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    Reasons for moving to Thunder Bay

    Deciding where to move next is a hard choice. With so many options all over the country, no one can decide on one particular location. One of the most popular locations in Ontario is Thunder Bay. With so many people moving here, this place may soon overflow. However, before you call your reliable movers Ontario, check out what are the reasons for moving to Thunder Bay. See for yourself why so many people choose this location for their new home.

    Is moving to Thunder Bay a good idea?

    Now, you shouldn’t pack all your things and start driving for Northern Ontario right away. Even though this sounds like a good idea, there are certain things you’ll need to finish first. Relocating to Ontario can be a tough ordeal if you’re not sure what you should be doing. Moving to Thunder Bay is pretty much the same. Make sure you plan everything in advance and prepare well! And don’t be afraid to ask your friends or your movers for help.


    Every town has its own charms and attractions. Thunder Bay is no different. Because of its location, this town is suited for many outdoor activities:

    For William Historical Park

    Drawing around 100,000 people each year, this reconstruction of an old fort fur trading fort is exquisite. Being this close to history is one of the reasons you should definitely consider moving to Thunder Bay. Apart from this, any location which draws so many people will be excellent for any business in the catering industry. So, if your business is anything like this, you might want to consider relocating here.

    The marina

    The marina is another excellent place to be when in Thunder Bay. You’ll get a chance see a lot of interesting boats, ships, and other watercraft. However, if you’re not a boat fan, you can enjoy your view of the Sleeping Giant from one of the many restaurants along the bay. On the other hand, if you’d like to get closer to the Giant, you can climb on top of him through the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

    Moving to Thunder Bay can get you closer to the sea.
    There are many other things to do in Thunder Bay apart from looking at boats.

    Terry Fox

    If you’re moving to Thunder Bay, you should definitely check out the Terry Fox Memorial and Lookout. He was an athlete and a cancer research activist. He started one of the most amazing endeavors when he decided to run through Canada to raise cancer awareness as well as some research money. This awesome man is considered one of the Canadian heroes and deserves that we all pay our respects to him.

    Terry Fox monument
    Visit the monument to a great Canadian man.

    The countryside

    Thunder Bay is perfect for people who love the outdoor life. The countryside is vast and untamed, even around the city, and you’ll probably enter it as soon as you leave the city limits. So, if you’re an outdoor activity lover, you’ll find that moving to Thunder Bay will suit you well. Just make sure you come well prepared since the weather can get very cold in Northern Ontario.

    • Fishing – one of the main reasons for moving to Thunder Bay! Fishing around this town is amazing because nature is so near and free.
    • Hiking – walking long trails through the countryside will relieve you of all your stress.
    • Camping – Apart from the occasional cold weather, everything else is perfect for camping.
    • Hunting – you’ll need to get your permits and hunt in designated areas, of course.

    This, however, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have your indoor fun! With the town growing as fast as it is, there are bound to be a lot of interesting people you can hang out with. Apart from this, in Thunder Bay, you’ll find almost all the fun things you’ll find in any city. You can find movie theaters, restaurants and game rooms to your liking, along with a lot of other interesting places.

    Proximity in isolation

    Thunder Bay is not so close to some of the Major Canadian cities. Thus, it’s a perfect place for everyone who wants a break from the big city life. A little less chaotic and far more easy-going, this place is different from many metropolises you’ve seen. However, this does not mean that Thunder Bay is far and forgotten. Even though it’s not close to Toronto, it’s still not very far away as well. So, if you ever miss the big city, you can easily drive there for a weekend or a vacation. Apart from this, the town of Thunder Bay is very close to the US border. This is why you can jump across the border for a vacation or a field trip now and then.


    Because of its growth in the past several years, this town is brimming with opportunity. This is one of the most relevant reasons for moving to Thunder Bay. Right now, Thunder Bay is in a place where demand is pretty high, but the supply is just getting its footing. So, if you’re a business owner or plan on becoming one, you might want to consider moving here.

    A person following new opportunities after moving to Thunder Bay.
    Moving to Thunder Bay might be good for your business.

    Ask for help

    If you like the way that Thunder Bay sounds, but live far away from it, do not despair! Long distance movers Ontario can help you relocate to your perfect location even if it’s across the country! Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when relocating anywhere, especially over long distances. Remember, you’ll only get to enjoy your new home if your Thunder Bay relocation is successful! Hiring the pros to help you is a guaranteed way to make this happen! So, when you decide on moving to Thunder Bay, make sure you look for the best movers to help you.