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    Reasons why you and your dog will love dog parks in Toronto

    Moving is never easy, but having your best friend with you after the relocation will make everything better. If you are moving to Toronto, you’re in luck – it is one of the most pet-friendly cities in Canada. Many say that is the paradise for pets, and it is one of the best cities for pet owners in the world. Both you and your dog will certainly enjoy the great dog parks in Toronto.

    Is Toronto dog-friendly?

    Before you start to consider is Toronto a great place for you and your pouch, first, you should know what one town has to have so it can be the right environment for dogs.

    Things that make one city dog-friendly:

    • The number of off-leash dog parks – It is important to have a place where your dog can run freely. Without endangering other people that maybe aren’t crazy about your furry companion. Walking your dog on the leash isn’t the same as letting it run at its own pace and play with other dogs. Especially for energetic dogs that require a lot of exercises. The city with many off-leash dog parks is the place to consider when moving to Ontario.
    • Treatment of dog in the public spaces – City that have a lot of restrictions where you can go with your dog, isn’t pet-friendly. If the town square or many public surfaces are of the limits to pets, then consider another town when relocating with your pouch.
    • Availability of important services – If you have to drive 50 miles just to get your dog to the vet, that isn’t a really suitable place for your pet. Not to mention that can be life-threatening to your furry friend. Having a vet in every neighborhood is what makes one city truly dog-friendly, and additional pet services are a big bonus.

    Since Toronto has all of these important features, it is a true paradise for pets and their owners. There are so many beautiful parks where your dog can jump around free of its leash, one of the best vet hospitals in the country and many fun attractions that you can enjoy together.

    Dog on the field with ball in its mouth.
    Your dog will be ecstatic whit so many open spaces to run around.

    Reasons why the dog parks in Toronto are so amazing

    There are so many reasons why dog parks in Toronto are a perfect place for your dog, but one of the most important ones is the vast space and beautiful nature.
    Dog parks in Toronto aren’t just great relief for your dogs, but also for you. They are designed to fit beautifully in the urban environment, with maintaining the gorgeous landscape.

    It’s not only the place for dogs to be happy but for all the family to enjoy. Most of the dog-friendly places are one of the best places to have fun in Toronto.

    Toronto is one of the few cities in the world that really take care of the animals. That is why the dog parks in this city are clean, trimmed and safe of ticks or other dangerous insects for your dog. In the proximity of almost every dog park in Toronto is a pet hospital or at least a small vet clinic. That way, the medical help for your pet is just around the corner in case your dog needs it.

    The best dog parks in Toronto:

    • Trinity Bellwoods Dog Bowl
    • Stanley Off-Leash Dog Park
    • High Park
    • Cherry Beach Park
    • Sunnybrook Park

    Before you go to dog parks in Toronto, check out the pet laws

    More than 2.8 million people and 230,000 dogs are currently living in Toronto. So that they can all live together in harmony, there are some rules that pet owners need to oblige. Before you call your long distance movers Ontario and start to plan to move to Toronto with your dog, you should research the basic rules of owning a dog in Toronto.


    There is an Animals Bylaw that all pet owners in Toronto must comply with. One of its many items is also the part about licensing your pet. Your dog has to have a proper license that will help to bring it home in the case that it got lost. An owner has to put a license tag on the dog and to renew the license every year.

    Number of pets

    The maximum number of pet that you can legally own in Toronto is three dogs and six cats.

    Three dogs on the leash on their walk to the dog parks in Toronto.
    In order to walk more than three dogs at the same time, you will have to get a commercial dog walker’s permit.

    Stoop and scoop

    Every dog owner is an obligation to pick up after its dog on public, but also private property.

    Your dog has to have weather protection

    In order to leave your dog in the yard, it has to have shade and water during the summer. Also a proper shelter in the winter that can be very harsh in Toronto.

    Also, if you’re moving to Canada from a warmer country, it is crucial to take measures and help your dog adjust to a colder climate.

    Leash and control in public

    Since some people have a fear of dogs, you need to respect their concerns when you’re on the public place with your dog. It has to be on the leash that is in your hand. It is not allowed to leash your dog to a pole or a bike rack.

    If your dog attack person or other animals, you are facing the consciences

    As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to prevent your dog from endangering other people or animals. That means not taking it in the dog parks in Toronto or to public places if it is showing the signs of aggressive behavior.

    Aggressive dog
    You can face charges for any bite, attack, or act of menacing behavior that your dog do.

    Respect your neighbors

    If your dog is disturbing your neighbors by continuously barking, you can be violating the Noise Bylaw. The city considers that pet owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets, and you can face charges.

    The maximum time for tying your dog

    If you wish to tie your dog on your own property, you can do so for a maximum one hour. Also, the tether that you’ll be using for that porpoise must be longer than three meters. Usage of a choke collar, choke chain or pronged collar is strictly forbidden in all time.