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    Pros and cons of moving to the USA

    The land of the free and the home of the brave is a great place to live in. However, some people may not enjoy moving there. For one thing, moving to the USA can be a large expense. On the other hand, in such a large country opportunity is everywhere and available to everyone. It can be very rewarding to live there.

    The actual pros of moving to the USA

    We made our list of pros and cons according to the preferences of the “average” person.  You can think of almost all things on this list as both pros and cons depending on what you like. However, there are some things that only fall into one category.

    scales measuring pros and cons for moving to the USA
    Carefully consider why you are moving and what you need when you do


    They don’t call it the land of opportunity for nothing. The United States of America offer more of those for expats than any other country in the world. You can find employment in almost any field easily, and in most cases for a higher paycheck than you would somewhere else.

    Also, USA is an excellent place for starting a business. Apart from the opportunities already mentioned, the country offers a very wide and diverse market. Almost any type of business flourishes in the states. So if want to give your business a shot, call your international movers Ontario and schedule your move today!


    Maybe not the most ancient of cultures, but definitely the most glamorous one. From New York City to the east to Los Angeles on the west coast, the cocktail of cultures that is America makes everyone feel welcome.

    At any given time, you are just a short drive (or flight) away from some of the most famous places in the world. If you like movies, Hollywood is right there. Into outdoor activities like camping and hiking? The United States of America accommodates many different types of climate and conditions from mild to extreme ones. You can relocate to the area you prefer the most or take a camping trip every now and then.


    As fickle and changing as they can be everywhere, but in optimism, we decided to put this down as a pro. To be fair, apart from a few places in the USA, racial discrimination is non-existent. You will not be treated any differently no matter the color of your skin or any of your preferences. This cannot be said for most European cities. Also, unfortunately, it does not mean that anyone will treat you nicely. As with many large cities in the world, American metropolises are mostly home to alienated people which are neither rude no overtly polite. However, rude people are rude everywhere and there’s little you can do about it. When moving to the USA from most parts of the world you might find the people refreshing.

    a girl with greed, yellow, red and blue paint on her face
    No matter where you came from, everyone will have the same opportunities

    The cons

    Moving to America is not always a good idea since it can have a lot of drawbacks. A lot of things will be different after the move, and it may prove challenging to start anew.

    Culture shock

    Depending on where you’re from, you may experience culture shock to a bigger or smaller degree. This is something which is normal for relocation and usually can’t be avoided. When you move somewhere completely new, people are going to be a lot different. It can be something as banal as the American aversion to flipflops (which are completely normal in most parts of the world). On the other hand, it may be something which you will not be ok with. Make sure you check all the facts before moving to the USA so that the culture shock doesn’t get you by surprise.

    Work ethics

    person working on a lapotop
    Some expats might find it hard to adjust to the working atmosphere

    This is something most people are alright with. However, since there are a lot of opportunities, there are a lot of people applying for them. Which means that every position is generally replaceable. If you do not show the right work standards you can end up without a job.

    For some people, however, this may prove as an advantage. A lot of employees have ambitions and want someone to see their exceptional effort. There are others who may be used to harder working conditions altogether. Also, anyone who is used to working odd shifts or bringing their work home might find employment in the states preferable. And, as long as you work hard you will have a higher pay than in your home country.

    Moving to the States

    storage boxes stacked
    Moving to the USA may require you to put your things in storage

    The one thing that you can also partly consider a con. Moving can be very expensive even when it’s local, and when it’s international it can be even more costly. So, you will require top rated movers in Sudbury to transport your things from one country to the other, for a cheap and safe move.

    If you choose to move by yourself, you should definitely be careful. It’s generally not a good idea to move internationally by yourself. Considering all the things that could go wrong, you’ll want an experienced professional there to help you if some of them do. Apart from this, moving internationally can require some additional expenses such as storage. Imagine that you decide to move to America but can’t find the place for all your things in your new apartment. Or you’re just moving after your stuff altogether. You’ll need to find a temporary home for your precious things. That’s why you need to hire a moving company that provides storage services in Ontario, or anywhere else you want to put your stuff.

    If you are considering moving to the USA, look at what you’re really looking for. Whether it’s for a job, family or just to explore, make sure you know what you’re getting into and what you’ll need.