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    Pros and cons of moving to Winnipeg

    If you wish to move and change your dull old surroundings, you have to find a new city. There are so many options in Canada. Every city has something special to offer that suits your preferences. However, there is one city that definitely needs to be higher on your list of possible cities. Winnipeg has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, just like any city. Here is a short guide on things you need to consider when moving to Winnipeg. First, let’s get to know this city in terms of its history, geography, and population. Afterward, let’s focus first on the pros of moving to Winnipeg, as it is better to hear the good news first.

    Little something about Winnipeg

    Winnipeg is the capital city of the province of Manitoba in Canada. It is the seventh largest city in Canada with a population of more than 700,000 people. The city got its name after the Lake Winnipeg, which means murky water. Even before the European settlement, it was a trading center for aboriginal people. Even today, Winnipeg is a transportation and railway center.

    As for population, more than half of the population is female. It also has one of the biggest percentages of Aboriginal groups in the country. The city also has one of the biggest population of Filipino in Canada. In Winnipeg, you can hear more than 100 languages because of the diverse population. English is the most spoken language followed by French and the number of Aboriginal languages. If you are moving from overseas, you will not have a problem with a language. You can read about the checklist for moving overseas if you are coming from afar.

    Pros of moving to Winnipeg

    As already mentioned, there are many advantages to moving to Winnipeg, even if you need to cross the country. If that is the case, you should check out these expert long distance movers in Canada. However, for now, let’s see why Winnipeg is the city for you.


    Because of its diversity, Winnipeg has an interesting mix of cultures and traditions. Because of this, cuisine in Winnipeg features many cuisines from all over the world. You will wish to try them all. Canadian Heritage named this city the Cultural Capital of Canada in 2010. Some interesting fact that you might not know is that your favorite childhood character Winnie-the-Pooh got its name partly because of the Winnipeg the Bear. There are also numerous cultural festivals, theatres and concert halls where you can enjoy some great performances.


    ·         the Festival du Voyageur

    ·         the Winnipeg Folk Festival

    ·         the Jazz Winnipeg Festival

    ·         the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival

    ·         Millennium Library

    ·         The Winnipeg Art Gallery

    ·         the Centennial Concert Hall

    ·         Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

    ·         the Pantages Playhouse Theatre

    ·         the Burton Cummings Theatre

    House options

    Finding a house for a reasonable price is quite easy. The price range for a 3-bedroom house is $280-$300k. You can even find it for a cheaper price, but the neighborhood might not be the safest. Almost all the districts have schools so children can walk instead of going by bus. There are also many English schools and good universities in Winnipeg. When your child decides to go to university, you can read how to help your children to move out on our site as well. In addition, hospitals and emergency rooms are close in proximity as well as shopping malls. You have everything that you need in your district so you do not need to cross the entire city to get what you need.

    Finding house when moving to Winnipeg
    Finding a house when moving to Winnipeg


    If you are the big sports fan, moving to Winnipeg is next on your list. This city has dozens of ice arenas, baseball pitches, golf courses, cycling trails, soccer fields, gyms, which is perfect for someone who is good at sports. Winnipeg also has a great community club system that organizes amateur community sports teams, the age limit does not exist. Everyone can join the team and have fun. Some of the famous sports teams from Winnipeg are Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Winnipeg Goldeyes, and many more. If you have a lot of sports equipment, you can read how to pack sports equipment here as well.

    Sports center
    Sports center

    Job opportunities

    There are many job opportunities in Winnipeg. It is one of the largest cities in Canada, so it offers many different job positions. Manufacturing, agribusiness, aerospace, health care, and public administrations are the largest employment sectors in Winnipeg.

    Cons of moving to Winnipeg

    As with the advantages, there are many disadvantages that you have to be aware of. Let’s start with the most serious one.


    Winnipeg has the highest crime rate in the country. It is more pronounced in Aboriginal populated areas. Drug abuse, domestic violence, poverty are some of the serious problems that this city has to deal with.


    Winnipeg has an aging infrastructure, not suitable for the growing city. The old city has great public transport, the other parts of the city do not fare well. If you do not own a car, you might be in trouble.


    Winnipeg certainly has an interesting climate, which might not be suitable for everyone. Winter usually lasts from October to April with the temperature dropping to -40 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, summers are quite warm and pleasant, with temperatures reaching high-twenties Celsius. There are also extreme changes of season that sometimes can happen in only one day. For example, on a Monday you can have quite warm weather, while the next day you have snow on the road. There is also a lot of smog since it is a large city. If you do not like this type of climate, then Winnipeg might not be for you.

    Cold winters
    Cold winters

    Moving to Winnipeg

    Just like any city, Winnipeg has many things to offer. Because of its size, there are many job opportunities and diverse population. You can meet people from many different countries and get to know their cultures better. There are so many cuisines available to try in Winnipeg, which is a big advantage for someone who likes to experiment with food. Every district has everything that you need, so you will not waste time traveling to the other side of the city. This is a good thing since public transportation is not the best in Winnipeg. The crime rate is alarmingly high in this city. This would be the biggest disadvantage of Winnipeg. It is unfortunate since this city has an interesting history and cultural life. In the end, if you decide to move, you can check this moving and storage options in Ontario.