when you feed them, continue doing so. At least, do not step away too much from it. These also include other daily activities such as grooming, walking, time for playing, etc. Do your best to make this transition as comfortable as possible, especially if you are moving far away from home. In that case, long distance movers Canada offer advice for situations like these. They have seen these cases many times before.

    So, why not use their experience as well as the pieces of advice given by a pet specialist and combine the best of two worlds? After all, you want to make sure that your pet does not fall under stress during the relocation time.

    playing with a dog
    Do not forget to dedicate time to your pet during the move.

    Obtain the suitable carrier for your pet

    If you are relocating to another country, preparing your pet for a change might be even more complicated. In cases like these, you will also need to be prepared yourself. This is where international movers Canada with experience can help you with. Therefore, go through a list of tasks with them and start preparing in time. This will give you higher chances of succeeding in your attention to minimizing the anxiety of your pet.

    Getting a proper carrier for your pet will certainly help. If you do not have one, you might want to start looking for one as soon as possible. Start of course, with your local pet store. They will most probably have what you are looking for. Or, at least, they will know where to tell you to look for. The point of these carriers is to enable your pet comfort during transportation time, as well as the necessary peace.

    A cat in a carrier
    A suitable carrier is one of the ways of preparing your pet for a change

    Get all documentation that is necessary

    This is also one of the most important steps. Even if it was just you and your family moving, you would still need to submit all the necessary paperwork. For your pet, among other things, you will need to get:

    ·         Import permits

    ·         Legal documents

    ·         Pet’s passport

    ·         Medical record which needs to have an information of vaccination your pet has received so far

    Sometimes bureaucracy can be slow, so if your schedule is tight, we suggest you start dealing with these first.

    Pack everything you will need

    When preparing for moving, do not forget to pack all the essentials and everything your pet will need. If your pet has a favorite toy, a ball, or something it likes to play with, make sure to bring that, too. You can even put that item in a carrier during transportation. This way your pet will be occupied for most of the time, so the transport itself will be easier for it.

    So, once you start preparing your pet for a change, make sure to plan your moving budget wisely in order to be able to afford all the services you have planned. Your moving company will also help you with that, and this will certainly make it easier for you to help your pet adjust better to this change.